Lost in Time

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Lost in Time
Start July 31st, 2015
End March 26th, 2016
Level Amazing
Location Through Time

Lost in Time is a tale of a scientist's thirst for understanding truly the structure of the flow of time. When he invents a device called the Dark Heart that does just that, it will send him and several other scientists on an adventure through time, from the future to the past, then back again. Will they make it out unscathed? Read on to find out.

Prologue: A Scientist's Woe[edit]

Few could ever compare to the mind of Wonderweez, a lead scientist working at the state-of-the-art arms manufacturing company, PULSE. His designs and blueprints were revolutionary for pioneering the next generation of warfare. Nations across Antarctica gave him acclaim for his intelligence, creativity, and thought process. While he wasn't creating bombs and reactors, however, he immersed himself into ancient history, understanding that details of the past influence the future, and the future influences the past indirectly. He studied diagrams of basic time flow models, yet he always saw a conundrum: time cannot move backwards because otherwise you risk shattering the fabric of space, which, on a 3D model, goes horizontal, whilst time goes vertically forward. This paths are constant until you reach the end of space, in which you can make a sort of "u-turn" back to the start, from which you can travel freely forward until you reach the point when the method used to travel stops the hole through the flow of time, collapsing, and any influence from you being removed.

He therefore wanted to test this hypothesis, so, as a result, he began to look for a machine that can be used to traverse the dangerous flow. He considered looking at the Time Agency's things, but none were suitable, and they seemed to violate several of his theories. So, naturally, he had to resort to his old saying: "If no one has it, make it."

So, that's exactly what he did.

The Dark Heart.

Taking PULSE's reactor design and making them into a PULSE Core rod, one short and filled with PULSE A, a less volatile PULSE Core material, and PULSE B, a more volatile PULSE Core material, in specialized rods. A clock connected with years by the 100's on them is connected to the machine, with exhaust pipes of space-warping energy that would theoretically be released during the reaction. Fitted with iron plates and the mechanism taking the place of a heart, he aptly named it "The Dark Heart."

To test it, he set the timer delay to 1 second on the prototype and to travel by one second, so that it, in theory, move at all, but just flash the energy out of the exhaust pipes, with the delay meant to give time for it to "travel," however, making it cancel out due to the flow of time. After several tests to confirm it, it did, in fact, travel through time forward 1 second. He noted that the watches are not affected, and will broadcast the time as it were when they traveled.

Now that he knew that he worked, he now needed to bring people along with him in an attempt to explore the future, and the past, of Antarctica as a whole, and possibly the universe itself.

All of PULSE laughed at him. No one believed that time could be molded in such a way that would allow it to be traversal. All, but 2 scientists, named Margaret Vespucci and Johnathan Strauss respectively. They both chose to go on this endeavor with Wonderweez, because what else would they have to lose? Besides, it seems like a fun thing to do on a Saturday night.

So, on Saturday night, the three scientists gathered at the PULSE Company Pavilion, took out the Dark Heart, and prepared to take a journey through the pathways of Time.

Chapter One: Flow On, My Wayward Son[edit]

As Wonderweez pressed the button, the three conversed.

Wonderweez: We're all confident about this, correct?

Margaret: Of course! Why wouldn't we be?

Johnathan: Only if you are, sir!

Wonderweez: Excellent, then. We are set to travel 85 years into the future. I want you both to look at your clocks now, and memorize the time. When we get out, tell me the time again.

Margaret: Okay, it's 1:33:14 AM.

Johnathan: Same here.

Wonderweez: Okay, now prepare to exper--


A pile of smoke was where our heroes were.

Only, if we were to follow, we would find that they are actually in a wormhole, their matter being distorted by the sheer energy of the Dark Heart. Lights and psychedelic patterns flash around them as they travel, eventually leading to a dark mass and the light ending there. Where they emerge, however, is extraordinary. As it turns out, Wonderweez is right, and in fact, they emerged in Munijoch, in the year 2100.

Wonderweez: --ience mild hallucinations. Oh. We're here.

Margaret: OH MY GOSH THAT WAS TOO WEIRD. Oh, and the time is now 1:33am.

Johnathan: Okay, this is nice the hallucinations, I'm sure I prefer it next to the next guy, but how do we know it actually worked?

Wonderweez: Well, I highly doubt PULSE grew to a 20-story facility, and is sleek, purely white, and has a floating sculpture of what looks like a PULSEBomb.

Margaret: You're right... oh my goodness, you're right! Wonderweez, you're a genius! We need to snap a few pictures now, and then travel back to the present.

Wonderweez: Slight problem. For one, it appears our machine overheated. It needs to cool down, or, I can see if I can get some more advanced PULSE Cores. I know the place for that. Second, I made this machine based on the principle that time moves forwards. It means we need to go to the end of Space to make time curve to go to the beginning of time, then travel to the present of the past.

Margaret: My head hurts.

Johnathan: Same.

Wonderweez: Don't worry, it's fairly simple when you put it on paper.

Johnathan: Easy for you to say.

The three walk off the campus and enter the City of Progress, now a utopia of floating cars, maglev streets, and towers of steel spires rising into the sky, most likely office buildings. The air was very pure, crisp, mostly due to the various purifiers on the spires of buildings, as well as the algae streetlights. Wonderweez could recognize some streets though. Main Street was still there, as well as 1st Blvd., and 2nd Blvd. He wasn't heading to PULSE, rather, first, to pay a visit to the museum, just to catch up on history.

Wonderweez: In case you're wondering, we're heading to the Technology Museum, just to see what I missed.

Margaret: So that's your plan? Just observe and wait?

Wonderweez: No. I have a contact, oddly enough.

Margaret: Impossible! Everyone we know is dead! How can you know someone?

Wonderweez: You think so binary. I have other contacts.

Johnathan: Trust him.

Margaret: Fine. You better be sorry about the binary thinking thing though.

Wonderweez: Oh I am.

Margaret: Hmph.

The three of them make it to the technology museum, now fully staffed by automated machines. As they walk through the displays, it looks familiar to them. It's obvious to Wonderweez that they truly keep archives of technology, be it old or new. Finally, they came to the 2000's era. Past 2015, PULSE engineered great things, such as force fields, plasma shields, suits of PULSE Armor, and other assorted military weapons. After Shop's fall, Munijoch joined the Western Union, gobbling up power. Today, it's one of Antarctica's most powerful countries, keeping peace in collaboration with other countries.

Wonderweez: Heh. With great power comes great responsibility.

Margaret: Wait, did Joseph die?

Johnathan: It says here that he didn't actually die.

Wonderweez: Our contact will clear everything up for us, don't worry.

Margaret: Now I'm getting anxious.

The two of them left the museum and caught a bus to the Historic District. There, they stopped at a stately manor, neatly cut grass and what seems to be guards on the premises.

Wonderweez: Crap. Luckily, I brought something.

He pulls out a cloak from him and envelops everyone in it. They disappear and re-emerge inside the courtyard of the manor.

Wonderweez: There.

Margaret: Woah! Where did you get that thing?

Wonderweez: Contacts are wonderful.

Wonderweez knocks on the door, and a small, elderly penguin answers.

??: Well, well, hello there youngsters! How can an old man help you, hm?

Wonderweez: Matthew, we know very well that it's you.

??: What? W-What Matthew?

Wonderweez: Matthew Yslenski, the President's son, current President?

The elderly penguin's eyes turn purple and he turns into a young, ageless penguin.

Matthew: Gah, you got me. Who are you anyways?

Wonderweez: I am Wonderweez. I talked to you about 85 years ago that you would help us now.

Matthew: Oh... Oh my gosh... you actually did it. You did what I could do with myself... But... But how did you unlock the quantum field?

Wonderweez: Simple mathematical variables that I didn't overlook, as well as a basis of how time flows and operates.

Matthew: You actually did it! Oh my gosh you did it! You unlocked it!

Margaret: Wonder, who is this guy, and why is he so excited?

Wonderweez: Margaret, meet Matthew Yslenski, son of Joseph and Maria Yslenski, current President of Munijoch, longest serving one for that matter, and the penguin that shattered time.

Margaret: S-sir! It's an honor to meet you!

Johnathan: It's my honor, sir, to be in your presence.

Matthew: Bah, just call me Matthew! Come, come inside! We must talk!

Margaret: And he's even more lax than Joseph! This is looking like paradise already!

The four go inside and discuss what went on during the 100 years that have passed. The mansion has been modernized heavily, with holographic TV's and sculptures everywhere. Stairways were floating pieces of glass and the floors were a heavily polished white marble with light emanating from them. They all had eager questions for them. But first, Wonderweez prepared them tea.

Wonderweez: Matthew, we, as you know, are filled with questions about what happened, and I'm sure you would be more than happy to answer them.

Matthew: Certainly!


Matthew: *laughs* Oh yes, yes he did. He led the country in secret while Maria served as a figure head. She eventually did lead them, however. Both died together in their sleep in 2080. They were so cute together.

Margaret: *squeals* Oh yes!

Wonderweez: I do believe you are fangirling, Margaret.

Margaret: *clears throat* Oh, erm, yes. Yes I am, I am very sorry.

