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Lolzhopper, when he was young, in 1820.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Pirate
Status Deceased
Birth date January 1, 1798
Place of birth Acadia, High Penguin Confederacy
Archetype Good

Lawrence C. Hopper, more commonly known as Lolzhopper, was the father of Clockhopper and Lolli Pop, and the grandfather of Knockhopper. Like all the Hoppers, he was interested in ships and the sea, but instead, he worked as a shipbuilder instead of a sailor or a pirate. He helped Clockhopper and Lolli Pop become great sailors.


Lolzhopper was born on an unknown date in 1798, although, like his sons Clockhopper and Lolli Pop, he said his birthday was January 1. His father owned a minor but prosperous shipbuilding company in Acadia. From a young age Lolzhopper became interested in the sea from stories told by his father, along with him viewing the ships his father's company build every day.

When Lolzhopper got old enough, he worked as a sailor aboard a small ship. During one of his many voyages, he landed at Club Penguin Island. There, he met the daughter of a ship captain. The two were married in Acadia, and soon afterwards, they had two children, Clockhopper, and Lolli Pop three years later, who was named after Lolzhopper's love for lollipops.

When the boys were older, Lolzhopper would take them to the shipyard so they could learn about ships. There he would relate to them stories of the Hopper family during the days of the Age of Piracy when many members were pirates. Clockhopper and Lolli Pop grew interested in ships, and they both said they wanted to be sailors when they grew up.

Around 18, Lolzhopper built them a ship to travel. With the money they got from trading, they bought another ship so that Lolli Pop could have his own ship. With their small flotilla, the two brothers decided to found a shipping company, which would be a part of his shipbuilding company. Lolzhopper was their first investor, and provided them many ships for their ventures.

Once Lolzhopper turned about 80, he decided to retire. He gave the shipyard to his grandson, Knockhopper, as his sons had their own shipbuilding company. However, it seemed that Knockhopper wasn't interested in shipbuilding, so he sold it to the government of Acadia. Lolzhopper supported this decision and wasn't disappointed, as it gave the Hoppers a lot of money.

Eventually, in 1931, Lolzhopper died at the ripe age of 106, from old age, with most of the Hoppers by his bedside. In his death he left a lot of money for his sons and the rest of the Hopper family, most of it coming from his shipbuilding. Like the fortune his sons left behind when they died, this money added to the Hoppers' wealth in the present day.


Lolzhopper helped his son Clockhopper and Lolli Pop to be inspired to explore. He also owned a large shipbuilding business that made many ships. Later, the business was sold to the Acadian government. The business is now very large, and produces many ships for the navy. Lolzhopper was one of the only Hoppers not to be sailors or captains, instead being a shipbuilder.


  • He loved lollipops, and named one of his sons after them.

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