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Lofty Crepsley
Lofty Crepsley
Lofty wearing his signature Sombrero, cuffs and fish necklace.
Alias Loftamus Prime
Born Lofty Crepsley
September 18, 1990 (1990-09-18) (age 29)
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'10"
Weight 24kg
Residence New Club Penguin, UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
Citizenship UnitedTerra flag.PNG UnitedTerra
Nationality UnitedTerra flag.PNG Terrain
Occupation Movie Director


Years Active 2006-present
Political Career
Political Party Cookie Baker's Party
President of UnitedTerra
September 1, 2016 – Incumbent
Grand Controller Mayor Crepsley

Lofty Crepsley, better known simply as Lofty, is a Terrain director, politician and national personality who is the incumbent President of UnitedTerra. He rose to fame after directing a string of critically acclaimed films. While he was popular for his films, Lofty gained a status for inheriting his wacky nature and personality from his father, Mayor Crepsley. Lofty's antics made him one of the most likable social personalities of the country. Lofty's unique look is one that also gains attention, specifically his fancy sombrero, monocle, and headband. From 2013 onwards Lofty turned to politics after joining the Cookie Baker's Party.

In 2016, Lofty ran for president in the 2016 UnitedTerra presidential election, representing the Cookie Baker's Party. He would end up gathering 42.4% of the vote, beating out Progressive Party founder John Churchill, UTOOSA President Rex Goodwin, and lawyer Snowy Mayfield to become the next President.

Presidential campaign[edit]

A new politician on the scene, Lofty emerged after his father Mayor Crepsley encouraged him to join the country's main and biggest party, the Cookie Baker's Party. After climbing up the ranks Lofty was chosen to represent the party in the presidential election and become UnitedTerra's new president. Because he was the face of the strongest party of the nation, Lofty did well from the start of the campaigns, almost consistently remaining the favorite to win the election. This was because he drew notable comparisons to Ninjinian due to his unique look and bubbly personality. The penguins of UnitedTerra, so used to their cookie-loving, enthusiastic president, felt that Lofty was the closest replacement to those characteristics compared to the other candidates.


What makes Lofty instantly recognizable is his unique, signature look. This consists of his green sombrero, monocle, fish necklace, red headband, and rock cuffs.



  • Lofty is included in many Top Directors of Antarctica publishing lists.
  • Many have compared him to popular prankster personality Explorer 767.
  • He considered joining the Terrain Spy Union after quitting the film industry.

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