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This is the list of episodes for Life of Whiskers. For main article, click Life of Whiskers.

Season 1[edit]

This season is going to contain 23 episodes. It is the basic first start to the whole series. The graphics at first were pretty terrible, but it was changed in "The Secrets and Legends of Monterubio". The most popular episode overall is "Less Than Veterinarian", with 4.7M penguins watched it. The season began 12/1/2012, and will end 6/13/2013.

# Title Air date Summary Featured Character Notes
01 Life of Whiskers [2,5M Viewers] 12/1/2012 The pilot episode. Whiskers moves in the city and meets new friends. Whiskers First episode of the whole series
02 Class Dismissed! [2,3M Viewers] 01/2/2013 Whiskers meets a school bully and tries to get back to him. Verdo the bully A mysterious dark black penguin is shown in the cameo, getting stuff outta his locker, while his back is turned to the camera. This character is significant and may be an future antagonist in an episode.
03 Slow Loris [1.7M Viewers] 01/14/2013 Whiskers accidentally drinks a potion that makes him slow. Whiskers The mysterious dark black penguin appears once again, yet again his front is not revealed. He is in the cameo.
04 The Secrets and Legends of Mounterubio [3.5M Viewers] 01/19/2013 Whiskers goes on an wildlife expedition, and wants to uncover The Secrets and Legends of Mt. Mounterubio, which is a actual mountain between the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. Homeroom Teacher The name Mounterubio and the Andes Mountain Whiskers passes around is a reference to the real life show, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.
05 Dinosaur Plunder [3.1M Viewers] 01/27/2013 Club Penguin hosted a prehistoric party which lets penguins to go back in the past, but unfortunately the dinosaurs from the past leave the past and go into the present. Gary This is the first episode with Whiskers as a minor character (or cameo character).
06 When you feel your shame [1M Viewers] 02/04/2013 Whiskers gets embarrased in front of his whole school, and tries to travel in time to fix it, but instead makes him even more humiliated. Whiskers This is the first episode with it's story line to be known before the official airdate. Also, the dark black penguin has appeared in the class, asking the teacher about the whale lesson they learned that day.
07 Expedition La Castilla [995K Viewers] 02/12/2013 Whiskers wins a free coupon to go to Castilla. He has a fun time there. A Random Castillan Guy The Dark Black Penguin appears in this episode, revealed to have been turned into a snail by some ghost.
08 The Holly in Hollywood [1.1M Viewers] 02/23/2013 Whiskers meets a famous penguin from the United States of America (questions later about what is that place), and Whiskers haves fun with him and also records a new video with him. Later, he finds out the famous penguin plans to send him to an dungeon where he will be examined. Whiskers manages to trap the famous penguin in a dungeon, never to see him again. The Famous Penguin (George the Penguin) The Dark Black Penguin, now called The Rocketsnail, is seen hidding behind a bench.
09 Three Nice Dudes [1.7M Viewers] 03/6/2013 Whiskers meets 2 skuas in the school, and constantly plays with them, and it is revealed the skuas have been using Whiskers so they can harm other students in the school. Two Skuas Skuas are a group of seabirds with about seven species forming the family Stercorariidae and the genus Stercorarius. They often feed on penguin chicks.
10 Less Than Veterinarian [4.7M Viewers] 03/22/2013 Whiskers applies to be a Puffle Veterinarian in the newly built Puffle Hotel, and constantly fails. He decides to be the opposite: A Puffle Abuser. Yarr 10th Episode
11 Yarr the Marvelous [4M Viewers] 04/3/2013 Origin of Yarr and other red puffles. The story begins at Rockhopper Island, and when Rockhopper arrived a furry red creature he never seen before appears. He decides to pet it, tries to communicate, (Whiskers stops the show and skips to the interesting part then), and there he learns the puffle tricks, and Rockhopper finds out they may be good pets. Rockhopper Whiskers only appears in the end, closing the book he was reading the whole time to the viewers. He also occasionally pops up on the screen and stops the show to mark something, similiar to what Kuzco does in The Emperor's New School.
12 Who Are You? [3,7M Viewers] 04/12/2013 After making a potion that makes others "smart" on Chemistry class, he accidentally spilled a bottle of toxic water in his potion and the potion then spills on Whiskers, and makes him forgotten. The teacher asks Whiskers who is he, and told him to get out of her class. He left, and then met the principal who asks him "Woah, you're a new student?". Whiskers tries to explain, but the principal doesn't understand anything. He realizes everyone forgot about him. Whiskers tries to make a new potion to make him remembered again. Principal This will be the last episode with the school before it will be destroyed in Neevil.
13 Neevil (Part 1) [1.5M Viewers] 04/20/2013 David the Seal gives a tour to Whiskers about Neevil while he is stuck in his amber prison, telling him he was the unstoppable spirit that was born after The Passoffbay Event. Whiskers, wanted to check out Neevil in his prison, but after accidentally stepping his foot in, the prison gets broken and Neevil sets off free, thanking Whiskers in the proccess. He eventually melts his way out of the amber and Whiskers must go save the whole world. But while he succeed? Neevil teams up with his best friend, Robo-Gary and they both combine they're body into one and go on a quest to destroy the entire world. Whiskers gets the only weapon that can harm Neevil: The Sword of the Shadows. He then hunts for Neevil. Mr. Whiskers The Rocketsnail makes a cameo in this episode, hiding on top of Neevil with only a small part of his rocket shown. It is unknown how The Rocketsnail is on top of Neevil if Neevil is a ghost.
