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Speaker.png Click here to listen to Lizlord's theme!

Title Nightmare's Assistant
Gender Male
Race Chimera
Faction Evil
Health Excellent
Level ???
Status Helping Nightmare
Location Nightmare's Base
Occupation Upgrading the X-Virus
Interests Science
Friends Nightmare, IcE, Zone, Metal Explorer
Enemies All of Nightmare's
Archetype Villain

Lizlord is an Chimera made in the Experiment Labs. He is similar to the mysterious creature that humans call "lizards", and can destroy almost anything due to posion that oozes out of his skin when attacked. He's one of Nightmare's most loyal followers and treats her word as the law of the universe.


Lizlord was created during the Khanzem War by several Khanzem Scientists. It all started after Whoot Smackler Whoot had captured Harold Aye-Que and his creation Speeddasher. He decided to have some scientists create a duplicate of Speeddasher to use as a weapon against the High Penguins. They attempted to study Speeddasher, but found that due to their limited technology they could only replicated parts of him and that they would need something to fill in the gaps. Whoot decided he would use the DNA of a small lizard that they had found at a wrecked Human Cargo Ship. The scientists combined the glitch Harold had found with the lizard DNA and then added some feathers from several Khanzem Generals (due to Whoot saying that they were the greatest warriors in Antarctica). They then left the combination in a development tube and let the process take it's coarse.

A few days later the opened up the development tube to find that the creature looked not very much like a penguin. It had a penguin face, but it also had razor sharp teeth and sharp claws instead of flippers. It walked bipedaly, but it ran on all fours. Khanzem had no idea if this creation was a success or a failure, but Whoot assured them it was a success. He named the creature after the one word it knew how to say, Lizlord. He gave the penguin/lizard a Khanzem uniform (as he figured it looked rather strange without clothes) and sent him to the scientists to attempt to teach it English. They soon found that the creature could be taught quite easily, as it learned how to speak quite well. Unfortunatley this came at a cost. As Lizlord became more and more intelligent, he began to wodner why he had to take orders from Khanzem. Eventually he came to the conclusion that he didn't and decided to subdue them. The creature went on a rampage and many warriors ran for their lives, as Lizlord devoured several of the scientists. Khanzem eventually managed to capture the beast and stick him in a stasis tube. They decided he was to dangerous to keep around and stuck his stasis tube under 50 feet of ice hoping that because he was cold-blooded he would freeze to death down there.

Many years later through the ice in which Khanzem had buried him in melted and the stasis tube was discovered by G. The scientist opened up the tube having no idea what the creature was, but soon regreted it. Lizlord went on a rampage through the Gadget Room and then ran into the forest. For awhile he lived there lving off of O-Berries and Fish that he caught in the streams. Unfortunatley Lizlord was starting to get weaker. Due to being over half lizard he was cold-blooded and that made it hard for him to survive in Club Penguin. He was able to build a warm house out of grass and fallen trees, but it was still rather cold. This forced him to join Herbert P. Bear for awhile. The bear supplied him with warmth, but he also made him pay 5 coins each month. One day he couldn't afford to pay anymore and Herbert kicked him out. He was now on his own again. He knew that the cold wouldn't kill him unless it was incredibly freezing, but he still didn't like it.

A few months later, Lizlord had joined Darktan, but left soon after that due to believing Darktan was a bit foolish in his choices. It would seem that Darktan did not take Lizlord leaving his side very well, and as such decided to punish him. Eventually, Lizlord collapsed on the snowy ground, and Nightmare (who had been following him in the shadows) used this opportunity to get inside his head.

When Lizlord was dreaming, he was in a rose garden that seemed to stretch on endlessly. Nightmare had total control of his dream and he was unaware of Nightmare's presence. Nightmare then shapeshifted herself into Darktan, and approached Lizlord. Lizlord attacked the fake Darktan, and he vanished into thin air.

Dark matter crawled up from the ground and morphed into members of Darktan's Army, circling Lizlord. He was surrounded and outnumbered;

"Somebody... please help me.. who should I fight for? Why am I fighting?"

As Lizlord thought this question to himself, the army members were then struck down by black lightning bolts. A voice then echoed throughout the landscape;

"Doubt ill suits you, Lizlord. Your answer is at hand!"

Lizlord gasped, looking around as to where that voice came from;

"Question not your purpose nor whom you serve, for I am both."

"Who are you?" Lizlord inquired, as Nightmare manifested before him;

"Lizlord.... Your place is here, at my side."

"A-are you... Nightmare?"

