List of Episodes of Season 1 of 'The Adventures of Super Penguins'

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Episode 1:MegaRobot 3000[edit]

Premiere: May 25, 2014 |Argument: A mad scientist creates a robot that has the heart and brain on a computer that picks up virus. Then the robot out of the lab and attacks the home of retired superheroes. Only the super-penguin standing in the kitchen and sees the room will call his assistant, the Super Espada, Portuguese for Super Sword. Then they hide in the closet for 3 seconds and leave with clothes Super-Penguins. Try to stop the robot when it comes out. After they are preparing a cordaem the robot falls and leaves you a leg, enough to stop the lower parts. After the robot league where a jetpack flies and then the super penguins prepare a plate invisivel.Assim the robot separates the head. The brain stops working but the heart is still alive and virus! The Super-Penguins made ​​the robot lie down and took the back where they got off the heart. In the end they delivered the remains of the robot scientist but in the end the robot eyes start to turn red.

Episode 2: RadioActive Puffle[edit]

PT title: Puffle Radio-Áctivo |Premiere:May 25, 2014 |Arguments:The mad scientist returned from a convention with a special radioactive thing. He bought a puffle and he inadvertently dropped the radioactivity falling on top of the puffle puffle.Não soon enough began to get a blue with lots of light and surrounded by green light. He grew a foot and eyes began to turn red. The puffle left the lab door and walked to terrorize the whole town. When He gave the CP news on TV, the Super-Penguins and were awakened after Puffle. When they reached the Puffle derrobou them even without seeing. After the Penguins decided to jump with a parachute and handy upon puffle to discover something. Done it and succeeded. Found a strange green liquid and took him. They took him to a laboratory where it was found that the cientista.O scientist said that nothing would stop but he remembered the mother of puffle. He called his mother and poured liquid on top. She went out and managed to take his son home, well away from Club Penguin.

Episode 3: We do not need vacations[edit]

PT title: Não precisamos de férias |Arguments:There are the Super Penguins compete with a villain that will appear in another episode. Just defeat one super -powerful villain. A penguin goes there and asks if they were not tired of walking to defeat evil so often . The SuperSword was about to say no when the SuperKnows say so of course we are ! Then the penguin proposed vacation to pick a Subantarctic island. They chose one and spend 2 days there were . Penguin took over the island but the second time the Puffle radioactive broke out of his mother's house and began to destroy the island , this time with baba radioactive . The penguin did not know what to do and then the Mega Robot 3000 returned to activity when the fight began . After 5 hours already half of the island was completely destroyed . The super penguins catch a drought at the hotel who rented the island and then decide to return a day earlier . The island is still very bad but the penguin discovered half robot brain and give the scientist was discovered and he is afraid of Naves . The scientist had a ship and used to ward off the robot . The puffle followed the robot because the fight could not end like this . The SuperPenguins reached your holiday and phoned the penguin to say that arrived a day early . CP left the airlines and saw the wreckage . They said it did not matter and then arranged the whole island in less than 10 seconds . Then came the other day at the end of a fight when a penguin asked if they needed vacation and the two just answered loud and clear : NO WAY !

Episode 4: Flop Surf[edit]

PT title: Falhanço de Surf|Premiere: May 26 2014

Special: Episode 5: Super Penguins: The Musical[edit]