14 Neevil (Part 2) [1.3M Viewers] 04/20/2013 Neevil destroys almost the whole Snowville by now. Whiskers finds him, and when Neevil turns around to see Whiskers about to hit him with The Sword of the Shadows, he stops him and makes his sword explode in a small puff of green smoke, and throws Whiskers all way to the Cryosphere, which then explodes. Neevil then possesses Whiskers, and tricks David the Seal into thinking that he is Whiskers, by freezing David the Seal. Whiskers struggles to stop being possessed, and manages to free out after punching Neevil into the eye. Bad for Neevil, he cannot blink, and then he explodes in a puff of big smoke. David the Seal gets unfrozen and everything done by Neevil has been reversed to normal. Robo-Gary is still alive there, and Whiskers, fearing he will be killed, kicks Robo-Gary under his tummy (this is censored, however) and Robo-Gary also explodes. Whiskers then is awarded with a diploma, medal and a lifetime supply of shrimps. He then jumps into a pool of shrimps, and is happy ever after. Unknown yet First two-part special
15 School No-More [1.0M Viewers] 04/26/2013 A ghost lurks around the school. As Whiskers reviews how the school was before, terrible things occur. First a meteor shower, then a monster spawns in the school, principal gets fired, and last, end of the world. Principal This episode will involve the principal getting fired.
16 Viskers Noire [971K Viewers] 04/26/2013 Whiskers joins a detective gang called "USA's Detectivity". The episodes effect becomes Black and White, and Whiskers goes on a detective mission to find out who stole David the Seal's trophy. At the end, it was discovered it was Squidzoid. Squidzoid gets caught, but quickly gets away with his grappling hook. None. It is unknown why. Noire means Black in French.
17 Marvel Superhero Takeover [1,1M Viewers] 05/3/2013 Mandarin goes on a quest to conquer all of Penguintropolis. Meanwhile, Whiskers puts on tights with superpowers and prepares to destroy Mandarin's gang of evil robots. Unknown The whole episode takes place during Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 party on Club Penguin. Penguintropolis is actually Club Penguin, only a city during the party. This episode is also a Marvel Superhero Takeover special and this episode aired during the Superhero Takeover marathon on PengyKids. This is the first episode not aired by the Snowiny PengyKids studio, instead added by the Club Penguin PengyKids studio.
18 The Mysterious Tales of the Sensei [797K Viewers] 05/3/2013 Whiskers tells a story on Sensei's History. Sensei This episode was leaked online.
19 The Big Wiener [701K Viewers] 05/10/2013 Whiskers wins a FAKE lottery ticket from David (He wanted to prank Whiskers), saying he won 1,000,000 Goldies (this is changed in every country to the currency the country uses), and Whiskers wrecks stuff always saying his common excuse "I will pay for it later now that im rich". David is worried he won't be able to pay for anything and tries to tell him, but is afraid he will be furious and will try to kill David. David the Seal This episode was leaked online.
20 Broken Friend [709K Viewers] 05/10/2013 Whiskers heads towards David's igloo and is about to enter, but hears something through the window. He sees David playing with a new student in school, Skarl the Polar Bear, and because of seeing David doing so, he leaves and never plays with him again. In the end, it turns out David wanted to play together with Whiskers and Skarl at same time so they can be fun friends together. Skarl the Polar Bear This episode was leaked online. Skarl closely resembles Herbert P. Bear. Could he be Herbert P. Bear in disguise?
21 Love Triangle [637K Viewers] 05/31/2013 Whiskers gets a girlfriend named Marceline the Penguin. David is jealous of Whiskers. Skarl then also gets jealous, and then David forms plan to stop Whiskers and Skarl, Skarl to stop Whiskers and David, and Whiskers to stop Skarl and David. unknown This is the second episode with a new character released. The first is "Broken Friend".
22 Befriended Antics [609K Viewers] 06/6/2013 Whiskers is jealous of Skarl winning competitons so much, and decides to make him fail on the next one he is going to compete. unknown unknown
23 This is the Season [501K Viewers] 06/13/2013 Season Finale special. Whiskers is asleep, when an bottle of X-Virus spills on Whisker's bed and he drinks the x-virus potion by accident while snoring. His X-Counterpart leaves his body, and plots to conquer Antarctica. unknown unknown

Season 2[edit]

# Title Air date Summary Featured Character Notes
24 500 Years Later [971K Viewers] 6/27/2013 The episode will show how Whiskers imagines life would look 500 years later. Whiskers First episode ever in a Antarctican cartoon with a animal other then penguins, puffles, whales or polar bears to be shown. First episode where Marceline is just mentioned, and a leaked online episode.
25 She [501K Viewers] 7/4/2013 Whiskers has trouble with his girlfriend and goes on drastic measures to impress her. unknown unknown
26 On a Tropical Island 7/11/2013 After Whiskers goes with Marceline on a cruise, they get stranded on the Innocent Island. They try to survive. unknown Leaked online
27 In Your Footsteps 7/11/2013 Whiskers goes on to solve a mystery case. unknown Leaked only, however the pictures leaked don't add up so well.
28 Whiskers, Go Home 7/18/2013 unknown unknown This episode used to be called "Both Good and Evil", but was replaced as the show wasn't popular. This is the last episode of the series