Little Emma

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Little Emma
One of KKF's Robot War machines.
Title War Android
Gender Female
Faction The Bad Guys
Occupation Killer
Nationality Android

Little Emma is the name for this experiment. The KKF has created an android clone of an innocent Mwa Mwa Penguin named Emma, who was once "twin wistas" with a Mwa Mwa named Charlotte. Kim Karkrashian used Little Emma as bait to make Charlotte join her followers. The true Emma is locked away somewhere, waiting for Kim's overtaking of the universe. Only then will she see her twin sister again.

Creation and Usage[edit]

While the Mwa Mwas were fast asleep in the Pet Store, Kim sneaked inside and snatched Emma. She imprisoned her inside of a prison cell in the Karkrashian estate, locked and lost from any searchers. Only Kim and her sisters, Kaitlin and Kolette know where she is, to Charlotte's dismay. Kim hired someone to build the robotic clone and set her on the field of battle. Little Emma is known for wiping out entire areas with her bombs and is very defensive to bullets and almost immune to swords, but not lasers and Keysabers.


Her ammunition is mostly but not limited to grenades, silver bullets, steel bullets, fire, arrows, a deck of cards and harpoons. Her knife flipper can be swapped out for a cutlass, a shield, a dirk, a butcher knife, a magic wand, a vacuum, a duster, an aerosol or disinfectant sprayer, a katana or a chainsaw.


Lasers are her biggest weakness, as the material she was built out of was not meant for such futuristic combat. Laser guns and lightsabers would be most advised to fight against with.


  • Little Emma actually does have to reload after a while and does run out of ammo.
  • Ammo can be reloaded from her flipper or her beak.
  • Charlotte doesn't like her.

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