List of Nuclear States

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This is a list of all the nations in Antarctica that possess nuclear weapons. It has been agreed by the UAN that the construction of Nuclear warheads would cease in efforts to maintain peace and prevent an arms race.

Country Flag Number of nukes stockpiled
1. Rusca Ruscoe Federation Flag.png 12,000
2. Snowzerland Snowzerland Flag.png 9000
* Shops Island ShopsIslandFlag2013.png ~8000
3. United States of Antarctica USA flag.PNG 5000
4. Zhou Asaina flag.png 2700
5. Puffle'and UK Flag 2.png 1000
6. Frankterre FrancterreFlag.png 950
7†. Ed Island Ed Island Flag.svg Est. 100
8. North Joseon Flag of North Joseon.png 10
* Culldrome Isles Culldromeislesflag.png classified

* = Shops Island has Squarium weapons. The Culldrome Isles has both Squarium and Porcyal weapons. Neither of these are classified as nuclear weapons by the UAN, although they both have devastating effects when used, and react much like nuclear weapons. Multiple groups are lobbying for their classification as nuclear weapons/weapons of mass destruction. Shops Island and Culldrome have free reign to produce as many of these weapons as they please, as the UAN has no restrictions on these. (And it will probably remain like that, as Shops Island has stated that it will veto any proposition to criminalize these weapons)

† = Ed Island does not acknowledge the possession of nuclear weapons.