Los Pinguinos International Airport

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Los Pinguinos International Airport
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Key details
Name Los Pinguinos International Airport
Native name Los Pinguinos International Airport
Type of airport International airport
Hub for Arctic Airlines
Owned/Operated by The national airport authority
Location Los Pingüinos, Penguifornia, Castillan Empire
Runway Runway 12/30 (11,000 ft.)
Runway Runway 3/21 (10,000 ft.)

Los Pingüinos International Airport is a international airport located 22 miles southeast of Los Pingüinos' city center.It has two runways, Runway 12/30 (11,000 ft.) and Runway 3/21 (10,000 ft.), and two terminals, Terminal A, and the Charters and Cargo Terminal. The airport is a hub for Arctic Airlines, yet the airport also plays a major role in the general aviation industry as well as it is the most busiest airport in Penguifornia.


Tomás Bradley International Terminal[edit]

Domestic Terminal[edit]

  • Pacifica Airlines: Metido, Varcelono, Buenos Suelos, Santa Francisca, Loma, Santagua, Caltexico City

Charters and Cargo Terminal[edit]

  • Continental Helicopeters (charter)
  • Antarctic Air Cargo (cargo)
  • National Charter Inc.(cargo)
  • Arctic Airlines(charter): Parie, San Fransisca, Varcelono, Enderby City, Googleplex, Ternville, Caltexico City, Pecking, Jokio, Puffholm, Shiverpool, Club Penguin City, Snellville, Dellaroma, Schipol, Polaris-City, Buenos Suelos, Snowdon, South Pole City-Metro, Boorlin


The airport is not a hub for any major airlines. The airport also has two terminals, the Tomás Bradley Terminal, where all international flights arrive. the Second terminal serves Domestic flights to other islands of the Castillan Empire. The airport is located 22 miles southeast of the city, in the district of Brentwood. The airport has one air traffic control tower (56 ft.). The airport is the main and only airport of the city, and is currently the only International Airport on the island.