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Season 1[edit]

Episode Name Episode Name in Some Countries Air Date Description
Puffle Park Fluffy and Amber, A Puflle Couple?! October 24, 2012 Fluffy develops a crush on a new puffle at the park, which is revealed to be Gloria's puffle.
Extraordinary Battle Giant Fluffy Awakens! October 25, 2012 When Peng feeds Fluffy a super-powered berry from Rockhopper island, Fluffy grows to an enourmous size and destroys the town.
Card-Jitsu Future Peng Guin: Past, Present, and Future October 26, 2012 Peng's future self visits him and tells him about a tragic accident that will happen to him.
Voltix Mutation Voltix Peng! Fate of CP October 27, 2012 Peng turns into a Voltix and joins their plan to turn day into night forever.
Dance Master Peng the Date Canceller? October 28, 2012 Peng drops his date with Gloria to participate in a dance competiton, but his plan fails when he remembers that the date is in the Dance Lounge. Gloria comes and sees Peng flirting with Cadence, so they break up.
Regaining Confidence Peng the Gamer? October 29, 2012 Fluffy enlists Peng in a video game club after the break-up. After, Peng and Gloria get back together.
Lost at Sea Stranded! Hydro Hopper 2.0 October 30, 2012 After upgrading the Hydro Hopper and taking it out to sea during a storm, Peng, Fluffy, and Gloria are stranded on a deserted island.
Brain Switch Peng the Puffle, Fluffy the Penguin?!? November 9, 2012 After Peng wishes to be a puffle, he and Fluffy switch bodies.
Enter the Wild Fluffy’s Horrible Camping Trip November 23, 2012 Fluffy goes on a camping trip in the forest.
Hockey Hoops A Game…by Peng December 7, 2012 Peng invents a new sport.
Embarrassing Moments WHAT THE??? December 21, 2012 The gang recalls their embarrassing moments.
Puffle Pals Gloria Walker, a 5-year-old? January 4, 2013 Gloria becomes addicted to a TV show.
The Ninja Quest, Part 1 Searching for the Elemental Stones! January 18, 2013 Peng is sent by Sensei to destroy his evil brother.
The Ninja Quest, Part 2 Stones of Doom! Peng vs. Wraith February 3, 2013 Wraith collects all three stones to destroy Club Penguin.
EPF Coptor Showdown Peng vs. Herbert: In a Copter February 17, 2013 Peng, Gloria, and Fluffy join the EPF and go to stop Herbert.
Babysitter Peng Meet Goo, Gloria’s Cousin! March 1, 2013 Gloria enlists the help of Peng to babysit her pookie cousin Goo, but for Peng, the week spent with Goo is a nightmare.
The Revenge of Scorn the Dragon King King Scorn Attacks Peng!!! March 8, 2013 Scorn attacks Peng, thinking he is a knight.
Attack of the Evil Puffle Clones Puffle Attack! Vs. Peng and Fluffy March 15, 2013 Gary accidentally creates evil puffle clones that capture Peng!
PH the Puffle Handler's Ultimately Awesome Quest of Puffle Types So Many Puffles! March 22, 2013 PH invites Peng and the gang to search for Puffle types.
King of Fools April Fools’! March 29, 2013 Peng pulls April Fools' Day pranks on penguins around the island.
Hot Sauce Heist Hot Sauce Gone?! Peng vs. Herbert April 5, 2013 Herbert steals the giant hot sauce bottle from the Pizza Parlor, and Peng is on the case!
Peng's Birthday Bash Happy Birthday Peng April 12, 2013 Gloria, Ben, Maddie, Fluffy, and Amber plan Peng a surprise birthday party.
Heroes and Villains, Part 1 Rise of the Power Crystals April 19, 2013 Peng and the gang discover power crystals that give them powers and transform the island into a city. Some penguins wish to use their powers for evil, however.
Heroes and Villains, Part 2 Peng vs. the Mandarin April 26, 2013 Peng, Gloria, and Fluffy team up with Iron Man and other heroes to battle The Mandarin and his robot army.
Checking In Not So Great Jobs May 2, 2013 Peng and Gloria go to pamper Fluffy at the Puffle Hotel, and while there, they are offered a job. However, the jobs aren't as great as they thought.
Protobot vs. Peng Robo Attack May 9, 2013 When Protobot and the Test Bots try to escape, they run into Peng and try to kill him.
The Backwards Episode WHAT????????? NOT AGAIN! May 16, 2013 Everything is in reverse, so you have no clue what is going on!
Return of the Werepuffles and the Zombies Fluffy’s Worst Nightmare May 23, 2013 The Werepuffles and Zombies from Enter the Wild get revenge on Fluffy.
Peng's Wish Wish Come True May 30, 2013 When Peng's wishes on a shooting star, his wish comes true! But later, Peng regrets ever wishing in the first place.
The Peng-guin Band Herbert Horror vs. Robo-Gary vs. the Penguin Band!! June 6, 2013 Peng and the gang join the Penguin Band and become famous!!! But two unknown villains capture them. Later, it is revealed it was Herbert Horror and Robo-Gary who captured them.
Warriors of Snow Scrap, Tank, and Sly: Evil Ninja Snowmen June 13, 2013 Peng is sent by Sensei to find the long abandoned Snow Dojo. On the way, he meets three evil snowmen: Scrap, Sly, and Tank.
Double Trouble Two Pengs June 20, 2013 Peng is cloned by Rookie.
Let the Scare Games Begin Peng Goes to Monsters University June 27, 2013 Peng joins the Scare Games in hopes of winning.
The Games Continue Almost There July 4, 2013 Peng is so close to winning but ROR has a few trickes up their sleeves.
Welcome to Club Penguin University Goodbye, Recycling Plant-Hello Club Penguin University! July 11, 2013 After the Monsters University Takeover, Peng finds out that the plant has been torn down to build a school.
Where's Fluffy? Part 1 The Disappearance of Fluffy August 30, 2013 Peng and Gloria go on a romantic getaway, and leave Fluffy behind. He is kidnapped and taken to a lab where the government can use his power to build an evil empire.
Where's Fluffy? Part 2 The Cyborg Fluffy November 1, 2013 Peng and Gloria are forced to come home to look for Fluffy, when suddenly, the United States of Antarctica is taken over. Fluffy has been turned evil and into a cyborg. In the end, power is regained and Fluffy is reunited with the penguins he loves. He also is turned back into a regular puffle.