Johnathan: *snickers*

Matthew: Don't worry! My father and mother were practically celebrities.

Wonderweez: Quite. Now, did they happen to create PULSE Cores over in PULSE?

Matthew: Oh yes, they did. They found your blue prints and constructed them. PULSE A and PULSE B, correct?

Wonderweez: Yes, those are the ones.

Matthew: Then yes, they did.

Wonderweez: Wonderful, now, we need to get them actually. Our machine needs more advanced ones to prevent overheating and being stuck in the future.

Matthew: Then we can get some, correct?

Wonderweez: I would hope so. I need to go to your father's workshop, though.

Matthew: Ah yes, the Triago lair. Certainly.

The 4 of them make it to a mirror on the end of the hall as Matthew steps through, un-phased. Wonderweez steps through as well, and leads the others as well. They enter the pass code, ride the elevator down, and enter the great lair of Triago.

Wonderweez: He got some new toys, I see.

Margaret: Boy toys.

Johnathan: Definitely...

Wonderweez walks over to a mask used by Triago and picks a feather up from it.

Matthew: Oh?

Wonderweez: I'm using this as a DNA bypass point, seeing as he is the founder.

Margaret: I never thought of that.

Johnathan: Neither did I.

Matthew: I see. Would you perhaps need some wheels?

A row of cars lights up, adorned with fast engines and sporty looks.

Wonderweez: Oooh yeah.

The MJ-2FAST4U raced down the roads, empty at night, to PULSE. When they arrived, the car raced back the way it came, leaving Wonderweez, Johnathan and Margaret at the entrance.

Wonderweez: You don't get a gauge of the size until you stand close to it.

Margaret: Definitely.

Johnathan: You bet...

Wonderweez: Here, let's input the DNA here.

Wonderweez stuck the feather on the DNA scanner and let it scan, a green light coming on and the machine chiming "Welcome, Joseph." The doors slid open and the pair walked inside under the cover of the empty building.

Margaret: Wonder, I don't mean to rush you, but it's 3:30AM. We need to hurry.

Wonderweez: Plenty of time. Johnathan, watch our backs, please.

Johnathan: Certainly.

The three raced down the stairs into the storage units until they reached the PULSE Core area. There they were, the PULSE Cores his machine needed.

Wonderweez: Margaret, get me a plasma torch and a screwdriver. Johnathan, watch that no one comes here. Override the security protocols if necessary.

Johnathan: Gotcha.

Margaret: Found them!

Wonderweez placed the Dark Heart on the table and began replacing the depleted cores. He placed them into the machine and took 2 extra cores for good measure.

Johnathan: Um... I see security guards running here!

Wonderweez: I need more time. Trigger security doors!

Johnathan: I'll try!

Wonderweez and Johnathan frantically tried to finish their tasks. Johnathan managed to deploy the doors for 5 minutes, giving Wonderweez time to finish.

Wonderweez: Almost...

Johnathan: They're using plasma cutters!

Margaret: Please, hurry!

Wonderweez: Quick! Get near me!

Wonderweez pressed the two cores together and the trio get out just as the guards enter the room.

Guard: Hey! What are you three doing he-


They disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Chapter Two: Eons Pass In Seconds[edit]

The three landed in front of PULSE, once again, now abandoned and scheduled for demolition. As they looked around, they saw now cars flying in the sky, alongside starships, fighter jets, and military airships. A war is going on, and the three of them landed right in the center of it all. The machine, miraculously, was well cooled. The PULSE Cores have done their jobs well, thankfully.

Wonderweez: Hmm... We apparently jumped about 400 years into the future, so it's 2500.

Margaret: And it took us 5 minutes to.

Johnathan: So for each 100 years, it takes 1 minute.

Wonderweez: Excellent observation, but it seems we have no awareness of time while we're in a wormhole.

Margaret: True. Where are we anyways?

Wonderweez: PULSE HQ it seems like. Abandoned, too. Come, lets head inside and try to locate some spare supplies.

The three barge the door open and it seems like the place was up and left. Several laboratories were still running experiments it seemed like, and in the supply unit were large storage crates of PULSE Armor and weapons. They grabbed what they could and began to make their way back up, until they stopped at a floor level named "Eonium Storage."

Wonderweez: Oh? This is new.

The three head inside and look around, noting a silvery metal on the tables that seems to be pulsating and levitating. Wonderweez places it under a microscope and observed it's chemical composition. He took a step back and gasped.

Wonderweez: Amazing... It's naturally derived nanotubes...

Margaret: Meaning?

Johnathan: Meaning it's good at conducting electricity and is extremely useful.

Wonderweez: Exactly. Look, outside, a rocket is being launched! Could this war be over this element?

Margaret: Probably.

Wonderweez: Would make sense. I want to salvage as much as I can with this element and begin reinforcing the Dark Heart.

Margaret: Sounds like a plan. I'll turn on the plate forgers.

Wonderweez placed the ore into the smelter and waited for it to melt, walking around the laboratory to see what else they have. It seems PULSE was suddenly disbanded or relocated due to the protection of war-time secrets. They took the basis of the PULSEBomb and made it into a grenade, from what he has seen, and it's branch company, DRONE, has been creating giant mechs to fight for Munijoch.

Johnathan poured the liquid ore into the castings and waited for them to finish cooling completely.

Johnathan: So, Wonderweez, any "contacts" as of yet now?

Wonderweez: Surprisingly, there's one more person, or thing, that remains, actually.

Margaret: How in the world do you have so much?

Wonderweez: If you want to get anywhere in life, you gotta have them.

Johnathan: I'll take note of that.

The plates cooled and Wonderweez began to take apart the original plating on the Heart. Inside, it actually looked like a heart with the valves and the chambers.

Margaret: You weren't kidding when you were calling it the Dark Heart. Look at these metal valves and chambers. It's looking like an actual heart, save for the blood.

Wonderweez: That was the purpose, you know.

Margaret: Obviously.

Johnathan: A goes to B, B goes to C...

Wonderweez: Just like placing the same shaped block into each other, Johnathan, it isn't rocket science...

Margaret: Easy for you to say.

With the plates on, the three leave the building and heads toward the museum again. There, they would find more answers regarding the current timezone they are in, and what exactly is happening.

As the three walked, the city changed dramatically. Barely anyone was walking around in the streets, and the roads were ascending even now onto the upper spire of the City of Progress, replacing the old elevators that carried the cars up. Speaking of, the cars no longer had tires, preferring what seems to be a sphere covered in hexagons, probably giving off an electromagnetic field to levitate.

Wonderweez: Everything seems so... cold.

Margaret: Like Juggernaut cold?

Wonderweez: No... Like, abandoned hope cold.

Johnathan: Well, we are stopped in front of an ice cream shop...

Margaret: Johnathan!

Wonderweez: He is on to something. I don't think the lava pocket under the country exists anymore.

Johnathan: See! I'm smart too!

Margaret: Pft.

The trio finally make it to the museum, stopping for ice cream along the way.

Johnathan: Who knew nitrogen cooled ice cream was so good!

When the enter the museum, they head straight for the new additions. By now, apparently, Munijoch and the Western Union grew tremendously, acquiring weaponry, land, and resources. PULSE made several advances in the field of AI, including several scrapped projects. In addition, a new element called Eonium was discovered, giving off unique properties that has not been seen in an element yet. Now, the WhiteOnslaught, Aterians, and Munijoch are fighting for it's use.

Margaret: I knew it! So they are fighting over it!

Johnathan: Must be a miracle metal.

Wonderweez: Definitely. Now, we need to go to the Manor again.

Margaret: For your contact?

Wonderweez: Yes.

Johnathan: Who is it this time?

Wonderweez: His name is Chipguin, a program actually, he resides on electronics. So long as servers are around, he is forever around.

Margaret: Interesting.

Wonderweez: Very. He is the gatekeeper for the Triago Warehouse.

Johnathan: Then let's get a move on!

Chipguin: Look Wonder, as much as I care about you travelling through time and proving people wrong, I have a grave situation, in fact, two of them!

Wonderweez: Oh?

The trio made it to the mansion and met Chipguin, only to find he is extremely busy and concerned with something that is apparently "dire." Wonder has no clue what it could be.

Margaret: What is it?

Chipguin: Only the most diabolical A.I system out there, that, coincidentally, WE created! Dreamweaver!

Wonderweez: Dreamweaver?

Johnathan: I heard about it back in 2100, wasn't he decommissioned by you?

Chipguin: Yes! But somehow he woke up, grabbed a PULSEStar, and hitchhiked on a rocket on the way outta here to the universe!

Johnathan: But how do you know he is?

Chipguin: Well, he contacted the country via radio, on my own feedback line and began with a warning.

Chipguin switched to the computer in the center of the room and began to playback what he said.

Wonderweez: He sounds evil.

Chipguin: Very. We managed to trace his location in space thanks to several satellites launched by the USA years back. You can hear it's frequency in the background as he switches his own frequency.

Wonderweez: Right.

Johnathan: So what does this all mean?

Margaret: It means we have a rogue robot in space. And, we need to capture it.

Johnathan: No! I have a feeling he shapes the future of the galaxy somehow...

