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The Republic of Liguriana
Repubblica Liguria
Flag of Liguria
MottoTutto deve essere buono nel nostro paese, altrimenti non va bene qui. (Everything must be good in our country, or else it is no good here.)
Anthemthumb|100px|right|The National Anthem of Liguria!
Location of Liguria
Liguria Island at it's Finest.
Largest (same as above)
Official languages Italian
Recognised regional languages Latin, German, French
Species  Penguin, Viking Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Ligurian (In Italian: ligure, liguri, ligure)
Membership CP Gold Coin Alliance
Government Kleptocracy, Oligarchy, Mafia Rule
 -  Papa Flywish
Free Republic
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin (GC)
Drives on the Right

Liguria is an island country at the Eastern end of the Ninja Archipelago. It is one of the countries that has not been taken over by Snowzerland, but they are allies.


Liguria was inhabited by Puffles and Hellenistic and Ligurian Viking Penguins in 110 BC, and claimed the land for the Penguin Empire. However, about a thousand years before, the Snowpriots colonized Double Sicilia. They built their capital city of Dellaroma on The Ten Hills, and tried to make it a replica of the Penguin Empire's Capital. The Penguin Empire fully influenced the Island's Culture very much, even after it's fall in 450, when a horde of Viking Penguins occupied the area. The Viking Penguins adoped the culture of Liguria, with the Viking City of Frostize as a wonderful Example. As the Population grew, so did Liguria's cities. Many new cities began to spring up, notably Milano, Vlorentia, Yenoa, and Graples. Many of these cities became their own countries. Around this time, Willow Island was founded, too.

Some time later, the HPC sprung up, but the countries on the island of Liguria did not want to join it, so they stayed as independant countries. In the Mideval Periods, many Castles, (or more commonly called Castellos) where built to protect themselves from raiders from other islands. Eventually, in the city of Vlorentia, the Ideas of the Renaissance began. Art Flourished all across Liguria Island and Sicilia, the High Penguin Confederacy, and all the other places across Antarctica. In the year, 1812, Frankterre invaded Liguria and united it into one country, and called it Liguria. However, Frankterre soon left, and the Ligurian countries decided to become one nation, the Kingdom of Liguria.

Later in 1913, a stubborn penguin named Mussellinie overthrew the last King of Liguria by deleting him. Musselinie became the Dictator of Liguria and allied with Khanzem during the war. During the war, Musselinie also allied with Japaland and Deuchland. Unlike their allies, the Ligurian citizens did not like Mussellinie and a secret resistance army formed to get rid of him. They were successful when he died from a snowbullet in front of his Villa. (a Centriepistulan Guard Shot him) The citizens decided to have a republic, and it was formed in 1920. However, because the democratic republic decreased the power of the mafia (which is plentiful in Liguria), the democratic government was disliked but was still livable. The Democratic government was very corrupt as it was, since many bribes were involved.

Thus, in 2011, the gangs of Liguria allied and made Flywish their leader. Together, they overthrew the democratic government and Flywish became the sole ruler of Liguria, with his cabinet being the leaders of Liguria's most powerful gangs. Despite being ruled by these mafias, Liguria is very peaceful and safe. Liguria and Centriepistula are still prosperous today.

Geography and Surrounding Islands[edit]

Villa and mountains edited-1.png

Liguria has a Mediterranean Climate that is still suitable for penguins and puffles to live in. The North Coast has lots of Mountains and lakes like Lago di Lario, while the south has only some mountains running down the coast. The northwestern coastal area around the city of Yenoa is also rather mountainous near the coast, and it is home to the famous Ligurian Riviera, which is dotted by popular resort villages and yachts. The Tuskany region of Liguria has some mountains and hills, but also many valleys that are home to many wheat fields. Liguria also owns two islands nearby the Mainland, which are Sardineia and Sicilia. Sardineia is known for it's Sardines, as for Siceilia is known for it's fruits and Mafia. Liguria's central area is mainly hilly and has many pastures and plains usually filled with scenic farms.


