Little Penland

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Little Penland
The official banner used by the organization
Name Little Penland
Type Revolutionary movement
Location Snowiny (Penland)
Head Unknown
Job Give Penland independence and destroy Snowiny
Members Unknown
Headquarters Unknown; somewhere underground in Penland

Little Penland (Pennese: Micaz Pensataz) is a revolutionary movement (also designated as a terrorist organization) with a goal to achieve independence to Penland, from Snowiny. It's currently the No. 1 threat to Snowiny (used to be No. 2 until NNM was destroyed after the Short War). It was founded 2008. It organized it's very first rebellion that year which was crushed quick. Several members of the organization were arrested too. The 2008 event led the organization to be more conscious and led the group to seek making heavier attacks. In July 2014 the group was accused of collaborating with the NNM on a terrorist attack that caused a large-scale conflict.



  • The group is currently the No. 1 threat to Snowiny.

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