"Fall not into darkness, for I shall be your light."

Lizlord then woke up, and as he looked up he saw Nightmare, her red gaze piercing through him. Astounded by this power, Lizlord then bowed before his new master, and they began work on completing the X-Virus, which was completed in a few months sometime during 2007. Thanks to the Doom Weed properties in the virus, the infected's clone would be granted powers from the Doom Weed source. Using this power she was able to clone the first controllable Antibody, Gargantuan.


Lizlord's true Wyvern form.

Lizlord is Nightmare's scientist for all her projects since being taken in, and makes appearances in stories such as Tales of Phantasm and Nightmare Epic by Nightmares side. He wears a red X tatoo on his forehead to show his loyalty to Nightmare. He's constantly upgrading the X-Virus so that it takes effect longer and the antibody is free faster. His current project is X-Virus 2.0. During the Nightmare Epic, he fought to protect Orphan in his true wyvern form. Several penguins fought together to defeat him and he was eventually stabbed in the head by Speeddasher. Lizlord collapsed onto the ground and began breathing heavily. He stated that while the penguins defeated him, Antarctica would still be sent into an apocalypse. He then stated that while he wished he could be a part of Nightmare's new world, he admited that he could atleast die happy knowing that the penguins wouldn't survive, plus the fact that he finally won a game of Mancala (even if it was against Gargantuan).


Lizlord has many abilites that help him quite a bit in battle. His main ability is being able to re-grow lost limbs like a lizard, except he can re-grow them instantly. His tail is also prehensile and he can use it to grab his apponents. He can also change color, though this power simply reflects his mood (for instance he will turn red when in rage) and he can't activate it at will. As said above, Lizlord can also excrete poison from his skin, which can kill in almost an instant. His most powerful ability though is his ability to turn into a giant Wyvern (as shown above). He can remain in this form for as long as he wants, and can change into it at will.


Lizlord's main weakness is the cold, due to being cold-blooded. While it would take extreme cold to kill him, to much cold could weaken him and make him slower in battle. Also, he's said to be the weakest of the X-Spreaders. This is because, despite his poison skin, and Wyvern Transformation, he has little fighting experience to speak of. His other weakness, though this isn't a battle weakness, is him being absolutley horrible at Mancala. The irony is that he loves to play the game in hopes that one day he will win (that day still hasn't come).


Lizlord: How can I torture you into screaming so loud the X-Virus activates?

Random Penguin: ...

Lizlord: That's it! I'll scream at you in Unicode like that glasses wearing puffle!

Random Penguin: NOOO!

Lizlord: ΔΩϠ‽Я҂Ӷ۝۩ᴥᵯ₠∏℗ЙӜिআஇணഊ෴ษ༕࿄Ᏻᕇ⁡⃔∏⊛⎳⎲⏎␀①⑫⓬☎☸☈♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟♨✆✉✍❀⨇ⶹㆱ﷼*ᅤ!

Random Penguin: ...

Lizlord: I'll try symbols!

Random Penguin: Anything but that!

Lizlord: ~|¡¿†✞‡↔↑↓•¶#¹²³½⅓⅔¼¾⅛⅜⅝⅞∞‘“’”«¤₳฿₵¢₡₢$₫₯€₠₣ƒ₴₭₤ℳ₥₦№₧₰£₨₪৳₮₩¥♠♣♥♦!

Random Penguin: ...

Lizlord: Darn! Common Nerdy Marks!

Random Penguin: WHY ME?

Lizlord: ©ΩÜö™∫∞πΣΔ∏☢!

Random Penguin: ...!

Lizlord: This calls for drastic measures! Uncommon Weirdo Marks!

Random Penguin: THIS IS TORTURE!

Lizlord: ◊⁂☞∴∵؟※♪♫♬♩☭⊘☃☏☠☤☤☂☾✌㎭♲♻✄㎯

Random Penguin: HOW DO YOU TALK LIKE THAT?!?!

Lizlord: Two plans left! Here we go!

Random Penguin: Gulp!

Lizlord: –—…°≈≠≤≥±−×÷←→·§

Random Penguin: SCARY!

Lizlord: This is the ultimate way to end this! Time to play WHAT?!?!

Random Penguin: AHHHHHH!

Lizlord: I hope my screaming X-Virus activation trick works this time.


  • Its cruelty is similar to that of Darktan. (He makes his victims watch WHAT?!? and the spinoff's for three days straight)
  • Lizlord asked Darktan II to help the X Antibodies during the Nightmare Epic.

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