Wonderweez: He has a point, we cannot alter the future so dramatically until we escape space and enter the End Times.

Chipguin: Exactly! We can only follow him and hope he doesn't pursue fast enough for us to be in any reasonable danger.

Wonderweez: Any ideas, Connor?

Chipguin: We do have a ship we can take.

Wonderweez: Is she worthy of flight?

Margaret: One can hope so.

Chipguin: Very.

The massive, intimating, and aggressively looking MJ-Dark Angel lifted itself from the grounds of the Munijoch Galactic Agency's shipyard. It was huge, spanning longer than most other ships, designed to carry biological payload, as well as arms for intergalactic travel. It's been sitting for too long, but it still fired right up. Powered by 8 PULSE Turbines, it contains a hyperdrive as well. Wonderweez connected his machine to an augment slot on the ship and hooked it up to the cooling systems.

Wonderweez: This should allow it to travel farther without burning up with us.

Margaret: Hooray!

Chipguin: One can hope!

Johnathan: Hope harder, danggit!

Wonderweez: Now, Chipguin, do you know how to fly it?

Chipguin: Nope!

Wonderweez: Oh boy. Let's just see what we have here.

The commands were simply complex. It revolved around power for the back hexagon engines and two turning engines. In addition, the controls were similar to a car, with a braking mechanism made by turning off rear power and switching the turning engines around to slow down. 25,000 MJ-RAHs were inside, able to be remotely controlled.

Chipguin: We have our own drone system if need be!

Margaret: I doubt we would need it.

Wonderweez: You never know.

Johnathan: What's with all this space debris?

Chipguin: Several countries including Ed Island and Culldrome Isles have been launching satellites and rockets in the past. I'm sure you also remember the Invasion of Notron from Shops Island ages ago. Well, these are their booster rockets.

Wonderweez: That's not right.

Margaret: We should establish a Galactic Environmental Agency!

Johnathan: Don't get ahead of yourself.

Chipguin: Exactly. We don't know what life may dwell out here.

??: Chipguin! I see you decided to come and face me like a true challenger. Ready to ascend?

Chipguin: Dreamweaver!

The robot floated alone outside the ship, a PULSEStar in his left hand as he stood with black carbon armor around him. A green helmet with two menacing eyes stood there, peering into the souls of anyone who tried to get in his way. He was cold, cruel, merciless.

Dreamweaver: I see you brought what your kind call "friends." Come to place them in my face and claim how you're a superior program?

Margaret: We're not afraid of you!

Dreamweaver: Stubborn hard headed girl, aren't you, Margaret? It's no matter. Everyone will eventually bow down to me. Their world is in my hand.

Johnathan: You won't get away with it!

Dreamweaver: Silly mortals. I see reality on another plane than you. And I'm not after you. I'm after your heart.

Wonderweez: Too bad, you can't have it!

Dreamweaver: Silly choice. Give yourself to me.

Dreamweaver began to fly towards the ship, his PULSEStar extended outwards.

Wonderweez: Deploy Drones!

A fleet of drones flied out of the hangar and began to make a beeline toward Dreamweaver. He propelled himself backwards and held his star in both of his hands. As quickly as they came, in a fell swoop he wiped them all out, using energy to somehow slice through their thick hulls.

Wonderweez: Now's my chance!

Wonderweez pressed the clock to travel 500 years into the future, noticing Dreamweaver racing towards them.


Wonderweez: Thankfully, we got that time.

In a flash, the ship disappeared into a bubble and left the time zone into the year 3000.

Chapter Three: Close Your Eyes[edit]

The ship popped back into existence and the four regained themselves. By now, strangely, the planet was void of space junk, and, even more odd, what appears to be common radio waves. They're being broadcast on different wave lengths.

Wonderweez: I didn't forget, people. Took 1 minute that time. Seems like coolant did the trick.

Margaret: Oh shut up! We're being chased now through a robot that has no sympathy for carbon based lifeforms, possibly ANY lifeforms for that matter, and you're concerned over how long it takes to get through a simple hole of whatever-it-is? What is the matter with you?

A button was pressed and a massage table popped up with robotic arms that grab Margaret and place her on the bed.

Margaret: I warned you about... the... dangers of... t...time... Ohh... That hit the spot...

Wonderweez: That should keep her occupied. Now. Let's steer this ship down to Earth and hopefully get a grip on whats going on.

Johnathan: Agreed. Say Wonder, did you press that button?

Chipguin: I did!

Johnathan: Figured.

The ship was navigated down to Munijoch, where they were greeted with a very weird sign.

Wonderweez: What is this alien language?

Chipguin: Analysis shows from current records that these are Ch'Terrish characters... We aren't Munijoch either, at least, from the past. We're in the Echo Empire now.

Margaret: Oh boy... What's that?

Chipguin: Apparently it's an empire that stretches across the inner galaxy and, according to their military records, tracked us here by our little robotic friend. So much for an empire he'll make.

Johnathan: Does that mean he's dealt with?

Wonderweez: Don't count on it. It only means we must travel more through the Galaxy and look for his influence, and, possibly interview some alien species.

Chipguin: But didn't you say that if we alter space and time, it would affect the future, meaning we could cease to exist?

Wonderweez: Apparently my machine opened a negativity dimension. It basically means we have a path marked out, and, if my theory of time is correct, the void made by us would simply cave in, collapse, like nothing happened, and the original events of this time era would merely become another dimension where different actions are made. We basically have made our own future, and we don't know it.

Margaret: I see.

Chipguin: In that case, let's dock and check this place out!

The four leave the ship and enter the main docking station, filled with cryptic languages and other life forms. One stood out from the rest, though. They resembled penguins, but instead they have no beak, all black eyes, and a shiny body.

??: Wal'Coum to Munijoch He'vn D'k #10. (Welcome to the Munijoch Space Dock, #10).

Wonderweez: Oh... erm... thank you?

??: P'les pro'cid to Eh'ko Hi'Wy #2 for jor'ne to cap'tl. (Please proceed to Echo Highway #2 for travel to the Empire's Capital).

Chipguin: Right, pleasure doing business!

Margaret: How did you understand them?

Chipguin: I didn't.

The three got back into the ship and docked to what looked like a gigantic cannon.

Wonderweez: Amazing... an ion cannon converted into a high speed travel system...

Margaret: Does that mean we're going to be-



Sounds of solar wind seem to screech by the spaceship as light begins to distort around the ship. Other space ships are seen flying past at a very high speed as they hurdle through the galaxy. On the right, however, faintly, but for what seems like an eternity, Chipguin eyes a Dreamweaver, and Dreamweaver eyes Chipguin.

Dreamweaver: I found you...

The ship flew past as Dreamweaver began to chase after it.

As the ship stopped, the four got out as they entered a massive hangar on what seems to be like a metallic planet. Holographic signs were everywhere, advertising various goods and services. In addition, there were multiple ships from various sites around the galaxy.

Chipguin: Guys! Bad news! Dreamweaver is around here! And he's chasing after us now!

Johnathan: Him again?

Margaret: Oh no! Someone should inform the empire then!

??: Not necessary, friends.

A tall, dark figure walked from the entrance of the hangar. He was burly, muscular, and looked very regal. He wore a dark uniform and had a mask on his face with a scar running down his right eye, both of which were a dark yellow. Shoulder pads jutted out from there and a cylinder of sorts was attached to a plate belt.

Wonderweez: Who are you?

??: I am Lord Perix, Conquerer of the Heavens, the ruler of the Echo Empire. I know very well of your 'Dreamweaver.' His root protocol allowed us to travel to your country. I have a feeling that you are not of this time, based mainly on your ship and garments.

Wonderweez: Right, yes, we invented a time machine of sorts called the Dark Heart. It allowed us to travel in time.

Perix: Fascinating. Meanwhile, about your Dreamweaver. We shouldn't have an issue with him, seeing as he was disabled easily by us.

Margaret: Well, that's good, I guess.

Johnathan: So now what do we do?

Perix: Fight.

Dreamweaver burst through the hangar's shielding and began to race inside to the group. By now, he acquired a black silk cloak, seemingly made of multiple sections of cloth, but black as space. He acquired more armor, but looks no different aesthetically.

Dreamweaver: Perix... My nemesis... I ask yourself sometimes if you are truly mortal or machine, yet you never reply. Afraid to face the music?

Perix: I am not afraid of you, you robot! You have no reason to be here. Surrender yourself to me or face my rage!

Chipguin: Yeah! You and what army, Dreamweaver!

Dreamweaver: This army.

A mass of alien ships emerge from the darkness of his cloak, varying in size, shape, and number. All of them were small drone ships to motherships. The number of civilizations must of numbered into the 50's, and they all had their guns pointed at Perix.


Airlock doors began to close on the hangar before the shots could be fired. Even as they were closed, the quick smell of burning metal filled the room as backup robots began flooding in the space between them and Dreamweaver, forming a force field.

Perix: That fool! Trying to infiltrate me and my empire! Friends, I need your help to defeat him!

Wonderweez: What can we do to help, Perix?

Perix: Man battle stations above us. Through the stairs are rail guns that are designed to take down a ship. If we can aim fast enough to hit him, perhaps we can take him down and destroy him once and for all.

