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Lockhopper Signature.png
The awesome blacksmith, Lockhopper!
Nicknames Locky
Gender Male
Race Rockhopper Penguin
Health Good
Level 50
Status Surprisingly Alive
Location F Island, Rockhopper
Birth date 1925
Occupation Blacksmith
Employer Himself
Salary 700 Gold Coins
Height 3ft. 2in.
Eye color White
Feather color Black
Fur color Black
Color Black
Hair color None
Nationality Acadian
Country of residence Acadia
Hobbies Rapping, dancing
Interests Hip hop music, dancing, blacksmithing
Strengths Fast waddle
Weaknesses Weak muscles
Powers None
Abilities Lock making
Allergies Rhopper Berries
Favourite color Brown
Fears Heights, Mummies
Friends Feey1, King Alexander, Rockhopper
Enemies None
Archetype Good
Lockhopper Signature.png

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Lockhopper is a blacksmith who grew up in Acadia, and is the father of Jockhopper and Sodahopper. He is sometimes considered the black sheep of Rockhopper's Family, as he is a blacksmith instead of a pirate or sailor. Whenever hip hop music turns on he suddenly starts dancing and can't stop. He is 90 years old and still alive, which makes some people think he is part High Penguin.


Lockhopper was born in Acadia. He took interest in blacksmithing when he was 10 years old, and started to train when he was 13 years old. He was a apprentice to the town's local blacksmith: Gohyon Black. Lockhopper went to Gohyon Black's shop everyday after school, and practiced for 1 hour. Lockhopper first started out at making tools, like hoes or shovels. Then when he was 14 he started to take an interest in puzzles, and gears. He created his first lock on July 23, 1940, the day before his birthday. He then started to make 5 locks a week, and sold them on the market. When Gohyon Black retired, Lockhopper took over his shop and started to sell locks to almost all the penguins in town. At 25 years old he got married, and then moved to F Island. He started to teach a blacksmith class on F Island, the class had 10 students in it. He also built houses and small metal boats at F Island. At 26 his wife had a baby and they named him Sodahopper. They soon had another kid, and named him Jockhopper. When he was 70 he decided to move to the Yow Kingdom, for its propose of a great amount of metal. There he made tons of locks, soon his locks became known through the whole Antarctica.

The Statue Builder[edit]

12:54pm PST, July 17th, 1999

Lockhopper was in his 70's and was looking for a new place to live. He looked at many countries and towns, including Castilla. But in all the countries he just didn't fit in. So he came to a 9 year old nation called the Yow Kingdom. He had docked at Golden City and checked the place out. It was very nice, and every penguin was kind to him and others. He walked by a building that was under construction, it was very large. As he walked by a limo pulled up in front of it and him. Out walked King Alexander, ruler of Yow. Lockhopper slightly bowed to King Alexander.

Alexander: "Good evening citizen. Remember yesterday, protect today, prepare for tomorrow."

Lockhopper: "You too, sir."

Lockhopper waddled away just as he heard Alexander talking about a statue needed to be built. Lockhopper turned around.

Lockhopper: "Um, sir, I'm a blacksmith. I think I could help you build your statue."

Alexander: "Really?"

Lockhopper" "Well I would need an sculpture to help a bit, but besides that yes."

Alexander: "Hmmm. Meet me tonight, at this address."

He handed Lockhopper a piece of paper then waddled into the construction zone.

Lockhopper: "Yes! I have a job, I have a job!"

6:29 pm PST

Lockhopper arrived to the address Alexander had handed him. It was a large hotel called the Get Inn. It was a 4 star hotel, and was massive. Lockhopper looked up and saw the large towering building, and the shiny lights. He walked into the lobby to be greeted by the manager, who was standing behind a desk.

Manager: "Good evening, sir. Would you like to make a registration?"

Lockhopper: "No, I'm looking for the Conference Room?"

Manager: "Ahh, the largest room in the hotel. It is only for dinner guest, sorry."

Lockhopper: "King Alexander invited me himself."

Manager: "Well I need to see an invitation."

Lockhopper handed the manager the paper Alexander had given him.

Manager: "The Conference Room is down the left hall, and then the big glass door to the right."

Lockhopper: "Thanks! Here's a tip."

Lockhopper handed him 50 Gold Coins and waddled off. As he did the manager grabbed the coins and looked at them.

Manager: "Ooh, 50 coins! That will get me to retirement.."

Lockhopper walked past the guards and into the Conference Room. Lockhopper's eyes widen at the huge room. All he could was that should have been called the Ball Room instead.

King Alexander: "The Yowien Castle will soon be done my guest. There will be a massive garden, and many offices. It will be huge!"

Lockhopper- "Hi, King Alexander."

Alexander: "Good evening, Lockhopper. I'm glad you can make it."

Lockhopper: "Me too, sir."

General: "Who is this, king?"

Alexander: "This is Lockhopper. He shall be making the statue of our founder at the castle."

General: "You mean the statue of YOU."

Alexander: "I am our founder, right?"

General: "Yes."

Chefs came in carrying plates with lids on top. They placed the plates in front of each guest then pulled the lid the off.

Chefs: "Dinner is served."

Lockhopper: "Oh, wow!"

Alexander: "Dig in, folks!"

Everyone begin eating, except for Lockhopper. He stared at the massive Fluffy Fish on his plate. There was an apple wedged in its mouth, and it was golden brown.

Alexander: "Is something wrong, Lockhopper?"

Lockhopper: "No, sir."

Alexander: "Well dig in! This is a free feast."

Lockhopper looked at his food, then started to eat. He took a bite and almost fell over in love. The fish was juicy, warm, delicious, the best thing he had ever eaten. Lockhopper started to eat faster, jamming food into his beak. He was stuff to the neck, but he didn't stop there. He just kept on eating.

Alexander: "Lockhopper, it looks like you're enjoying the food."

Lockhopper: "Oh you bet!"

Alexander: "Ever heard of chewing with your beak closed?"

Lockhopper: "Oops, sorry."

Alexander: "... And not talking with a beak full of food?"

General: "He has no manners! Leave at once, freak!"

Alexander: "General, that is not how we treat our penguins!"

Lockhopper: "I should probably go now."

Lockhopper got up and waddled out of the room. Then suddenly came waddling back in, grabbed his plate of food, and waddled back out again.

Alexander: "He was to build my statue, and that is not how you treat penguins!"

General: "Sorry, king."

Alexander: "I'm going after him."

Alexander got up and waddled after Lockhopper.

Later Years[edit]

Lockhopper later built the statue, and he lived in Alexander's palace until Yow fell in 2013. He fled after Culldrom troops took Golden City and started to execute or imprison known associates of the king. Fearing for his life, he moved back to his birth country of Acadia, and has been living there ever since. He is now a good friend of Brant, the president of Acadia.


Lockhopper makes locks and other structures at F Island. He retired when a hammer accidentally hit his flipper. It was as flat as paper, and stayed that way forever. He has refused to have his flipper surgically removed, however, now that he lives in Acadia, doctors could perform a surgery to save his flipper.


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  • "Work will always get you there."
  • "♫ Never stop doing what you do! ♫"


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