Lollipop World

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Lollipop World
A highly detailed map of the island. Click to enlarge.
Country United States of Antarctica
Area 16 square miles. However, with over 300 servers, so the island can hold many miles of land, like Club Penguin.
Monuments The Great Lollipop, Lolli Pop XV Statue
Mayor Economic Borders Unlimited (ex officio)
Moderators (de jure)
President of the United States of Antarctica
Population Over 800
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name LW or Lollipop World
Demonym Lollite
Founded 2260
– Founder Lolli Pop XV
Time zone (PST) Penguin Standard Time
Summer time (LWTZ) Lollipop World Time Zone (+1)

Lollipop World is a small state in the USA. It is small but has many penguins due to its high server count.


The island was discovered by Mito and the Department of Time when she went to the year 2500. She thought it was a good island so she brought it to the past, to the year 1986. The island was destroyed though, in 2000, because of the 1999 Lollian War, which lasted 2 months. Nobody knows how the war started. In the future, in the year 2260, it will be discovered by Lolli Pop VX. His friends and family will help build an army, lollipop statues, and The Great Lollipop, the biggest lollipop statue in the state, being 30 ft. tall. They also will help build the Lolli Pop VX Statue, a statue of Lolli Pop VX, who will discover and found the island. The island will be destroyed once again, in 4015.


An example of a Club Penguin coin.

The only official currency in Lollipop World is the gold coin, which is a low-grade gold-plated disc made of a lightweight aluminum-lithium alloy. Each coin is worth 1 USA Fish. On the obverse side, there is a Fluffy fish, which represents USA on the coin. The reverse side contains an imprint of the coin's value in Fish (most coins are worth 1 Fish). Coins come in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 Fish.


Lollipop World is a bilingual state. There are two languages: English and Squish. Squish is most common.

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