Chipguin: I can get into your network and direct your defense systems onto him, or hijack a ship to fire at him!

Margaret: He must have special encryption systems to prevent that, Chipguin!

Johnathan: I'll man the cannons. Wonder, you get back on the Dark Angel and begin calibrating it for a time jump.

Wonderweez: Right. Will do.

Wonderweez begins running to the Dark Angel as Dreamweaver begins his assault on the shield, firing swipes of energy at them in an attempt to break them. A crack begins to occur on the shield.

Perix: It's time.

Perix jumps from the shield and takes out his saber, revealing an energy saber beam.

Perix: Face me, Dreamweaver! Unless you're a coward!

Dreamweaver: Give yourself to me.

Perix launched himself at Dreamweaver as they both engaged in a saber duel. Even though he was holding the Star in one hand, Dreamweaver was still formidable as a well trained honor guard. Channeling electricity to try and short circuit Dreamweaver, it only backfired as he got the shock from him. Dreamweaver tried to throw his PULSEStar at Perix, only for him to grab it and manipulate it in turn.

Perix: Face it, Dreamweaver! You are of no use here! Go back to the darkness of the galaxy, electronic scum!

Dreamweaver: What you call darkness, I call light, so perhaps what you call light, will also cause you to fear it.

The Star began to compress.

Wonderweez: Perix! He's trying to collapse it! He'll make a black hole or some void in space! Stop it!

Dreamweaver: The mortal is right, Perix. Give in to my designs.

The Star cracked.

Margaret: Wonder! Do you even have the ship operational?

Chipguin: Ship is ready for time jump!

Dreamweaver: Time's running out Perix.

The Star cracked more.

Perix: Maybe for you, Dreamweaver, but not for us.

Chipguin: Now, Wonder!

Wonderweez fired up the drive to escape the hangar as the star began to shrink even further. The 5 of them climbed aboard as the hangar began to sizzle with the intense mass of the Star.

Dreamweaver: Mortals! You'll pay for this action with your lives!

The ship broke through the air gate as Dreamweaver retracted his Star, decompressing it as the cracks filled up with a plasma-like material.

Dreamweaver: That scientist is smarter than I anticipated. He saw through my diversion. If my calculations are correct, he should jump eventually to 3,500 or beyond. I'll wait. I'll train, just for them.

He floated off back into his empire, the ships following him like robots.

Perix: We really dodged a bullet there! I thank you, travelers.

Wonderweez: No problem. Now where should we bunk out?

Perix: About a light-year away lies a government outpost we could stop at.

Margaret: Sounds good! Do you think we can possibly learn more about your empire while we travel there?

Perix: I would be more than happy to tell you about our history.

Perix: About 500 years ago in your time line, I ascended into power. By then, we have created cybernetic implants to live for a longer time span than we previously could. We discovered galactic travel about 1000 years before that and were busy colonizing our area of the galaxy, near the internal core. It was prophesied that we would guard the core, since inside lies the keeper of the afterlife, the Gatekeeper.

Johnathan: Who's the Gatekeeper?

Perix: She was one of our own selected eons ago to ascend to a higher power by a space faring species older than our own. She guards the passage of people through time and space on the path to a new beginning. We revel her as our supreme leader, and we devoted ourselves to serving her and the plans for us.

Margaret: And what are your plans in such?

Perix: You either get recycled into star dust, or forever stuck as her agent of death and nightmares.

Wonderweez: Sounds like a scary person to know.

Johnathan: No kidding...

Perix: She's like your grandmother, only for death.

Chipguin: Right! I think it's safe to say we're nearing. I suppose we should dock and drop you off there.

Perix: Certainly.

The ship door opened as Perix walked out, hordes of guards securing the perimeter from any rogue agents or attackers.

Perix: Friends, I thank you. If you happen to encounter her, tell her we are grateful for her.

Wonderweez: Definitely! We'll catch you another time!

Margaret: Your puns and timing are impeccable as always.

Chipguin: Where to now?

Wonderweez: We need to skip zones to make sure Dreamweaver forgets us. How about 4000?

Johnathan: I think that sounds good to me. Shall we begin?

Chipguin: The heart is up and running, so let's set it and break time again!

Wonderweez: Then break time we shall do!


The ship disappeared from existence as Perix looked on, smiling

Perix: Those kids are going to change the universe.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, sat Dreamweaver on an Iron Throne, looking at his Star and wondering about his roots. Why was he created? Did he have another protocol, perhaps? Was there another reason for him to exist at all? He pondered this for hours, until a small, grey figure wandered into the doorway, bearing a holo-disk of sorts. He was small, short, and had black eyes.

??: My Lord, one of our sleeper agents purported that the Heart is set to travel to the year 4000. We think that this may be the opportune time to get it.

Dreamweaver: Quite. What of Perix and his Echo Empire?

??: We lack the manpower to conquer it at this time. For every 5,000 guards they have, we have 1.

Dreamweaver: No matter. Perix and his fools will perish within the millennium anyway. Have you anything else on them?

??: Negatory.

Dreamweaver: So be it. Perhaps then we will have a chance at defeating her.

??: Certainly, my lord.

Dreamweaver: You are dismissed. And, also, Terror Bringer, stop with your disguises.

Terror: If you insist.

Terror flashed her eyes purple as she walked out, bearing her blades in each hand, an evil smirk on her face.

Chapter 4: Timely Demise[edit]

The ship reemerged in a dark area of space. Almost all of the stars were either exploded or they were dim, about to explode. A single, massive black body stood in the center near the center core of the galaxy. The four gathered themselves as they looked at what they were seeing from their ship

Wonderweez: What is that... that body?

Margaret: It's so... dark... yet I see cities from there...

Johnathan: Like a Jupiter that's inhabited...

Chipguin: Sources say that this is planet Darkstar... forged by... Dreamweaver?!

Wonderweez: Impossible! How could he make such a large planet with just his star?

Margaret: Something tells me it wasn't just him...

Johnathan: We should probably dock and investigate further.

As the ship entered, the four noticed a bright object keeping the planet from being swallowed by the black hole. It almost seemed like it was pulsating. As they docked, no one entered, and no one greeted them. Mostly, everything was automated.

Johnathan: This place feels so cold... so... empty...

Wonderweez: Well, that's automation for you. There's life here, obviously. How else would all this have been built?

Chipguin: I'm getting signals here... Dreamweaver's close by!

??: Fools! I am everywhere!

Margaret: Is that... him?

Chipguin: Reveal yourself!

Dreamweaver: If you wish.

Dreamweaver appeared, holding his Star, looking lively as ever. He obtained more armor and now has a helmet made from blackened carbon. He stood there, stately and looked down on them.

Dreamweaver: Welcome to my planet. Obey my will or be blasted.

Wonderweez: How do we know it's truly you?

Dreamweaver: I am here, aren't I?

The four looked at each other and hatched an idea. Wonderweez brought out a device looking like a flat disk of sorts.

Wonderweez: PULSE Code: CLEANSLATE!

Dreamweaver fizzled for a moment as he realized what is happening to him.

??: Gah! You... how did you know?

Wonderweez: I saw his star outside your planet.

??: Curses! How did you obtain this technology anyway?

Wonderweez: If you have connections to the past, you can get everywhere.

Johnathan: Wait... that voice... I recognize it... Trinity? Is that you?

??: Johnathan? How are you... what the...

Margaret: You know her, Johnathan?

Johnathan: Know her? She's my sister! Also known as Terror Bringer, Munijoch's double-agent, she must've used her vision to escape death!

Terror: Close, brother. PULSE made me something great, similar to our pity of a war chief. A suit made especially to enhance your senses via electric stimulation. Everything I do is powered by it.

Wonderweez: Hence, why I brought my little friend along.

Chipguin: Now, you're gonna lead us to the real location of Dreamweaver!

Terror: Fine. Follow me.

The five of them weaved through tight streets and menacing corners, all of them seemingly one, unified structure. Cables ran in various sizes, some taking up an entire street towards what seems like a large tower pointing to the event horizon of the black hole, a light shining above it.

Wonderweez: What is this place?

Terror: This is Planet Darkstar, home of Dreamweaver. 250 years ago he and the Gatekeeper had a battle, in which she was destroyed and he was victorious, yet badly injured. The resulting blast from the fight created a planet that was stable enough to colonize. His mini-empire left as quickly as they came, revolting and becoming independent of him. Now he resides here, alone, me as his humble companion.

Johnathan: No offense, but I think you're being more of a slave than anything, running around and whatnot.

Terror: Nonsense! I am the friend of a powerful, almost immortal being! And what have you done with your life?

Margaret: Travel through time and experience priceless adventures.

Wonderweez: Create a time machine.

Chipguin: Become the first A.I from an actual person!

Johnathan: Revolutionize the robotics and power industry at PULSE.

Terror: Silence!

The four of them shared a chuckle as Terror Bringer flashed a shade of red. After what seemed like hours of walking, they finally reached a gigantic metal spire. At the entrance stood 2 sentries, the entrance large and grant, with several statues of what seems to be either him or someone else there. As they passed the guards, the 5 headed towards a gargantuan elevator, embossed in chrome and lights in the door, picking the level "D."

