Lopez Clan

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Lopez Clan
Lopez Clan Symbol.png
The Lopez Clan Symbol.
Title El Todopoderoso Gran Clan de los Demoníacos Lopez
Race Demon Penguins, one Half-Demon Penguin.
Faction Lopez Clan
Status Anywhere in the world causing chaos.
Location Underworld, Diss, Parhentina
Archetype Mostly evil

The Lopez Clan, El Clan de Lopez, or El Todopoderoso Gran Clan de los Demoníacos Lopez , is a large family of Demon Penguins, all descending from one, Hunter Lopez. The clan is mainly based in the Underworld and Parhentina, because of Hunter taking interest in Parhentinian culture.


The origin of the Lopez Clan tracks back to several years after the creation of Demon Penguins, several hundred years ago from now. The clan was created by Hunter Lopez, one of the first Demon Penguins in existance, who took interest in the habits and culture of the Parhentinian. He learned their language, and Parhentiña became the only country inhabited by penguins Hunter respected. He married a fellow female Demon Penguin, to have seven children: Adelmo, Adolf, Blaze, Delta, Laurel, Mason and Rue. Hunter added himself the surname "Lopez", and created the Lopez Clan, along with his seven children, originally with the name "El Clan de Lopez", but known to the English-speaking as the Lopez Clan. His seven sons would make him and themselves famous, and their descendants would make the clan large and famous all over the Underworld.

Years later, two of Hunter's children, Adelmo and Adolf, would enter in conflict because of different thoughts: Adelmo thought that the penguins of Antarctica could be useful for something and weren't that bad, while Adolf thought that they we're completely useless and should be exterminated or exiled from Antarctica, for their lands to be theirs. A fight burst between the two, and eventually, Adolf back stabbed Adelmo with his trident, killing him and turning him into dust. After the conflict, the two lines of descendants from Adelmo and Adolf hated each other and had a never-ending "civil war" between families, and the hatred still goes on today.


The Lopez Clan is divided into various "branches", which are various sub-families from the clan who are related. Seven branches are present: Adelmo's Branch, Adolf's Branch, Blaze's Branch, Delta's Branch, Laurel's Branch, Mason's Branch, and Rue's Branch, each one descends from Hunter's seven children.

While there is a large alliance between the families, Adelmo's and Adolf's Branches hated each other, hate each other, and will probably always hate each other for the rest of time, because of the conflict between Adelmo and Adolf hundred of years ago, and each family has conserved their founder's way of thinking: Adelmo's line is evil, but thinks of the utility of having penguins by their side and ending war to be evil together, but Adolf's side thinks the other way: Get rid of all penguins and conquer Antarctica.

Mason's line is the line from which Roger Lopez and his whole family descends from. They are most famous for holding a trident of ultimate strength, forged by Mason himself and passed on down through the family. There has been various attempts and conflicts to steal the trident from Mason's Branch, all failed. Although no one is likely to retrieve at the moment, and in various years, because of the last bearer of the trident falling in the sewers, dead and lost. They are also famous for being a family filled with most of the most evil beings in existence but also rebels who oppose the Demon Penguin society.


Founding Father[edit]

Mason's Line[edit]


  • All history of the clan is recorded in a red book with the Lopez Clan Symbol on it, and all important events of the clan (Deaths, wars, triumphs...) are written by the members of the clan.
    • This is a parody of the Lord of the Rings, in which the events of the books are narrated by the characters in a red book.
  • Although Adelmo's Branch is evil, they think that they should end conflicts with penguin-kind and convince them to be evil, to be evil together.