Ligurian Army

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Flywish's Army
The Logo
Name Flywish's Army
Type Group
Location Flywish's Mansion
Head Flywish
Job Attack Darktan's Army.
Members See member list below.
Headquarters Flywish's Mansion

Flywish's Army is a group of vigilantes that is fighting Darktan. It is a large and well trained army that can crush most enemies.


Flywish had been thinking of ways to get rid of Darktan after his wife was killed by him. Eventually, he decided on making an army. He advertised any way he could, and people started joining. Now, he has a whole army. Though his army doesn't really have... the best warriors, the army is strong.


They may use Darktan II's Castle for their hideout if they defeat him. Also, they fight evil and destroy people who mess with them.


This is a list of members in the army with descriptions.


Second Commanders[edit]

Elite Cronies[edit]

  • Corai-More of a weakling then a soldier, but a friend of Flywish.
  • Dennie-Flywish's driver.
  • Austin8310-An advanced warrior who serves Flywish.
  • Robo-Flywish-A robotic version of Flywish that was built by 12yz12ab.
  • 12yz12ab-The inventor of Flywish's army.
  • Dan-The ruler of the CNIC, and a great fighter to boot.
  • Kyle X- Fastes Penguin in Flywish's Army
  • Xinston- A giant of a penguin who is quite a fighter.
  • Jake Lovesfish- A penguin who gets a surge of power when kicking someone in the butt
  • RockHardy- A powerful penguin who has a powerful slap
  • Vincent McPengy- A commando who is completely obsessed with battle and willingly servs Flywish

Special Cronies[edit]

Greater Cronies[edit]


Lesser Cronies[edit]



Honorary Members[edit]

These are the members that are honored by Flywish for how good they are. They are featured on Flywish's ceiling of fame.

  • Austin8310 (Very good penguin for battling and also very brave)
  • Dennie (for his bravery and skills with flying)
  • Xinston (too tough to not let in the army)
  • GGD (This goes without saying)
  • Corai (being in the army all the time it was around)
  • Kento Clarke (For his skills with weapons and his bravery)
  • Skull (Helpful to scaring members away despite being a gray character)
  • X-Factor (They are the greatest trio ever)

FWA Agency[edit]

FWA Agency is an Agency funded by Flywish's Army. Flywish is their director. Whenever he needs a crime stopped or solved, they are on the case. This is their website: FWAAgency.Agn


  1. WishFlyX
  2. Falcon Xaldi deceased
  3. Mectrixctic
  4. Agent X
  5. Jenni
  6. Ben Hun (defeated)
  7. Manny Peng
  8. Deathfin
  9. Maddieworld X
  10. Xary
  11. Demongone
  12. Mortamuhr
  13. Zaplock
  14. Chuck X
  15. Zone
  16. Xorai
  17. Xfin deceased


Sometimes you will start out as a Lesser Minion in Flywish's Army. That is mostly if you are a reformed Villain and you joined Flywish's Army. You may need to do stuff to help Flywish like:

  • Keeping Radal off his back
  • Reforming Mwa Mwa Penguins
  • Take over bases for him
  • Hit Manny Peng with a deletion missle



  • Xorai was once in this army, but they kicked him out because he was evil.
  • They want to use Xorai's base to become stronger, if they defeat him.
  • They want to use the Darktonian Realm as their base if they defeat Darktan.
  • They mostly target villains. The only good guy they have targeted is Metalmanager.
  • They are now known as Wish Wolves due to Flywish's discovery.
  • They also are referred to as the Ligurian Army due to Flywish's ruling of Liguria


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