Terror: This is as far as I can take you without getting executed on the spot. Good luck. And, Johnathan, please remember to tell my past me not to do what I did here.

Johnathan: Thank you, Trinity, and I will.

Chipguin: Are you sure we can trust her?

Johnathan: If I can, you guys can, I'm sure.

Wonderweez: Debatable.

Margaret: Highly.

The elevator rose for what seemed like an hour until, finally, it sounded, signalling it had stopped. As the door opened, a large, grand room filled with complex carbon and metallic carvings on the wall, as well as computers, machines of various things, and weapons sat mounted. The floor seemed to be filled with energy, occasionally having a blue spark of something travel through to the throne of him. There, of course, he sat, looking as imposing as ever, wearing a black silk cape and yellowed eyes now, beaming through the eeriness of the room. He was in a posture which suggested boredom, un-amused at the current happenings.

Dreamweaver: It only took you a thousand years.

His voice occasionally faded out, suggesting to have damaged vocoders. As he got up to walk to them, he walked with a limp, what seems to be a collection of parts missing. A chunk of him was torn out and seems to be rusting away, several flakes falling off him.

Dreamweaver: Oh, how long I have waited for this moment.

His leg was connected by spare metal and whatever he could find. Coolant seemed to be leaking and part of his head was exposed, having his positronic brain out in the open for everyone to see.

Dreamweaver: This moment... for me to exact revenge...

He, noticeably was missing his star.

Dreamweaver: At long last... give yourself...to...me...

He collapsed on the floor, electricity sparking and a red light blinking on his back.

Wonderweez: Looks like his system froze.

Margaret: Does that explain his eyes being blue?

Johnathan: The Blue Eyes of Death! That's horrible!

Chipguin: That's what happens when you don't update your software, kids!

Wonderweez: So now what, we just like, leave him here? He's gonna restart eventually.

Margaret: That's beyond me. I think though we should leave, definitely.

Johnathan: Agreed, let's just leave.

The four began to walk out as Agent T.B walked up to them, keys to their ship in hand.

T.B: I know you must leave this time, and I know I cannot stop you, I can only say one last good bye before I die.

Wonderweez: Why would you die?

T.B: I'm over 1,000 years old for petes sake.

Wonderweez: Figured.

Margaret: Why can't you come with us?

Chipguin: Too risky! She could disrupt time with her power and all. Besides, by my calculation, the end of space would result in a time tunnel carved by her, meaning she can see this all when we return!

Wonderweez: True. We have to go.

T.B: But my time here is over, I want to see Her once and for all. I think you know who I mean.

Johnathan: I thought she was just a myth?

T.B: She is all too real. I've seen her myself, scolding me for using my power for evil. Ironic, since she is the antagonist herself.

Wonderweez: Figured.

Margaret: So how would you die anyway if we leave?

T.B: Dreamweaver made sure his Star would disrupt the black hole's gravitational field by making the planet orbit it, but since it's too weak to pull the planet, it merely spins there, the planet slowly revolving. At that rate, it would've been 10 million years before it collided. But without it, the black hole would consume the planet. You're only accelerating the process.

Wonderweez: I have a feeling you want us to remove the star.

T.B: Yes. I also want you to use it on your time travelling. In essence, a new power source.

Chipguin: With a little fine tuning, you can!

Johnathan: What does it mean for you, sis?

T.B: Life and Death is a cycle, I merely slowed it down.

Johnathan: I understand, I think.

The two siblings hugged as Chipguin called for the ship to come pick them up.

T.B: Stay good, kiddo

Johnathan: Stay secretive, sis.

As the ship pulled up and they left the planet, they eyed the revolving PULSEStar. The mayhem that caused their journey to be in shambles, and, more importantly, almost costed their life. Yet it stood there simply turning and turning into oblivion, protecting the fledgling planet from certain demise.

Wonderweez: Chipguin, I'm going to swing the ship in a way that allows the force exerted by it to swing you and have you get the Star. It's all on you bud, you got that?

Chipguin: Got it!

Margaret: You sure it's gonna work?

Wonderweez: 50/50 chance.

Wonderweez got close enough so that the ship wouldn't be pulled in, and swung it around so Chipguin would be flung out and to the star. As he approached it, he clasped it, the immense gravity spinning him until it stopped, levitating in his hands. As they pulled him back, the planet began to slowly hurl itself to the black hole. It began to spin rapidly as the planet got closer and closer, until it stood still, stuck in the Event Horizon.

???: I've been expecting you, Dreamweaver and Terror Bringer. Take my embrace, once and for all.

The planet soon faded away, slowly, as it's light began to dissipate.

Wonderweez: Who in the world was that?

Margaret: We're not on a world, silly.

Johnathan: That may have been the girl the Ch'Terrons were speaking about.

Wonderweez: Sounds menacing. Anyway, Chipguin, hook the Star up to the ship, we're about to take a small trip through space.

Chipguin: Sure thing! Hooking up the Star to the quantum force thrusters and afterburners...

Wonderweez: Margaret, activate the Ion Drive!

Margaret: Ion Drive is ready to go!

Wonderweez: Johnathan, bring the chair!

Johnathan: Chair is set!

Wonderweez: Everyone, grab a chair and fasten your seatbelts and drinks, we're going to the end of the universe.

As the black hole began to spew out the raw energy taken by the planet, the ship buzzed from reality into another as it broke the light barrier and dissipated into ions and electrons.

Joseph: Say... where's Wonder? I haven't seen him in a very long time. I hope he isn't ill...

Maria: Sweetie, it's only been 1 day since you two talked. You need to relax and come and snuggle with me.

Joseph: But he's my engineering buddy!

Maria: Don't worry. Your stress makes me stress and in turn makes Matthew stress.

Joseph: Matthew... that's it! I'll ask him.

Joseph walked over to Matthew's room, filled with robots and engineering projects for school. On a metal throne sat Matthew, looking over blueprints.

Matthew: Man, I hate school engineering projects!

Joseph: I'll help you with that if I can borrow your eyes.

Matthew: I don't think that's physically possible, dad.

Joseph: Nonsense! I'll ju- oh I see what you thought I meant. No, I meant I need you to see something for me.

Matthew: Did you lose your eyesight already?

Joseph: No, no no, I meant your special vision. Look, I want you to see, say... 85 years into the future maybe?

Matthew: I don't know if I can, but I'll try!

Matthew positioned himself as his eyes turned to a deep shade of purple, getting into a trance as he began to get dizzy.

Matthew: I see... myself... talking to... four people... one of them's a robot... 2 are wearing lab coats... black feathers, black hair, thick glasses...

Joseph: What? How could that be? Can you hear anything?

Matthew: No... only, one of them has a metal heart... Blue and Orange... clock in the middle...

Matthew began to stumble as Joseph caught him.

Joseph: What can you determine?

Matthew: I see Margaret... Johnathan... and... Wonderweez?

Joseph: That's impossible! He couldn't have traveled through time! We have barriers against that stuff!

Matthew: Determined... Calculated... it's possible...

Joseph looked astounded as he caught Matthew as he fainted.

Maria: Honey! Did you make Matthew see again?

Joseph: Yes dear, I did. This time, it wasn't for who would win the sports tournament, nay. It was for determining the fate of my friend.

Maria: You better be good on your promises though, okay?

Joseph: Yes dear.

As Joseph left, he pulled out his phone and dialed several numbers.

Joseph: Go to Wonderweez's office and residence. I need you to find diagrams for a large, metal, heart. No, he isn't in love!

Chapter 5: End Time[edit]

As the ship emerged from the jump, there was just a black dot behind the ship and pure white all around them, with the exception of a large, menacing figure there, staring at them.

???: You jumped, didn't you?

Wonderweez: Erm, yes? Who are you?

???: I am the Gatekeeper. I reside at the end of space. Normally, people who die an unjustful death come here to face me and finally move on to the appropriate place. Your friend Victor was here, too.

Wonderweez: Isn't that a bit over the top?

Gatekeeper: No. Me and Director Benny made a pact about it. Consider me a place for the forgotten figures.

Margaret: Riiight... Why are you here, and why are we here?

Gatekeeper: Normally, I would be there as the little spirit flying up as the figure died, but, clearly I'm not. So, he sent me here to manage the end of space.

Johnathan: How are we not frozen, haven't we stopped?

Gatekeeper: Time is eternal, it's only perception that's stopped. There's no space to restrict you, so time is free flowing.

Wonderweez: Yes! We can make the aforementioned u-turn of time!

Gatekeeper: Easier said than done. Space is ever expanding, so you would need to travel far for space to come to a point where it hasn't gone.

Wonderweez: If Space is ever expanding, why haven't we been into the new space yet?

Gatekeeper: I am showing you mercy by taking you all with me as I observe the expansion of the universe.

Wonderweez: Crap. So now what do we do?

Gatekeeper: I can take you to the point where space has yet to expand, but you must work quick to go to the point of singularity and go to the moment the universe was formed.

Margaret: What are our chances of survival?

Gatekeeper: Likely, but it's extremely difficult.

Johnathan: I like those odds!

Wonderweez: I guess we'll do it. I've never conceived time running perpendicularly.

