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The Lonely Traveler of Freezeland, also known as the Unnamed Soldier, is a mysterious ghost that roams the sleet-marshes of Freezeland. Sightings are rare, and very few are up close. The Traveler is described as an auburn High Penguin wearing a tattered military uniform similar to the attire of High Penguin soldiers during the Anthodiel/Nightmare war of the 1000s. He has black, matted hair, wields a rusty sword in one flipper and shoulders a tattered duffel bag. He also appears to walk with a slight limp.

Many legends have built up around this ghost, and perhaps some are true thanks to evidence discovered by conspiracy theorists in the Freezelandian Archives. A small collection of tattered letters, written in High Penguin script, were written during the Anthodiel/Nightmare War in the 1000s by an unnamed soldier. They were love letters to his girlfriend or fiance, "Nina", who was apparently a common penguin. According to the letters, Nina went missing during an attack on an old Lesser Penguin settlement (which was located near Freezeland's sleet-marshes) during the war, and the soldier swore to find her, even if it took him until the end of time.

Legend has it that this unnamed soldier is the Lonely Traveler, still searching for his beloved in the marshes.


Included in this section are the translated letters and documented sightings of this ghost.

Letters from War[edit]

17th November 1013

My darling Nina,

War has broken out. I heard this morning from Steintai the town crier that Finwe has called us to fight against a new enemy, one that is more powerful than any we have faced. As a High Penguin, it is my duty to serve my country, to protect you and in future our children. When this war is over we will be married, as I promised. It is folly to wed in the midst of blood and war. Even though I shall be leaving, may my enemies strike me down to hell if I ever dare forget your soft, silky hair, beautiful smile and tender heart. I will return, I give you my heart.

Your beloved.

20 December 1013

To my blossoming flower,

It has been some time before I have written to you. My legion has walked many miles through hard ground and dirty, bloodstained snow. We have not yet met our foes, but we have seen signs of them. We passed villages that have been burnt to the ground, and the women and children cowering in the ruins. I did all I could to help them. My cloak, I gifted to a woman with seven chicks, so that they may be warm in this cold winter. These enemies deserve their fate.

As I sharpened my blade this morning, I overheard a conversation between my centurion and a messenger from Finwe. Dark forces are moving towards your settlement, but only slowly. The winter is slowing them. Please, for my sake, dig a new well. They have put a sort of poison in the water to create more enemies. I could not bear it if anything happened to you.

Every night as I collapse into dreams, with the stars shimmering above me like beacons, I only dream of you and the life we shall have when this conflict is resolved.

Eternally yours,

Your beloved.

1st January 1014

Dearest Nina,

With the new year's beginning becomes the beginning of bloodshed. We were ambushed last night by a group of strange pitch-black creatures who resembled High Penguins, but were unlike them in the way they walked and fought. They were like wild beasts, slashing and killing. A few others and I slew them, but not before they managed to slay our centurion and some friends of mine. Yesterday we encountered another battalion that is faring slightly better than us. We have joined forces and are now making our way towards a rendezvous point near the coast.

It is truly a dark time. Even during the day the sky is black, and the snow is starting to melt. We walk in mud and outcrops of rock. There is no fresh water, and all we see are more bodies of slain X-Creatures (as some have come to call our foes) and High Penguins. I even see your fellow countrymen slain, Lessers who attempted to defend their families.

Your kind are so full of bravery, while mine sit in their thrones in Ard Mhaca and discuss politics and strategies. Seeing Finwe on the battlefield would inspire many of us and renew our strength. But, they sit in their chairs, watching us die. The only thing keeping me going is the thought that at the end of all of this misery and death and destruction, is you. And you'll make everything better.

Still and forever yours,

(signature is torn off)