Liguria Puffle Population.png

There are several regions in Liguria:

  • Lazyo - The Home Region of the capital of Liguria, Dellaroma, and the home of Centriepistula. Located on the Southwestern Coast.
  • Tuskany - a famous Region exacly above Lazyo and Cumbria along the same coast, Tuskany is famous for it's hilltop towns, quiet farm villas, and numerous wheat fields. It also is a major place where Cream Soda is made.
  • Sicilia - the smallest reigon/state of Liguria. Rumor has it that it is entirely controlled by the Mafia on all levels of government and society.
  • Sardineia - Another Island west of Liguria Island. It is known for it's Sardines.
  • Lumberdy - a large Region located on the North Coast of Liguria. It is very Mountanious, and the Region's Capital is Milano.
  • Frosteto - A province located on the Northeastern Coast of the Island.


The Culture of Liguria has been impaced mostly by the Snowman Empire and the Penguin Empire, especially cuisine, which really is the country's Icon. Like Frankterre, Art is popular there.


Liguria is famous for it's pasta, which is their main staple food. Each region on the island makes it's own variation of pasta with different pasta dishes, sauces, and shapes. Some famous pasta dishes include Lasagna and Fettuccine Alfredo. Most of the Pastas are made with Cheese, which is very popular in Liguria. Other non-pasta dishes include Pizza (Liguria is the Birthplace of Pizza), Tiramisu, and Bread Sticks. For Drinks, Cream Soda is very popular. They have several Cream Soda Farms all over Liguria, but most notably in the southwestern area known as Tuskany, where the main products are wheat, apricots, plums, and olives. Ligurian also makes good fish since it is an island, especially on the nearby Ligurian Province Island of Sardineia, where many Sardines can be caught. Sicilia is known for producing fruits, while all of Liguria is well known for producing wheat for their pastas and breads, grapes for their special variants of Cream Soda, and olives for their olive oil.


Liguria ADORES Fashion just like in Frankterre and Snowzerland, and the city of Milano has tried to compete with Parie and Zurich by being a Fashion center of their own. Many fashionable things in Liguria are having Motor Scooters (they're very economical since gas prices are high there) and wear fashionable clothes designed by fashion designers in Milano. Many Ligurians also highly respect the Governance as well. Ligurians are art lovers; it is common to find many penguins and puffles being part-time artists for leisure time. Throught the ages, Liguria has made some of the most famous sculptures, paintings, and engravings in all of Antarctica.


Ligurian Soldier.png

Liguria's military was formed in the year of 1815. It had grown ever since; reaching it's peak in the Khanzem War. Their army was severly crippled after losing the war, but ever since, they have ever but slowly tried to regrow their army to power once more. In 2011, they made their way back into military power when they got involved in the Snoss-Castillan War, which was their first war fought in over 100 years. Currently, The Ligurian Army has about 2,000,000 troops. Aeroforcio di Liguria, the national air force, literally translates to "Ligurian Air Force". They use a variety of fighters and bombers, and has existed since 1912. Prior to the war, Liguria didn't have much of a navy after it got severly damaged in the Khanzem War, but after restoration, Liguria was able to obtain 22 military bases with 5 aircraft carriers for each. Unlike their neighbors Snowzerland and Castilla, who are a bit old fashioned, Liguria's army is all brand new and high tech, and uses modern weaponry available. Their uniforms look a bit old, but they are the same uniforms worn during the Khanzem War, as a reminder of their accomplishment.

Relationships with Other Nations[edit]

  • Castilla - Very Good. Not only are they allies, but Castilla and Liguria have similar languages and culture. They are major trading partners.
  • East Pengolia - Poor. Liguria doesn't like East Pengolia because it is a socialist state. Many Ligurians own private property and fear that East Pengolia's influence might turn Liguria into a socialist country.


  • This is an obvious parody of Italy.
  • The Island of Liguria is shaped like a Boot. Some like to say that Liguria PWNs because of this.

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