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Behol the mighty Lord of the Crap!
Born Iamredder T.H.N. Thou
August 17, 1994 (1994-08-17) (age 25)
A gutter in the Un-CP
Residence Unnderground Clubb Phengin Weekee
Gender Male
Ethnicity Crappian
Education Self-taught in the ways of naughtiness
Occupation Ruling over the Un-CP with a dirty fist
Years active 2008-present
Notable works Transforming the Un-CP into a force to be reckoned with
Height 10 feet
Weight 9,000 pounds (not easy to see)
Known for Using lot of Emalfs, eating Oxipies for breakfast (which makes him very smelly)
Title Lord
Predecessor Prancing Puffle
Political party Evil Democracy
Opponent(s) Just about everyone in the USA
Board member of Un-CP
Call-sign Poopking

Iamredder T.H.N Thou, AKA Lord of the Crap is an evil being that hails from the giant blackboard that is the Underground Club Penguin Weekee who plans to take over the planet with his army of Un-CP goons. He is considered the arch-nemesis of TurtleShroom and thus is fairly powerful, but not yet enough to take over the USA. Lord of the Crap is extremely vile and wicked, and in terms of raw evil he is worse then villains such as Nightmare and Darktan I, and because of this some consider him the personification of wickedness, of which gluttony is his cheif fault. The Lord of Crap eats more then any other existing being every single day, and he lives in excess of everything (his toilet is solid gold!) one can think of.


The Lord of the Crap's bizzare theme.

Early Life and Beginning of Career[edit]

The evil Lord of the Crap (born Iamredder T.H.N Thou) was born to two chickens in one of the Underground Club Penguin Weekee's numerous toilets, and his frightening appearance scared his parents to death upon his egg hatching in August 17th, 1994. After emerging from his egg he proved to be a creature more vile then any of the others surrounding him, and as the more wicked you are in that 'filthy place', the higher up you are, the Lord of the Crap quickly ascended to the top of the Un-CP's pure democracy. But long before this, the Crap Lord was put in command of the Weekee's numerous goons, and he lead patrols into the world above, the United States of Antarctica.

Tangling with TurtleShroom[edit]

Of course, soon TurtleShroom found out about him, and believing that he was just another Un-CP idiot that somehow got into power, he sent out his goons after him. But the Lord of the Crap proved far more intelligent then expected, and The Inquisition volunteers and Holyberden black helicopters came back empty-handed. TurtleShroom of course was furious, and vowed to catch this criminal even if he had to do it himself. But to access him he would have to somehow enter the Underground Club Penguin Weekee through a portal, and these were hard to find, as they were usually destroyed by the first decent penguin that stumbled across them. So TurtleShroom decided to lay in wait until the infamous Lord of the Crap emerged from his stronghold before attempting to rid the world of his filth.

Project:World Domination[edit]

Eventually in 2008 the Lord of the Crap was promoted the the head of the Un-CP weekee and upon the completion of the ceremony (which was not much, as they just threw a crown at him and said "You're our new #@%* leader, so start %*@#$*#$ the weekee up!"), he declared that he would not only bring glory to the Underground Club Penguin Weekee, but also give it the entire planet for them to pollute with their crap. This was met with annoyance to the UNCPW users, who, lead by Karazachi and Leekduck, were able to overthrow him. His loyal followers remained and continued to wreck havoc but Holyberden and its leader got wind of it and increased patrols. So the Crap Lord decided to let his army grow and wait until it was large enough to take over the USA at least. This however will take a very long time, if ever, and the Lord of the Crap decided to make himself more comfortable in the meantime.

Gluttony:The Increase[edit]

The Lord of Crap occupied a small, unnoticed part of the Weekee, which he called the Kingdom of Crapland and declared himself king over the domain. His loyal followers set up base there. The UNCPW users weren't bothered; they were too busy kicking out Walri R Us stalls which had recently opened illegally, and most didn't know the Kingdom of Crapland existed. He began recruiting and plundering, eventually influencing small, defenseless villages, who would sell their chicks to provide as slaves. Being a gluttonous being at hard, and with his newfound power at hand, the Lord of the Crap found it was easy to make himself comfortable, and he did more then that. He stuffed his corner of the cesspool with soft cushions and junk food and with his chick slaves, he never did anything and could make them do anything (he even had slaves to get him dressed, brush his teeth and clean the cushions), thus began his infamous life of gluttony, which became worse and worse as the years went by.


Lord Crap is a vile and despicable being, and he is very impolite. He burps and farts while talking (which makes Wafflelandese think that he is extremely polite) and regularly uses Emalfs of the worst kind. He is also quite gluttonous, and even though he is always in excess of everything he always wants MORE. His life is MORE, MORE and MORE, no matter what the situation (he takes his cupboards along with him in case he wants a bite to eat while traveling, and of course, his slaves carry them).


The Crap Lord's weird battle theme.

The Lord of the Crap is currently residing inside his stronghold in the Underground Club Penguin Weekee, waiting for the day that his army is big enough to conquer the world. Though this will take quite some time, that suits the Crap Lord just fine, as it gives him more time of luxury. Though his name is more well known among penguins familiar with the Un-CP, common penguins often speak about him, and TV news shows often show stolen footage of his gluttonous ways, increasing his infamous reputation. There is even talk of a TV show in the works portraying the Lord of the Crap going about his daily life.


  • "SERVANTS? GIMME MOAR #$(^#$% POTATO CHIPS, OR I'LL #@%$%#^(#!"
  • "Potato Chips are the answer to life, the universe and everything, NOT 42!"
  • "#^#^_)&(%#_^)$_^(#)^%&)+)*#$(%^@#*&%#(@&$(#_%Y#!"
  • "THE UNCP MUST HAVE MOAR #%#@$()#%^(@* FART JOKES!!!!"


  • The Lord of the Crap does NOT get fatter as he eats more junk food, however his intelligence slowly but surely decreases. At the current rate by 2016 he won't know his ABCs and by 2020 he won't know how to speak. By 2025 he'd be in a vegetable state, and in 2030 he'd be dead due to the total lack of a functioning brain. That is, unless if he stops his eating habits, which is unlikely.
  • TurtleShroom is said to know more about him then anyone else on the planet, even more then himself. TS, however refuses to provide information until the Crap Lord is safely locked up or dead.
  • Iamred777 has noticed some similarities; their birthdays are two days apart and coincidentally, they joined the blackboard on the same day (though in different years). They also have similar names...

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