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Delegate of the South Pole Council
Judge X.png
Judge Xavier at his desk.
Residence South Pole Capitol, South Pole City, Polar District, Eastshield, USA
Term length Varies by district represented
Inaugural holder Unknown; Possibly Judge Xavier
Formation 2000
Succession By Election or Appointment

200,000 Fish

Style The Honorable <name> of <district(s) represented>

Delegates in the South Pole Council, also informally called Councillors, are (mostly) elected officials that represent a city, region, state, or country (Free Republic or Non-Voting party) in the South Pole Council. To date, there have been around one hundred delegates sworn in to the Council to serve, from various districts, with there currently being around fifty serving. According to the Constitution, any Delegate not chosen by a local election is appointed by the Chief Justice of the Council. Delegate positions can be created, dissolved, or have voting rights temporarily suspended (mostly for Free Republics) at the whim of the Council and the Chief Justice. It is also common to see delegates choose a Deputy Delegate to serve with them on the Council.

As of 2017, State and Free Republic delegates have a salary of 200,000 Fish per year, paid by the US Government. However, delegates may only earn the annual salary for one Council seat, even if they hold two or more seats on the Council. Delegates are often referred to as "the delegate from <district>" in the Council, and may be referred to as "The Honorable" when being called to speak to the Council.


The predecessors to the South Pole Council were the 1st and 2nd 1337 Congresses in the 1990s. The Constitution laid ground for a national legislature that would become the South Pole Council in 2000. In 2002, most delegates in the Council were forced out of their positions as a result of the War of 2002. As the years passed, many delegate positions have been created, and dissolved, mostly those from the Free Republics. Notably, many seats for districts now located in the Federal Republic of Polaris were dissolved following the passing of the Polarian SAD Amendment in 2011, and many Ninja Archipelago nations left the FRU in 2012.

In 2017, Donal Tenorio, the US Secretary of the Treasury, reduced the Delegate's annual salary from 250,000 to 200,000 Fish.


Council Seats are split into three categories: State (Representing land in the USA), Free Republics (One seat per nation), and Non-Voting (One seat as of 2017). State Seats are also called "Districts". Italics indicates a current seat.


  • Antarctic Peninsula (2001-)
  • East Bank City (2011-)
  • EmotiVille (2005-)
  • Intake
  • Shiverpool (2002-)
  • Eastshield-South Pole City (2001-2013)[a]
  • Eastshield (2013-)[a]
  • Blizzardville
  • Cirrus
  • Delfinopolis
  • Gemini
  • Glassyglow
  • Inland
  • Jing Jongs Island (2009-)
  • Mattress Village (2015-)
  • McDonalds City (2015-)
  • Penguville (-2011)
  • Polaris (2000-2011)
  • Snellville
  • Snow Freezecisco
  • Snowville (-2011)
  • Ternville (2009-)
  • Happyface State, The (2008-)
  • Enderby (2009-2011)
  • Hashville (2010-)
  • New Happyface City (2008-)
  • Snowgo (2011-)
  • South Pole City (2013-)[a]
  • Sub-Antarctic (2001-)
  • Clearwater Island (2013-)
  • Club Penguin (2005-)
  • Club Penguin City (2009-2010)
  • King George's Island (-2009, 2010-)
  • Portal Island (2009-2013)[b]
  • Puffle Island (2001-2006)[c]
  • Ross Island (-2013)[b]
  • Ross-Gentoo-Portal Isles (2013-)
  • Trans-Antarctica (2001-)
  • Aquarius
  • GourdZoid
  • Mojave (2013-)
  • Newton Town
  • Pingko (2008-)
  • Puffle Island (2006-2010)
  • Uncharted States (2008-)
  • Weddell (2009-)
  • Turtle Atoll (2009-)
  • West Pengolia (2007-)[d]


[a] - Eastshield and the nation's capital, South Pole City, were represented with one seat in the Council until a vote passed to split the seats in 2013. As of 2017, Judge Xavier holds both seats.

[b] - The Portal Island and Ross Island seats were dissolved in 2013 in favor of a new joint seat for the two islands and Gentoo Island.

[c] - Puffle Island was given to Trans-Antarctica in 2006.

[d] - The Pengolian seat was renamed West Pengolia after East Pengolia gained a seat.

Free Republics[edit]

  • Acadia (2003-2016)
  • Andèra (2013-)
  • Auzua Mostafique (2003-2011)[a]
  • Centriepistula (2003-)
  • Clearwater Island (2003-2013)[c]
  • Culldrome Isles (2011-)
  • Dorkugal (2003-)
  • East Pengolia (2010-)
  • Farleya (2003-2015)
  • Finestade Land (2010-)
  • Finipines (2009-)
  • Flystonia (2006-2013, 2015-)[b]
  • Free Republic of Guymed (2003-2013)
  • Freezeland (2003-)
  • Furshire (2005-)
  • Geek Empire (2005-)
  • Hailvale (2009-)
  • HunEmpire (2005-)
  • Japaland (2003-)
  • Kingdom of Happyface141[c]
  • Lasoun (2009-2011)[a]
  • Malesia (2005-2017)
  • Maps Island (2008-2012)[d]
  • Margate (2003-2011)
  • New Maverick (2011-)
  • Nothing (2009-2011)
  • Okan (2011-)
  • Pengolia (2003-2007)[c]
  • Pengonia (2010-)
  • Poshia (2004-)
  • Red Island (2010-)
  • Southern Ocean City (2009-)
  • Tropicalis (2013-)
  • United Rebel's Republic (2009-2011)[c]
  • Waffleland (2010-)
  • Warmslates (2009-)


[a] - These countries merged with Margate through the Onerepublic plan.

