Liquid Nuclear

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Liquid Nuclear
A flask of LN.
Type Energy
Effects Radiation Sickness.
Source Nuclear
Location Antarctica
Cost to buy 0 coins.
Cost to sell 0 coins.

Liquid Nuclear, or LN, is an alleged form liquefied nuclear radiation that was discovered. In 1995, when Dr. Quincy Flaps of the Old Yow Kingdom allegedly created a liquid form of nuclear radiation. Quincy actually never told anyone, because when he accidentally got some LN on his flipper, he mutated into a mouse (According to the Old Yowien Government). However, in reality, Quincy was found dead in his lab due to the over exposure to radiation and the contraction of severe radiation sickness. The Yowien Government quickly covered up the incident by quickly burying Quincy in an unmarked grave; they named him a hero and a revolutionary due to his important "discovery".


Liquid Nuclear, as stated by the Old Yow Kingdom's Government, is the liquid version of nuclear radiation, which was discovered by Dr. Quincy Flaps in 1995. According to their sources, LN is created by freezing nuclear -900 degrees F. At -900 degrees the nuclear quickly turns into a liquid, but doesn't lose any of its powers (it actually gains more power). Liquid Nuclear is 800% more powerful, and dangerous than the solid form of nuclear radiation. LN is commonly used in military related business, from powering submarines, to creating biological warfare weapons. If LN comes in contact with water, it immediately mixes with the water, spreads out, and starts mutating life forms. LN can mutant one creature to such an extant that the mutant can transform into a whole other animal (they remain the same gender).


Liquid Nuclear has a number of symptoms, the majority being mutations and radiation sickness. LN is most notable for the mutations it causes, and the power it radiates.


In 2013, the Yow Kingdom was invaded and couped by an alliance made with Shops Island, Culldrome Isles, Snowzerland and Castilla. The laboratories that held the LN quickly were taken under control by the Culldrome Military, and large, assorted vats of Liquid Nuclear were kept safe from terrorists and rebels. As soon as the fighting died down on the Yow Island, several Culldrome and Snoss scientists decided to investigate the Liquid Nuclear in order to completely discover its properties, which had previously been kept a secret.

To their expectations, they discovered that Liquid Nuclear was indeed, a hoax. After a few tests, it was concluded that the vats of Liquid Nuclear that were in the possession of the Old Yow Kingdom were not liquefied forms of radiation but vats of liquefied enriched uranium and plutonium. Seeing that the vats of "Liquid Nuclear" were not worth as much as expected, the vats were sold to the Snoss for a decent price. The Liquid Nuclear vats were taken to Nuke Island, where they were processed into more Nuclear Bombs.


  • LN is a thick, and sticky liquid.
  • After the hoax, several officials from the dissolved Yowien Government admitted that they invented the propaganda of "Liquid Nuclear" as an attempt to intimidate other countries and develop pride in the nation.

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