Lilac Rose

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Lilac Rose
The mother of the deceased Johnathan Rose.
Title Joy-snatcher
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction AKKF
Occupation Member of the AKKF
Codename Demon

Lilac Rose, or a Demon Trapped in a Pansy's Body as stated by her spouse Melancholy Rose at age 18, is a combatant dual-sword fighter in the AKKF. Like most members of the AKKF, she has a codename given to her by her acquaintance and not-so-soon-to-be husband, Demon. While almost silent and highly nonchalant (much like her husband), she proves to have a horrifyingly dangerous side when in a fierce battle or when her emotions get the best of her and is rather snappy and sarcastic when kept to herself. Lilac is a woman with self-control, but the most tender subject for her has to be her departed son, Johnathan Rose.


Growing up in the AKKF[edit]

Lilac was born and raised in the heavily guarded AKKF headquarters. Her parents, Violet and Axel Glacier made sure that she had a well-rounded education and lots of battle training when she was older. At age six, the age when AKKF members are finally taught what the KKF is all about and who their foes are, she vowed she would stop them. Her teachers and peers thought she was very... err, mature for her age and even grew a bit fearful of her after she began training day and night during summer break. She'd wake up, wash up, dress in her training gear, eat, grab her swords, and head down to the gym to practice nonstop for eight hours every morning. After that, she'd take a break, stretch, eat, use the restroom maybe, and chat a bit for thirty minutes. Then she'd head right back down to the gym for another eight hours. Then she'd go to bed. Lilac told everyone she knew that stopping the KKF was her main priority and she wouldn't hesitate to do anything to reach that goal.

A younger Lilac. Similar, just much smaller.

Teenage Years[edit]

After one of her breaks on a stormy day, she dragged her swords and trudged into the gymnasium to find a certain someone literally destroying the dummies with their sword. She had seen him around the HQ a few times since his recruitment the week before and watched him hack and slash away at the poor training utensils with a furious expression on his face. Relax, they're not real penguins, she wanted to snicker but she decided to say something else snarky before showing him how a real sword-fighter does it. After their lovely encounter, she eagerly figured she'd have to start sharing the gym with him. She only found joy in that idea because she could finally have someone to train with but much to her dismay, he stopped showing up there.

At least when she was there.

An AKKF member, Marian— and also a close buddy of her new "friend" Mel's— told her he trains at one of the other gyms now. For the first time in years, Lilac laughed.

From that point on, Lilac continued her routines as usual, getting better and improving, bit by bit. She wanted to prove to the HQ that she deserved to be noticed and could take on high-rank KKF members.

Battles Against the KKF[edit]


  • "I don't see what's funny. All I said was I'm going to bring down the KKF in any way I can. And I mean it."
  • "Me? A demon? You've got the wrong gal, pal."
  • "You're such an amazing artist, Mel. If the dummies could see themselves now— which they'd be able to if you hadn't scratched their cotton-stuffed eyes out— I bet they'd agree."


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