As they got inside, they fasten their seat belts and cupholders as the Gatekeeper levitated them and prepared to shoot them towards the beginning.

Gatekeeper: It doesn't.

Before Wonder could react, they were sent hurdling toward the non-expansive space and rocketed the ship a full 13.8 billion years into the reversed future, now known as the past due to the counter-flow of time. The white and the side of space flowed fast by them as they went plaid. When they were out of the jump, they saw the very moment the universe was formed in an impossibly small dot.

Wonderweez: The singularity...

Johnathan: But how?

Wonderweez: Scientists think that it was formed by the colliding of two dimensions, which formed our universe from the resulting impact.

Margaret: You're making my head hurt!

Chipguin: I find it fascinating!

Wonderweez: Now in theory, time has no perception of space, ergo, we should be able to squeeze right in.

As Wonderweez maneuvered the ship into the singularity, they were propelled forward into space with incredible force. Gases of pure Hydrogen were everywhere as stars were taking formation. As quickly as they formed, so too did they cease. Heavier elements formed, including Oxygen, Helium, Carbon, and other gases as the stars formed. All of this seemed like a fireworks show for the four of them, the universe being created right before their eyes.

Wonderweez: This is... so beautiful.

Chipguin: You'll love it in the full spectrum!

As Chipguin flipped the spectrum on, Wonderweez staggered as he saw something. It looked minuscule, but it meant a whole bunch to him, for it was gamma radiation, and if it gets onto the ship, they would be stuck.

Wonderweez: Play time's over everyone, I'm jumping.

As they emerged from the jump, they arrived on a primordial Earth, most likely in the middle of the Jurassic Period, or 120 million years ago. Everything was on a single mass of land, but they could vaguely recognize Antarctica from the history books. Hot, steamy, and tropical, storms raged on the mega-continent.

Margaret: Wonder! You skipped too far ahead!

Wonderweez: I didn't actually. Earth has a nice ozone layer right now, so we can land and possibly modify some history here without being baked alive by UV rays.

Chipguin: Or Gamma?

Johnathan: Or X-rays?

Wonderweez: Yes yes the other rays as well.

Margaret: You forgot the Bill's and Jim's.

Wonderweez: Very funny Margaret. Now, come now, take a knife or some carving knife! Time for science!

As the four got out, immediately it was extremely hot and humid, large trees and shrubs everywhere, as well as the obvious large reptiles roaming the earth, towering, but minuscule compared to the ship. They wandered to a nearby mud pile where dinosaurs stepped in, leaving humongous prints in the mud.

Wonderweez: Now, watch this.

Wonder began carving a message into the mud, carefully staying with a boundary of mud and not straying too far off from one side or another. After he finished, it read "If Joseph reads this, rocket fuel can definitely melt metal beams." Satisfied, he left the area with the others and continued exploring.

Margaret: I thought you said not to touch anything for it may affect the future?

Wonderweez: Funny thing about the future, if it's an imprint, it's not affected because, specifically with fossils, they are discovered after the 1900's when the English/Common Number System was invented. So, we're totally safe.

Johnathan: Hold him to that.

Chipguin: Recorded!

Wonder scoffed and continued going around the area, touring massive lakes and peninsulas soon to become bays and other forms of land. He stopped suddenly at a low lying plain, filled with trees and shrubs.

Wonderweez: And right here is Munijoch.

Chipguin: How do you know?

Wonderweez: Volcanic Chain right next to us about 100 miles apart from each other from the left going right.

Chipguin: Interesting!

Margaret: We formed by volcano eruptions?

Johnathan: Apparently so.

Wonderweez: Yep. Lava cools and hardens and such, the basics.

Margaret: So that's how everything here formed?

Wonderweez: Mostly. Subduction of the crust and what not. There's a huge amount of land here, so I'm guessing they formed the other nations.

Chipguin: A lot of land must've subducted for the islands to form... it's almost impossible!

Wonderweez: Nonsense! We're perfectly alright!

The four exchanged a nervous laugh as a yellow puffle in another timeline starting spewing out insults.

Meanwhile back in Munijoch, Joseph and his family were visiting a museum for archaeology and paleontology. There were weapons from old settlements, tribes, etc, as well as dinosaur bones and tracks. The museum in it's entirety was sprawling, but they covered ground quick, mainly because Matthew absolutely loved dinosaurs.

Joseph: Come now Matthew, lets go look at the ancient settlers, hm?

Matthew: I want to see the Dinosaurs! They're big and strong and lean and mean and they're super cool!

Maria: We didn't come from Dinosaurs, dear.

Matthew: Says who? Dad! Mom! Look at the tracks! A message!

The three looked at the message, written in a familiar handwriting and began reading it off.

"Dear Joseph and family,

Hello! I hope you are having a splendid time right now. If you're here and reading this, congratulations! I have successfully jumped time and made it to the past from the future. This message validates my theory that written language doesn't modify the future in any scope that is yet observable. I do believe I have bragging rights.



Joseph: Dear, watch Matthew please. I'm going to my office.

Maria: Certainly, darling.

Joseph walked off, making several calls as his car pulled up. He sped off to the Upper Spire as he began calculating scientific principles in his head.

Joseph: If he can do it... then I can too...

As he arrived to his office and dimmed the room, pulling out a shiny, chromatic object. It had a slight blue tinge to it, rotating slightly on his metal table, levitating as it contorted the surroundings. This was Joseph's life work, years of calculations, and all that was missing was his power source. Long suspected of being some form nuclear power, he did not detect radioactivity in Wonder's lab, other than PULSE-state readings.

Joseph: Osmium... Molybdenum... I know this will work... but what did you use Wonder...

As he was pondering, one of his contacts called him. Surprised, he answered, curious about how he got through.

Contact: Sir, we think we found his power source.

Joseph: Oh? Um... yes, right, um, I'll ask how you got through later. But, what is it?

Contact: Apparently, it's PULSE-A and PULSE-B power core sources that are being detected, the same cores you previously rejected due to it being "obsolete."

Joseph looked closer and began to realize the connections.

Joseph: Of course! Why was I so stupid to reject his theory! Thank you, I'll call you back later.

He hung up as he rushed back down to his car, heading to PULSE to obtain the cores of his own. His desires may just very well be realized now, thanks to Wonderweez and his band of time travelers.

Chapter 6: Chronoshift[edit]

Joseph arrived at PULSE, scouring the labs for the precious PULSE-A and B, the power sources for Wonderweez's Dark Heart. Should Joseph find them, it would revolutionize his life, his invention, and possibly Munijoch. As he approached Wonderweez's lab, he was stopped by two security officials, barring access to his working quarters.

Guard 1: I'm sorry sir, but while Wonderweez is missing, we can't afford to have you inside this office right now.

Joseph: You don't understand, clearly. I'm the President, I get access to this. This is a matter of high importance, most likely of a greater scale than your lives could ever comprehend. Now, back off.

Guard 2: Sir! We will have to use force on you if you don't stop right now!

Joseph pulled a PULSE Pistol from his holster, grabbing one of them by the chest, his eyes flashing red. He gave them an evil grin as he whispered into one of their ears.

Joseph: If you don't let me through, I'll make sure you will regret ever getting on my bad side.

He started sweating as he signaled the other guard to open the door, keeping their distance. As his eyes regained their color, he walked inside, shining his flashlight over the desk. Objects, machines, and prototypes were scattered across the surface, including diagrams for a heart shaped object with two cylinders protruding from either side. A clock was in the middle of it, with signs that it was meant to continually rotate around until the machine stopped functioning.

Joseph: That's the design for his machine... now where's the energy source..

He realized Wonderweez had the only working samples of PULSE-A and B around, but, the diagrams should be somewhere in the archives. He looked over the countless rows of files, patents, and diagrams, until he found the directions on their manufacturing. He grabbed them as he walked out, speeding toward the development lab of PULSE. When he noticed that the building was entering lockdown, he grabbed his pistol and dissolved the locks, tackling the doors down and entering the abandoned development area.

Joseph: Stupid guards...

He arrived at the fission reactor machine and began specifying the chemical and molecular makeup for the PULSE cores, differing via the isotopes and elements used. After about an hour or so, the cores were prepped. Carefully, Joseph placed them into a bag as he walked out into the main foyer, only to be surrounded by army personnel and other guards.

Soldier: Sir, please put down the cores before we are forced to take action. You caused unneeded violence towards citizens.

Joseph: That's a lie! They refused to cooperate, so I used an executive order!

They looked at each other, shrugged, and let Joseph through.

Soldier: Sorry, sir.

Joseph smirked and shook the soldier's flipper, patting him on the back and walking out to his car. He sped back over to his office, ran up the stairs, dimmed the lights, brought out his machine, and began retrofitting the cores. Once perfected, he held his object, now rotating on it's own in a gravitational field.

Joseph: At long last... I can now discover my past...

As Joseph prepared to jump, he wrote a note on his desk, explaining what he's done and that Maria's in charge while he's gone. He also told Matthew that natives are way cooler than dinosaurs and that he should clean his bedroom and do his homework.

He rubbed the chrome object, producing a plasma-like bubble which looked like the world seen through a wall of water as he stepped through. When it closed, there was a slight ripple through both reality and time. No one, other than Joseph, noticed it. Or so he thought.

