LordMaster96 University

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LordMaster96 University
The Logo
Key details
Motto Pro Futuro
"For the Future" (English)
Established May 15, 2012
Type University
Notable figures
Chancellor Jim Kandles
Principal Sir Reginald Kickstopper
Headteacher Sir Johnathan Robins
Misc. details / Figures
Specialism Education, Community Services, Scientific Research
Location Vonkouver, Shops Island
LEA Shops Island University Committee
Staff ~2500
Students 23,387 (2015)
Gender Both
Ages Penguins aged 18+
Houses Fifteen houses
Colours      Brown
Website lm96u.si

LordMaster96 University, also known as the University of LordMaster96 or LM96U, is a prestigious university situated in Vonkouver. The school is very modern and is accepted as Shops Island's best university. It was founded in 2012 in the honor of Vonkouver's founder, LordMaster96. The university is also situated on LordMaster96 Island, in a part of Vonkouver that is rich with nature.


The beginnings of LordMaster96 University came not long after the city of Vonkouver was founded by none other than LordMaster96, who himself was an academic. Of the people who flocked to Vonkouver in its early days also came scholars and intellectuals. Some of them who used to study and teach in the USA's most prestigious universities founded the Vonkouver Educational Society, which was a loosely-knit group of academics, and eventually other schools. This society raised money to kick-start a school. In 2012, the University of LordMaster96 was officially founded. It started out as a small and exclusive institute that became known for its top-notch academics. They soon received funding from the Shopper government and the university quickly began to sprout. It is still growing today, adding new courses and facilities every year.


The main square on campus.

LordMaster96 University has the largest campus of any university in Shops Island. It consists of over sixty buildings, which include separate buildings for most study disciplines as well as the library, auditorium, breezeways and university administration. Dorms and living space is technically off-campus and is therefore not considered part of the main campus. The site is generally well-maintained and all of the buildings are quite modern.

The campus is surrounded on two sides by the ocean. The campus also has plenty of green space and many different varieties of trees to show the university's support for the environment.


  • Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Biological Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
    • Computer Science
    • Coding
    • Computer Repair

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