[b] - The seat was known as Senstaria before the country changed its named in 2009.

[c] - These Free Republics became part of the USA.

[d] - Maps Island erupted into civil war in 2009, but neither emerging country was recognized by the USA. The Maps Island seat sat vacant until 2012 when it was dissolved along with many from the Ninja Archipelago.


  • Federal Republic of Polaris (2016-)


†-Denotes resignation or a death while in office

Antarctic Peninsula[edit]

Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Henry Shipper Antarctic Peninsula 2002-2014
Joseph Crosby Antarctic Peninsula 2014-present
CatZip888 East Bank City 2011-present
Governor Ponderer #1137 EmotiVille -present
Aaron Wright Intake -present
Henry Shipper Shiverpool 2002-2014
Cody Maverick Shiverpool 2014-present

Eastshield & South Pole City[edit]

Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Judge Xavier Eastshield-South Pole City 2001-2013 N/A
Judge Xavier Eastshield 2013-present N/A
Timothy Klinkstin Gemini -present Jerry Klinkstin
TurtleShroom (penguin) Mattress Village 2015-present N/A
Jing Jongs Jing Jongs Island 2009-present N/A
Judge Xavier South Pole City 2013-present N/A

Happyface State[edit]

Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Happyface141 The Happyface State 2008-2016 Doctor Logic
Doctor Logic The Happyface State 2016-present
James Kester New Happyface City -present
Frederick Weldin Snowgo -present


Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Explorer 767 Sub-Antarctic 2005-present Mabel
Eve Lendfell Clearwater Island 2013-present Rona Lendfell
Mitchell Agroster Club Penguin 2013-present
Ford Car Club Penguin City 2009-2010
Barrick Abanana King George's Island -2009
Aloom Portal Island 2009-2013
The New Carl Arnott Ross Island -2013
Aloom Ross-Gentoo-Portal Isles 2013- Aqua Jet


Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
24Keyser Trans-Antarctica 2001-2010 Bob McGoo
Bob McGoo Trans-Antarctica 2010-present
Stephen Stenet Aquarius -present
Jacko #1558 GourdZoid 2009-present
Susan White Mojave 2013-present
Tricia Beckett Newton Town -present
Icmer In Nyc Pingko 2008-2009
Bow Tie Tom Pingko 2009-2010 Bow Tie Steve
Bow Tie Steve Pingko 2010-present N/A


Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Kwiksilver Weddell 2009-present
Melvin Turtleheimer Turtle Atoll 2009-present

West Pengolia[edit]

Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Penghis Khan West Pengolia 2007-present

Free Republics[edit]

Delegate Name Seat Term Dep. Delegate
Gneptoon Lonkinz Andèra 2013-2017
Lloyd Penguface Andèra 2017-present
Cardinal Carl Centriepistula -present
Eve Lendfell Clearwater Island 2009-2013
Steven Snowen Culldrome Isles 2011-present
Fred 676 Dorkugal -present
Bolsheevic Penguinsky East Pengolia 2010-present Bambadoo
Akbaboy Finestade Land 2010-present
Leticia Santos Finipines -present
Flystar55555 Flystonia 2006-2013
Guymed Free Republic of Guymed 2003-2013 Ant Tig Tig
Will Whitefoot Freezeland 2003-2009 Sarah Star
Triskelle Freezeland 2009-present Sarah Star
William II Furshire -present
Spartaciss Geek Empire -present
Iamred777 Hailvale 2009-present N/A
Ben Hun HunEmpire 2009-2011
Jen Hun HunEmpire 2011-present
Hidashi Tanaka Japaland -present
Irfan Batang Malesia -2017
Bulaz McNooz Margate 2009-2011
John Thomsom New Maverick -present
Orange Yoda Okan 2011-present Fresco Pink
Iamred777 Red Island 2010-present N/A
Icmer In Nyc Southern Ocean City 2009-present
Wikipenguino45 Tropicalis 2013-present Cheddarbox
Shadow United Rebel's Republic 2009-2011
Fudd Waffleland 2010-present
Ambassador Caniceptus Warmslates 2009-present


Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Barkjon Uncharted States 2008-present

Non-Voting Seats[edit]

Delegate Name District Term Dep. Delegate
Lynda Sarkhof Federal Republic of Polaris 2016-present


These are rumored and confirmed future Seats and Delegates of the SPC.

  • Treasurer of the USA, Donal Tenorio, has hinted that he may contest Judge Xavier for the South Pole City seat, but this hasn't yet happened.
  • Penghis Khan has tried numerous times to get a second SPC seat for Ulaansnowtar, which he would also hold. However, the request has been denied each time, mostly due to massive backlash from Bolsheevic Penguinsky. If Ulaansnowtar recieved a seat, West Pengolia would have two seats while East Pengolia can only have one.


  • After TurtleShroom's death in 2019, the successor for the Mattress Village seat will be Stromrocks1.
  • Seashells will become a Free Republic and gain a seat during the Scramble for Power.
  • In May 2028, a seat will be created for the new Free Republic Terra Pacis. Penquino will be its first Delegate.


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