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Title Baby
Gender Male
Race Arctic Tern (chick)
Faction ZapWire's little brother.
Health Young
Level 3
Status Vice Presidency
Location Scoodlepeep
Reign 11 April 2009 -
Coronation 12 April 2009 -
Full name LiveWire Tentenbaum Stollman
Titles Baby N.
Born 30 December 2007
Birthplace New Club Penguin
Predecessor ZapWire
Heir Birth Inheritance
Royal House Scoodlepeep Houses
Dynasty Chick
Royal anthem Skeeball Blizzard
Royal motto Free chicks, free country, free nation!

LiveWire is a Arctic tern chick, that is the baby brother of ZapWire and Vice-President of Scoodlepeep.


When ZapWire was somewhat older, another tern hatched. This tern was also geeky, but very sassy and flew away. Terns can fly very well, especially down from Ternville. He eventually flew until he landed to Scoodlepeep (but nobody knows exactly how he got into Scoodlepeep). He was such a model resident that Baby N. made him vice-president (also making him Vice-President because he is a brother of ZapWire, who is a close friend of Ninjinian)


He is currently in Scoodlepeep. He communicates with ZapWire through the power of computers, as he cannot leave Scoodlepeep, and will not grow older.

He is good friends with Emmett, Baby N., alexander & Edward


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