Season 2[edit]

Episode Name Episode Name in Some Countries Air Date Description
Cool In The Cold The Christmas Special December 24, 2013 Gloria and Fluffy do Christmas shopping, while Peng decorates his igloo for the holidays.
A Puffle Fight! Fluffy vs. Mabel Battle of the Puffles December 31, 2013 Fluffy injures Mabel by accident, so Mabel plots revenge.
Peng's Problems with Oil Peng vs. an Oil Driller? January 7, 2014 An oil driller finds his way into Club Penguin.
Peng X Peng's Antibody! Peng vs. Peng X January 14, 2014 Peng is possessed by the X-Virus.
Duel of the Dinosaurs Peng and the Battle of the Dinosaurs January 27, 2014 While time traveling, the gang discovers that the dinosaurs are divided into three clans. The gang, with the help of Gary, the Living Sled, and the clan leaders must reunite them.
Peng vs. the Magma Puffle Why is the Magma Puffle Alive??????? February 3, 2014 The Magma Puffle, who was assumed dead since the Great Darktanian Pie War, attacks the gang. Peng also loses his arm in the fight. In the end, the Magma Puffle is once again attacked by bananas and destroyed forever.
Peng's New Arm A New Arm that is Crazy! February 11, 2014 After the last episode, Peng gets a new robotic arm. However, it starts to takeover his mind.
Rise of Robo-Peng Robo-Peng vs. the Gang February 18, 2014 Peng transforms into an evil robot.
Peng and Gloria meet Willy and Kody Part I Willy and Kody: Triple Trouble! Fluffy vs. Peggy February 25, 2014 A crossover begins with the gang meeting the people from the hit show Willy and Kody.
Peng and Gloria meet Willy and Kody Part II Willy and Kody 2: Evil That Lurks, Herbert and Dr. Henry! March 4, 2014 Herbert and Henry meet and try to kill the gang and the boys.
Peng and Gloria meet Willy and Kody Part III Willy and Kody 3: Peng vs. Herbert, Willy vs. Dr. Henry! March 11, 2014 The bears' plan begin.
When Bears Attack The Rise of the Legion of Extremely Evil Polar Bears March 18, 2014 The Legion of Extremely Evil Polar Bears attack the island.
Is This The Future? Peng is Time March 25, 2014 Peng is trapped in the future.
Vortex or Voltix Voltix's Revenge April 1, 2014 The Voltix return to get revenge on Peng.
Scrap's Revenge Return of the Warriors of Snow: Peng vs. Scrap April 8, 2014 The Snow Minions start there revenge on Peng one by one, starting with Scrap.
Tank's Revenge A Strong (But Dumb) Snow Minion: Peng vs. Tank April 15, 2014 Peng's fight leads to Tank, the second of Tusk's master plan.
Sly's Revenge Snowman with a Terrable Voice: Peng vs. Sly April 22, 2014 Sly is next to fight Peng, another part of Tusk's plan.
Tusk's Revenge Rise of the Supreme Leader: Peng vs. Tusk April 29, 2014 With all Snow Minions defeated, Peng must now face the Master of Snow: Tusk.
Mayor For A Day Peng's The Mayor? May 5, 2014 Peng wins a contest and becomes the mayor of Penguin Island for one day. Guest starring Spike Hike and Polo Field!
Peng Gets Fat!? Fat Peng May 12, 2015 Peng gets fat after an eating rampage in a Pizza Parlor. But with the help of his friends, he over comes it.
How Can Fluffy Speak? The Inside of a Puffle May 19, 2015 Fluffy is sent to the doctor to find out what makes him speak.
Fluffy's Birthday! The Birthday of the Talking Puffle... May 26, 2015 After the doctor incident, Fluffy's birthday comes and the gang helps celebrate it.

