Lolli Pop I

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Lolli Pop
An image of Lollipop.
Gender Male
Race Rockhopper Penguin
Faction Pirate
Health Deceased
Level 0
Status Deceased
Birth date January 1, 1829
Place of birth Acadia

Lolli Pop was the son of Lolzhopper and the brother of Clockhopper, even though he isn't as well known as Clockhopper. Like his brother, he is also the Hopper family's inspiration to explore. Unlike the earlier or later generation of the Hopper family, Lolli Pop and his brother Clockhopper weren't pirates, but rather ran a shipping business.


Lolli Pop was born on January 1, 1829, according to what he said all his life, in Acadia, then a colony of Puffle'and. His father, Lolzhopper, was a shipbuilder, who owned a small company known as the Hopper Ship Company. His brother was Clockhopper, who was older than him by three years.

When he was old enough, his father would take him and Clockhopper to the shipyard to learn about ships. Lolzhopper would often relate to the two stories of the Hopper family back in the Age of Piracy, when their ancestor Edward Hopper was still alive. Though the age had passed, he got interested, like his brother, and wanted to be a sailor when he was older.

Once he was 20, his father built a ship for him and Clockhopper. They decided to go to Latin Antarctica, but the area was infested with evil pirates, so they returned to the Yowien Sea. They eventually got enough money for another ship, so that Lolli Pop could have his own ship. With the new flotilla, the two founded a shipping company, which was a subsidiary of the Hopper Ship Company.

When he was 25, after five years of making good money, he returned to Acadia to get married. He married a shopkeeper's daughter, and they had a daughter. That girl later married into the Esser family, making Brant11 and Rockhopper distant relatives. The couple soon left together to sail the seas alongside Lolli Pop's brother Clockhopper.

When he was old, he retired to Acadia. He managed the shipyard that his father owned, until selling it to the government in 1950. Lolli Pop left managing the shipping company to his brother, though he would often help manage the finances and the other parts of the company. Unlike the other Hoppers, Lolli Pop never moved to Penguin Island, which is why a branch of the Hoppers remains in Acadia to this day.

In 1956, when he was 91, Lolli Pop died of old age, with his family by his side. In his will, he had left a massive amount of money, his share from the shipping company. That money was given to his brother Clockhopper, who was still living. Lolli Pop also left behind large areas of land he had bought for himself with the money he earned from the company.


Like Clockhopper, Lolli Pop accomplished many things. He had a large fleet, which helped the shipping company he and his brother ran get a lot of money, most of which survives with the Hoppers to this day. Lolli Pop also brought a large area of land around Antarctica, and was considered a "land-lubber" for doing so. However, the land does bring some wealth to the Hopper family today.

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