Lobelia Sackville

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Lobelia Sackvile
She may look nice, but she isnt.
Title The scum of Frostborough
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Herself.
Health Unfortunately, good.
Level 56
Status Being mean.
Location Frostborough

Lobelia Bracegirdle Sackville is an unpleasent, mean, Freezelandian penguin. Lobelia's principal ambition was to acquire the position of Mistress of Frostborough. She shares a harsh rivalry with Will Whitefoot.


As a young child, she was neglected by her parents, and had to bully others to survive. As she got older, she became meaner, wealthier, and just bullied for fun. Almost makes you feel sorry for her, dont it? When Freezeland was resettled, she lead a group of penguins from Club Penguin to Frostborough. She ran for Frostborough's Mistress, but lost miserably to Will Whitefoot. Her and her son planned to get back at Whitefoot. They made the roof of the Town Hall collapse on him, and it lavered him in chalk.

After that, she planned to ruin the Yule festivals. She somehow became the official Yule-planner for the Yule-feast, and she planned to keep all the good food for herself and her family. Naught but rotten vegetables and an early bed for everyone else. However, a clever penguin, with the help of Will Whitefoot, found out how to stop her. The Book of Festival-Laws stated that if one hundred penguins in the town that the festival was being held dissagreed, then she would be sacked. One hundred signatures were obtained, and it was a happy holiday once more.


She is often seen crashing parties, taking candy from chicks, smuggling Mwa Mwa Penguins and MMK merchandise. It is unknown why King Triskelle wont have her arrested.


Lobelia Sackville in her MMK uniform
  • She owns a Mwa Mwa Penguin, but it was heard screaming "MWE NO WIKE WOO!! WAAAAA!!! WOO A MEANIE!!" one day.
    • She also had a Petguin, but it ran away.
  • She is fat but wears clothes that make her look thin and she denies being fat (but we can see a lier a mile away)
  • Psyche calls her 'Totally flipping grotesquo' behind her back. Ouch.
  • Lobelia has a sister named Esther Sackville who lives in Gyroosalm and started the Mwa Mwa Penguin fad there.

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