List of Antarctic countries by GDP (nominal)

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The following list presents a list of Antarctic countries by their gross domestic product, the total monetary value of all assets, services and economic activities within a country per annum. The amounts shown below are in the Club Penguin Gold Coin. The list does not take into account the costs of living in each country, although it does give a sense of the wealth within each one of them. It also does not provide any indication of the population in this particular article. The GDP of a country will shift year-to-year and will not be entirely accurate in the long-term.

GDP Rankings[edit]


  • Agriculture.png = Agriculture
  • Commerce.png = Commerce and Banking
  • Manufacturing.png = Manufacturing
  • MilitaryIndustry.png = Military
  • NaturalResources.png = Natural Resource Extraction
  • ScienceAndTechnology.png = Science and Technology
  • Tourism.png = Tourism
Rank Country GDP (CP Coin) Key Industries
1 USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica $28.331 trillion Agriculture.png Commerce.png NaturalResources.png ScienceAndTechnology.png Tourism.png
2 ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island $19.134 trillion Commerce.png Manufacturing.png MilitaryIndustry.png NaturalResources.png
3 PolarisFlag.png Federal Republic of Polaris $18.897 trillion Commerce.png ScienceAndTechnology.png
4 UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra $14.339 trillion Commerce.png Manufacturing.png NaturalResources.png
5 Asaina flag.png Zhou $11.703 trillion Agriculture.png Manufacturing.png
6 Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland $11.498 trillion MilitaryIndustry.png ScienceAndTechnology.png
7 MAI.png Margate $11.451 trillion Commerce.png Manufacturing.png NaturalResources.png
8 Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis $11.375 trillion Tourism.png ScienceAndTechnology.png Agriculture.png
9 Flag of Castilla.png Castilla $11.243 trillion MilitaryIndustry.png Tourism.png
10 Munijoch.jpg Munijoch $10.915 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png
11 NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png United Provinces $10.722 trillion Agriculture.png Manufacturing.png Tourism.png
12 Ed Island Flag.svg Ed Island $10.695 trillion Manufacturing.png MilitaryIndustry.png ScienceAndTechnology.png
13 FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre $10.510 trillion Agriculture.png Commerce.png Tourism.png
14 UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and $10.118 trillion Commerce.png ScienceAndTechnology.png
15 Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland $9.959 trillion Commerce.png Tourism.png
16 Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrome Isles $8.525 trillion Agriculture.png NaturalResources.png
17 Magonia flag.PNG Magonia $8.410 trillion Commerce.png ScienceAndTechnology.png Manufacturing.png
18 CandviaFlag.png Candvia $7.840 trillion Tourism.png NaturalResources.png
19 FlagOfJapaland.png Japaland $7.830 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png Tourism.png
20 SouthJoseonFlag.png South Joseon $7.822 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png Manufacturing.png
21 FelipenasFlag.png Finipines $7.775 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png Tourism.png Manufacturing.png
22 Flag of the Seal Islands.svg Seal Islands $7.453 trillion Agriculture.png Manufacturing.png
23 Liguria Flag.png Liguria $7.427 trillion Agriculture.png Tourism.png
24 AzukriFlag.PNG Azukri $7.415 trillion Agriculture.png NaturalResources.png Manufacturing.png
25 Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca $7.175 trillion MilitaryIndustry.png NaturalResources.png
26 Newestpenguio.png United Penguin Islands $7.113 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png Manufacturing.png
27 Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation $6.555 trillion MilitaryIndustry.png
28 AcadiaFlag.png Acadia $6.543 trillion Commerce.png MilitaryIndustry.png
29 Pengvaria Flag.png Batavia $5.844 trillion Commerce.png
30 MaverickII.png New Maverick $5.342 trillion NaturalResources.png Agriculture.png ScienceAndTechnology.png
31 Flag of Calada.png Calada $5.341 trillion NaturalResources.png ScienceAndTechnology.png
32 Glaw Independent Flag.png Glaw $4.511 trillion Agriculture.png
33 HunFlag.png Hun Empire $4.047 trillion Manufacturing.png Tourism.png
34 Cheeese.png Caseusopolis $3.864 trillion Agriculture.png
35 Amataria Flag.png Amataria $3.670 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png
36 East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia $2.596 trillion Agriculture.png Manufacturing.png
37 EmpNewFlag.png Emperorlands $2.501 trillion Manufacturing.png
38 FlystarFlag.png Land of Flystar55555 $2.491 trillion Tourism.png
39 DuckNewFlag.png Duck Island $2.450 trillion Tourism.png Manufacturing.png MilitaryIndustry.png
40 Magyaria Flag.png Magyaria $2.285 trillion Agriculture.png MilitaryIndustry.png
41 Dorkugal Flag.png Dorkugal $1.331 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png
42 Furflag3.png Furshire $1.988 trillion NaturalResources.png Agriculture.png
43 AnderaNewFlag.png Andèra $1.804 trillion Tourism.png Manufacturing.png
44 Okan Flag.png Okan $1.789 trillion Commerce.png
45 Pengonia Flag.png Pengonia $1.780 trillion Manufacturing.png
46 DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstone $1.740 trillion NaturalResources.png
47 GeekEmpireFlag.png Geek Empire $1.655 trillion ScienceAndTechnology.png Tourism.png
48 Poshia$flag$animation.png Poshia $997 billion Commerce.png
49 Flag of North Joseon.png North Joseon $550 billion Agriculture.png
50 Waffleland flag.png Waffleland $200 billion Agriculture.png