As the four were exploring the surface of ancient Munijoch, Wonderweez looked toward the sky, noticing that the sky was quickly turning dark as blue wormholes began opening up. Something terribly wrong has happened, and, surprisingly, he had nothing to do with it.

Wonderweez: I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but we're about to be in deep trouble unless we jump to a more stable time.

Margaret: But why? We're having so much fun, sir!

Wonderweez: Look toward the sky. Something has disrupted our own chronoshift, and has begun to send ripples through time and space. We can't afford to stay here. We need to hurry back and destroy our machine.

Chipguin: I'm getting severe electromagnetic disruptions on the surface of the planet right now!

Wonderweez: Get back to the ship quick. I'll jump to a time I know is safe.

Johnathan: Why can't we jump to 2015 immediately?

Wonderweez: It's too risky in this kind of temporal condition. We need to take small steps through here, and maybe, just maybe, we can survive with minor disruptions in our lives.

Margaret: Wonder... I don't want to die...

Wonderweez: Then get to ship, now!

Wonderweez almost never acted this serious and began yelling, barking orders as if he prepared for this very thing. As soon as they got to the ship, as Margaret was swooning and crying over Wonderweez, they began jumping further into time. While in the temporal vortex, Wonderweez began noticing ties from the modern timeline, including soldiers, cars, PULSE, and pistols. Deep, dark feelings were ingrained, memories of mystery with the life of someone. As he looked closer, in a bright light, appeared Joseph, jumping across their vortex, a stern look across his face, oblivious to his surroundings.

Wonderweez: Oh no...

As they got out of the jump, they landed on a small island in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. Huts, tribes, and other assorted features were dotted as they got out of the ship. The sky looked normal, much to Wonderweez's relief.

Margaret: Wonderweez... why are you so concerned over this?

Wonderweez: It's high time I explain to you my concern from the start. I had word from my friends that Joseph was investigating temporal relocation in order to discover secrets of his past. I took this experiment as a secret, yet, I got carried away from the fun I had with you. He discovered our intentions and began to construct the final version of his machine. What I never mentioned was the fact that only one temporal machine can be used at one instance in space, due to the possibility of a ripple effect gouging a hole through time. The only way to fully stop it is to destroy both machines.

Johnathan: So how will we get back home if we have to destroy it?

Wonderweez: Unfortunately, we need to follow Joseph now. That, or have him follow us, to destroy them at the same time.

As he was saying that, in a flash of light, Joseph appeared, walking over to a cave, sporting numerous figurines of some figure.

Margaret: It's him! What do we do?

Chipguin: I suppose we wait...

Wonderweez: Waiting schmating, lets get over there and follow him to investigate what in the ancient world he is doing.

The four walked across the beach to the mouth of the cave. Sporting stalagmites and stalactites, along with a huge, menacing entrance, this cave obviously was home to something important for it to have this elegant of an entrance. Fire flickered along the walls of the cave, showing moisture clinging to the tan sides. As they walked down, the light was no longer white, but now an amber color as the fire became the main source of light.

Johnathan: Woah... This is incredibly big...

Margaret: This is certainly a DEEP moment. Ha!

Wonderweez: Impeccable timing as always, Margaret.

The four walked deeper down, eventually walking into a chamber where Joseph was kneeling down, destroying statues of a huge, winged figure.

Wonderweez: Joseph! What are you doing here, idiot!

Joseph turned around quickly, shocked and surprised, holding a statue in his hand.

Joseph: Wonderweez! Stay back! I don't want to hurt you! Just trust me, I'm doing us all a favor here!

Wonderweez: No you're not! You're endangering us all, present, past, and future! You don't even know it, and neither do I exactly, but you may have just chronoshifted us all!

Joseph: Forget about shifting time! I'll be shifting us further into the hands of order! Think of it, no more chaos, no more terror in the world, no more hardships. We could have it all!

Wonderweez: Have you ever stopped to consider that all those hardships led up to us? To our future, to us actually talking here?

Joseph: I don't believe in that. Or you.

Joseph was obviously lying. He knew that time was directly influenced by the past and it's events, how binary worked as such in time as well. But all that mattered to him now was correcting to be.

Joseph: You're too late Wonderweez. When can you learn that simple math can not actually affect the future, past, or even the present. Science has the answer to everything, and sometimes, to produce a product, you need a reactant. I am that reactant. Stop beating around the bush, and take action.

As Joseph twisted his chrome machine, he distorted reality and faded with another pulse, making the skies react even more.

Chipguin: If what you said was true, why aren't we disappearing?

Wonderweez: Our bubble is the only thing protecting us right now. If he gets to the point in time when we used the machine, he could leave us wandering for eternity.

Johnathan: What can we do?

Margaret: The only sensible thing, of course. Stop our President!

Wonderweez: Hate to say it, but she's right. We need to stop Joseph from corrupting time. I hypothesize the machine is using the same type of temporal displacement as ours, but he's had more time to fine tune it. By just thinking it, he can go there. Unfortunately, we need to input directly, so it's always a guess. But, based on the severity of this, I'd say he headed approximately 1,000 years into the future.

Chipguin: Then lets go!

The four ran back to the ship as the skies became more erratic, flashing blue and purple as the stars became distorted, galaxies showing in the distance and seemingly flickering between the beginning and it's end. As they set up the ship, Wonderweez had a thought in his head, about what Joseph said. What if he is correcting all of his wrongs, his country's wrongs, and his family's wrongs? How will that impact history as whole? He continued pondering that as he accelerated the time distortion, jumping once again into the pathway of time.

Joseph looked at the pathway of time, a conglomeration of then, now, and to be. Echos of what was, has been, and will be, circling around him as he moved forward through the mist of eternity. He could live here, he thought, watching history unravel like a movie documentary, observing the births of stars, galaxies, and worlds, and watching them be torn apart by mortality and the inevitability of death. He isn't chasing immortality, of course. He has a goal of his own, and he intends to finalize it and, eventually, enact it upon the universe, becoming the guardian of everything by working behind the scenes to make it happen.

Everything, Aeroxx, The Infinite Engine, his dad, the WhiteBloods, and Victor. He wanted to fix it, because he knows his country does not deserve any of it. He called this, "plan" of his, "Novus Elysium," after an ancient language he studied intensely.

He constantly tries to resist the thought of what Wonderweez said, knowing inside that he is, in fact, right. But, he blocks it out, believing that what he's doing is for the betterment of society as a whole. Perhaps, Munijoch was just a lucky accident?

Joseph: Next stop... Ancient Munijoch...

As the pathway cleared, he arrived in a green meadow of lush grass, trees, and flowers. Beside him, on either side, were huts of reeds and wood. Clearly, he was in native Munijoch, as he predicted.

He walked past the huts, heading to the largest mountain in Munijoch, and future base of WhiteBloods, Mt. Graxxar. But he isn't going to destroy the mountain. Rather, he is going to destroy what's inside it.

As he walked into the cave, he saw the engine roaring, producing a blob of clearish-solid jelly, seemingly protecting it. As he poked inside, he was exposed into a different dimension, parallel to his own. He could feel the Engine somehow speaking to him, seemingly warning him about his choices and how they can impact the future.


Joseph: Oh I know exactly what I've done. I'm correcting time as we know it.


Joseph: You are only so ignorant, fool! I know exactly what I am doing! You know nothing?

Lightning bolts began to form around Joseph rotating around him as the air began to get thinner. The dimension was beginning to look like the place he was previously, before jumping. He was getting forcefully ejected back into his time.


As Joseph was going to retaliate, the lightning consumed him, warping him back to his office, his machine remaining inside the dimension, being disintegrated slowly by an unseen force.

Wonderweez and his crew arrived in Ancient Munijoch, near a burnt area, along with tracks leading to Mt. Graxxar. As he got out, he examined the tracks, determining that they were made by Joseph.

Wonderweez: I have feeling Joseph is trying to manually connect timelines into one. I'm only hoping that he isn't.

Margaret: Should we follow them?

Wonderweez: I suggest you guys stay here. I'm taking the machine with me, however, just in case.

He retrieved the time machine and began walking along the tracks toward the stately mountain. He noticed that there was a slight limp, implying that Joseph was injured in some way. In addition, the tracks behind him were beginning to disappear, almost phasing between reality and a previous timeline. Confused, yet curious, he began walking faster to the mountain.

As he walked in, it felt warm and inviting, almost as if someone wanted him to enter inside the cave. It was expansive, yet didn't seem any different from when he visited it in the future, save for the government probes and machines trying to calculate everything regarding the mythical engine. The Engine seemed more alive, however, younger and filled with life.

He walked towards the time disruption, being drawn in by an unseen force, and emerged in a completely different dimension, free of the regular boundaries of physics, and where light expanded only for so long before it stopped. Hills rolled and formed at the will of the beholder. That was, until a being emerged, covered in a blinding light so that no one sees him.


Wonderweez: And... erm... I'm Wonderweez... why am I here?


Wonderweez: Okay... but I thought we were alone other than Ch'Terrons and Ultron?


Wonderweez: But isn't time also infinite?


