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A list of countries in Antarctica by parody or inspiration. Note that countries that are not parodies are not listed here and can be found on the List of Countries in the Fan Universe page.

Real-Life Countries[edit]


Country Flag Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Seychelles Seashells SeashellsFlag.png
Somolia Slumolia SlumoliaFlag.png


Country Flag Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Brunei Abodei Abodei.png
China Zhou Asaina flag.png
Hong Kong HongKongFlag.png Honk Gong Honk Gong Flag.png
Indonesia Hindonesie Hindonesie Flag.png
Japan Japaland FlagOfJapaland.png
Korea (north) North Joseon Flag of North Joseon.png
Korea (south) Flag of South Korea.png Republic of Joseon SouthJoseonFlag.png
Macau Mucau
Malaysia Malesia MaLOLaysiaFlag.png
Maldives Melodeeves MelodeevesFlag.png
Mongolia West Pengolia West Pengolia New Flag.png
Philippines PhilippinesFlag.png Finipines


Singapore Singapore flag.gif Margate



Country Flag Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Andorra Finestade Land FG Flag.PNG
Basque Country Archet (A mix of Northern Ireland and the Basque Country)
Castillan Vasco Country
Archet Flag.png

Vasco Country Flag.png

Austria Osterreach Osterreach Flag.png
Belarus Belarus flag.jpg Puffarus PuffarusFlag.png
Cyprus Snowprus Snowprus Flag 2.png
Czech Republic Osterreach (Partial) Osterreach Flag.png
Denmark Pengmark PengmarkFlag.png
Estonia Estonia Flag.png Freezestonia FreezestoniaFlag.png
Finland Suome SuomeFlag.png
France Drapeau de France.png Frankterre FrancterreFlag.png
Georgia Peachia (partial) Peachia Flag.png
Germany GermanyFlag.png Alemania Alemania Flag.png
Greece Geek Empire GeekEmpireFlag.png
Hungary Magyaria Magyaria Flag.png
Iceland Ðo'rland AEI flag.PNG
Ireland Republic of Ireland.png Freezeland Freezelandflag.jpg
Italy Liguria Liguria Flag.png
Latvia Pengvia PengviaFlag.png
Liechtenstein Lichenstien Lichenstien Flag.png
Lithuania Frosthuania FrosthuaniaFlag.png
Monaco Principauté de Mylou Principalityofmylouflag.png
Netherlands Batavia Pengvaria Flag.png
Norway Penguio Newestpenguio.png
Poland Polska.PNG Poleland

Stoland (Snowinian state)
Poleland flag.PNG


Portugal Bandera de Portugal.png Dorkugal

Dorkugal Flag.png

Bandera de Lisboagal.png

Romania Magyaria (Transylvania) Magyaria Flag.png
Russian Federation Russia flag.PNG Rusca Ruscoe Federation Flag.png
Sicily Double Sicilia
Willow Island (inspired by)
Double Sicilian Flag.png
Willow Island flag.png
Slovakia Magyaria (Partial) Magyaria Flag.png
Slovenia Osterreach (Partial) Osterreach Flag.png
Spain Bandera de Espana.png Castilla Flag of Castilla.png
Sweden Sleetden Sleetden.png
Switzerland Snowzerland.png Snowzerland Snowzerland Flag.png
Ukraine Ucrying Flag of Ucrying.png
United Kingdom Bandera de Britain.png Puffle'and UK Flag 2.png
Vatican City Centriepistula Centriepistula Flag.png

North America[edit]

Country Flag Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Bahamas Tropicalis (partially) Tropicalis Flag.png
Canada CanadaFlag.png Calada Flag of Calada.png
Costa Rica Costa de Oro
Cuba Cuadra Flag of Cuadra.png
Dominican Rep. Domingo
El Salvador El Cruz
Guatemala Gulapada Bandera de Gulapada.png
Honduras Hongo Duro
Mexico Caltexico Caltexico Flag.png
Nicaragua Icaragu
Panama Panamia
United States of America UnitedStates.png United States of Antarctica
Isle of Penguifornia (California)
Peachia (Georgia)
Snowjave (Texas/Southwest)
USA flag.PNG


Peachia Flag.png

Snowjave Flag New.png


Country Flag Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Australia FlagAustralia.jpg Austiceia Austiceiaflag.png

South America[edit]

Country Flag Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Argentina Parhentina Parhentina Flag.png
Bolivia Bolifin Flag of Bolifin.png
Brazil Bandera de Brasil.png Nutzil Flag of Nutzil.png
Chile Frio Bandera de Frio.png
Colombia Cordovisa Flag of Cordovisa.png
Ecuador Igualdor Flag of Igualdor.png
Guyana Puffish Guina Flag of Puffish Guyana.png
Paraguay Peregua Flag of Peregua.png
Peru Beru Bandera de Beru.png
Suriname Sooriname Sooriname Flag.png
Uruguay Guruguay Guruguay Flag.png
Venezuela Chavezuela Flag of Chavezuela.png

Former Places or Countries[edit]

Country Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Macedonia (808-168 BC) Macradonia Macradoniaflag.png
Mongol Empire West Pengolia West Pengolia New Flag.png
Nazi Germany Khanzem
Snowzerland (partially)
Khanzem flag.png

Snowzerland Flag.png

First Persian Empire/Persia Poshia Poshia$flag$animation.png
Prussia Prusca / Kaitlyngrad
Acher (partially)
Prusca Flag.png

Acher Flag.png

Soviet Union Snowviet Union
East Pengolia
Snowviet Union Flag.png

East Pengolia image flag.png

Sparta Sparka Sparka Flag.png
Thirteen Colonies (pre-United States) Puffica Puffica flag.png
Yugoslavia United Provinces NewUnitedProvincesFlag.png


Concept Fanon Equivalent Flag of
Club Penguin Shops Shops Island ShopsIslandFlag2013.png
Space Nazis Dark Side of the Moon Wulfen Flag.png

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