Season 3[edit]

Episode Name Episode Name in Some Countries Air Date Description
Time Travel Triple Trouble Messing Up History: One Hour Special June 5, 2015 When Peng stumbles upon another time machine, he visits WAY into the past. But, when he alters history, he finds the present has changed. Due to his slip up, he must now enlist the help of his friends to fix everything, before natural disasters, or worse, Darktan II, destroy Peng, his friends, and time itself.
Road Trip! Part 1 Summer Vacation! Part 1 June 13, 2015 When summer comes around for Peng and his friends, they take a trip around the world, but the trip has a big surprise waiting for them...
Road Trip! Part 2 Summer Vacation! Part 2 June 22, 2015 A darkness spreads through the world, and only Peng and Fluffy can stop it, ultimately, the darkness is destroyed.
Just For Sticks Hockey Daze June 30, 2015 Peng attempts to play for a hockey team, unfortunately, his lack of skill lands him a black eye, and somehow, Fluffy becomes the first Puffle hockey player!
Remember: Fireworks go "Boom" That Time The Iceberg Nearly Tipped July 4, 2015 It's Fireworks Day in Club Penguin, and Rock is put in charge of the fireworks, but he slacks off when he goes to the Pizza Parlor with Peng, Gloria and Fluffy, which makes him rush back to the fireworks stand, and then, accidentally send fireworks at the Iceberg, oddly, it dose not move one bit.
Gary and Rory's Big Adventure Gary and Rory Invent Something (Wait, WHERE'S THE REAL CHARACTERS?!) July 7, 2015 Unlike most episodes, this one concentrates on characters that aren't centered on the main characters. Gary and Rory have to work together on making a new invention, despite creative differences and their rivalry.
Never Adopt a Mwa Mwa Penguin Mwa Mwa Chaos! July 14, 2015 Gloria adopts a Mwa Mwa Penguin, thinking it will teach her how to be a mother, except, they always wine and say she's a bad person, she then adopts more, and Peng and Fluffy have to remove them all to solve the problem.
The Goodbye Goodbye July 31, 2015 Gloria Will have to go away to another country to live with his mother. So Peng decides to take her to enjoy the Three Last Days on the Island. They have fun traveling all over the island. In the end Peng and Fluffy Farewell Glory, Peng and Gloria Decide to become just friends.
Peng's Depression The Long Winding Depressing Road August 7, 2015 Since Gloria left, Peng becomes emotionally depressed. Unable to get up from bed, it is up to Fluffy (and Rock) to bring up his spirits.
Rebound Girlfriend! Peng Has a New Girlfriend! August 14, 2015 Peng is still depressed, and in one final attempt to make Peng happy, Rock actually finds him a "Rebound Girl." Unfortunately, she is a slob, just like Rock, so Peng breaks up with her. And Rock gets the lucky lady. After the incident, Peng feels better.
It's Just Turning Left! REMEMBER! IN A ROAD COURSE, TURN RIGHT SOMETIMES! August 21, 2015 Peng wins a prize to drive a PASCAR truck, which he found in his mouth, from eating pizza. He wrecks the truck on the first turn. But a special guest star (Dale Penghardt Jr.) helps Peng get in the grove of driving a truck.
The Insane Scientific Theories of Rock We Don't Need Servers to Make CP Bigger, USE ICE! August 28, 2015 Rock attempts to make CP bigger by taking the water, freezing it up, and then melting it onto the island, making the island bigger. Peng and Fluffy try to stop the insanity Rock is doing, as the island begins to tip to the right...
The Party Nobody Can Remember: Part 1 That Was Some Party! What Happened?: Part 1 September 4, 2015 In the Season 3 cliffhanger, Peng and Fluffy wake up in the aftermath of a big party Rock threw, they try to remember all the events occurred... Which may have involved... Peng seeing Gloria again?

Season 4[edit]

Penguin Network confirmed that a 4th season was in Production, it was later announced that it would air in 2016.


Episode Name Episode Name in Some Countries Air Date Description
Club Penguin: The TV Series: The Movie Same applies in other countries May 25, 2015 The 4th wall is breaking down, and they EPF is in trouble trying to fix it, but it takes Peng, Fluffy and Gloria, to fix it, as the EPF recruits them to repair the wall before the universe gets permanently weird...