Wonderweez: Alright, that sounds reasonable. But, why are you here?


Wonderweez sat, confused by what he was hearing. Time was supposed to be infinite, it had to be! He saw space far behind, seemingly flowing eternally down a blank canvas, waiting for space to catch up. How else could he make the "u-turn?"


Wonderweez: Okay... but how can I do that?


A metallic object began landing in front of Wonderweez, glowing a vibrant blue color, but with a red sheen to it's metallic color. It was warm, humming, and seemingly alive.


As Wonderweez grasped it and began to walk out, he heeded the words of the being, and questioned who he was exactly. He seemed to transcend time and space, and wondered if the dimensions had anything to do with it, and if that was Joseph's eventual goal. He pondered this no longer as he rushed back to the ship, placed the item in the fuel bay, gathered everyone up, and began to depart, without questions from anyone.

Chapter 7: Wandered from the Pathways[edit]

When Wonderweez and his gang exited the megajump, they were shocked at what they seen: what seemed to be two cubes morphing in and out of each other, not being affected by a nearby star or black hole, but just there. Wonder knew what he had to do, unbeknownst to his crew. As he collected the osmium object, he called the crew over.

Wonderweez: I need you guys to help me dump this into the thing out there. I'm gonna need you guys to have my waist around a rope and to pull me when I yank the cord for you to.

Johnathan: And if we fail?

Margaret: Then he'll be out of time.

Wonderweez: Shut up Margaret. Anyways, Chipguin, calculate the force exerted by this tessaract. Johnathan, get me titanium inlay diamond rope. Margaret, be useful. I have a universe to save.

Margaret: Isn't that a little self-absorbed?

Wonderweez: I'm dead serious when I say that I will save it.

Johnathan: Good point...

Chipguin: The tessaract is currently exerting a pull of about 2 times the strength of our galaxy's super massive black hole. We would need to extend you just 10 feet out in order for you to throw it and deliver the payload.

Wonderweez: Good enough, I'm getting suit up.

As he walked off, Margaret silently looked down. Was she really hated by him. She had, after all, a major crush on him since the first grade, but never wanted to admit it, even when he almost exploded the middle school they went to. She thought he was the nerdiest, most incredible geek in the world, but sometimes, she feels down by the insults put out by him. Maybe they weren't meant to be... But she could never give up hope, especially on him.

Wonderweez walked off, dawning a metal suit with anti-grav boots to be able to walk inside under the heavy weight. He held the osmium object in hand, playing with it as it levitated slightly.

Wonderweez: I can see why Dreamweaver liked his PULSEStar... heheh.

Margaret: Yeah... ahah...

Wonderweez beckoned Margaret over to his room, filled with gizmos, suits, and a poster that said "Think Bigger than what was ever thought before." This is the closest she's ever gotten to the man she's been obsessed with.

Wonderweez: Look, um, I don't know exactly, erm, how to put this to words, never was good at this sort of stuff. But erm... um... I'm sorry for all those insults I've ever said to you. I've never meant them, of course.

Margaret: Oh no no no, don't worry. I've never minded them, of course, heheh. Just being me, Margaret!

Wonderweez: That's good, that's good. Keep being Margaret, that's what I like best about you.

The two exchanged long glances and hugged each other for a minute or so. What was this emotion he felt, Wonderweez thought. Was this what affection truly was? Maybe that's what he needed all long. Margaret, on the other hand, was screaming inside her head and repeating the event over and over and over and fangirling over the very touch of his body onto hers and the sensation of his flippers around her holding her and telling her that he likes her for her and she feels like shes going to explode.

Wonderweez: Thanks, Margaret. Maybe we can do something together sometime after this whole ordeal is over, no?

Margaret: Um... yeah! Yeah, yes! Definitely yes! I'll cancel all my appointments for you!

Wonderweez: Eheheheh, super.

Margaret sat there, widemouthed, trying to recollect what happened and where her heart was.

Silence descended over Mt. Graxxar as the WhiteBloods were preparing to head to sleep. Inside the Omnipotent Mansion laid Mark Yslenski, sleeping in his bed. He constantly had nightmares, terrors, and other assorted things ever since his atonement to the Infinite Engine. He sometimes missed his son, and his happy voice. But he thought, more so of course, that he's their enemy, and enemies deserve death by the Omnipotent's hands.

As he slept, out of stealth came a black jet with red tinted windows and hexagonal stealth plates emerging from the sky down to the ground, completely silent from the world. As the cargo bay opened, out came five figures, donned in high tech mechanical suits, and, with the exception of one, were wearing masks. As they swiftly assassinated the guards, they moved into the main compound and established base camp in an empty meeting room.

They entered and began scanning the area for cameras, bug taps, microphones, traps, weapons, and life. When the coast was clear, they placed down equipment and began to download schematics of the compound. When the downloads finished they turned on the lights, getting breathing room before they move in on the target.

Isaac: Joseph you ignorant fool! Why bring us to our headquarters when we could've just bombed them from afar? Squadron E is reserved for special take down missions only, and you out of all people should know this!

Henry: Now now Ice-y, let him explain.

Joseph: Thank you, Henry. Now, the target is either the Omnipotent Blood or the Infinite Engine, or both. We need to destroy either target to neutralize the WhiteBlood's strength. Once we do, we implode the entrances and hope that they are defeated.

Jericho: Hope?! No offense Joseph, but shouldn't we-

Konrad: -make sure that they are exactly dead before we move out?

Isaac: Exactly! This is exactly why a bombing would be 100x better!

Joseph: This group was formed for high priority targets, and these guys are both high priority. If you want to declare another war against WhiteBloods and wipe out a majority of our country by explosives, so be it, but I am not taking the fall again, Isaac, not after your coup against me either.

Isaac: Heheh... water under the bridge, no?

Joseph: Yeah... for now.

Henry: Yikes, Joseph's getting savage.

Jericho: Let's not be that way, guys. First and foremost, our mission.

Konrad: I think a suitable strategy is to go for the Engine first, then assassinate the Omnipotent Blood. This way, he is unable to draw power from the Engine, and will be easier to take down.

Joseph: That sounds like a good plan. Good work you two. All who agree, say I.

Everyone: I.

Joseph: Perfect. Let's get on with our mission. Everyone, out on three. One... Two... Three...

As they opened the door, they were greeted by a lit foyer of every single WhiteBlood terrorist on the compound, war machine, bodyguard, and, leading them all was Mark Yslenski and Victor Malkov.

Mark: Oh Joseph... You never disturb a man's beauty sleep.

Victor: Dead men are no better than dirt, eh Joseph? I think I deserve a rematch.

Joseph's eyes began to turn a shade of red as he smirked to Isaac and his crew.

Joseph: Isaac... Now would be a good time to activate your stim-packs...

Isaac: Way ahead of you chief!

Isaac pressed a button as a red liquid filled him, infuriating him and turning his eyes a shade of red along with Joseph's, now reaching stage five.

Joseph: I got Mark... you get Victor!

As Joseph and Isaac donned their weapons and dove head first into the crowd of guerrillas toward Mark and Victor, the other three began firing electrode paralyzers into the air to quell the crowd.

Jericho: I sometimes wonder why we tag along when they just rush in head first.

Konrad: Definitely a mockery of our strategies.

Wonderweez prepared to head into space, tying the cord to a strong pole and an emergency winch just in case something goes wrong. As he went out, he gave Margaret one last hug, causing her to fall to the floor in disbelief, rocking back and forth at the events happening and him hugging her two times in the same day.

Wonderweez: Okay Chipguin, let the rope go.

As he went into space, he never thought that he would be an astronaut and scientist, as well as a hero saving the world from faulty timelines and realities. He looked into the tessaract, unable to even comprehend what it is, and how it could've formed. As he slowly went closer, the rope stopped, signalling the point where he throws the osmium object. As he threw it, he noticed that it didn't exactly go, but rather, multiple versions of it appearing as it went towards the object. He signaled them to pull him back in, and instantly recognized what is about to happen.

Wonderweez: Chipguin, Johnathan, have the back of the ship face the tessaract and deploy the solar sails, but have metal panels cover either side. There's going to be a huge amount of energy, so have the ship power the main engine turbines off, and deploy energy harvest mode with overloaders. Turn on everything and anything that uses electricity, charge your phones, use the oven burners, everything. Just expend the energy that thing exerts when it expands!

Johnathan: Um... sure thing?

Chipguin: Gotcha!

As the object dangled slowly to the center the massive solar sails were quickly raised and reinforced, securing them from breaking when and if the thing explodes. As it slowly faded from view, and it penetrated some dark covering, nothing happened. As they waited, Wonderweez finally realized what was happening.

Wonderweez: Oh my gosh... that device contained a singularity point... It's creating filler universe!

Margaret: Has to be better than some other TV show filler that I know.

Wonderweez: Margaret... that has to be the wittiest thing I've ever heard from you.

Margaret: Aha!

As Wonderweez looked on, he noticed a blip in the darker-than-black tessaract slowly becoming less dark.

Wonderweez: Guys! It's happening! It's becoming less dark!

Johnathan: Erm... you mean brighter?

Wonderweez: No, that refers to the formation of light. This is forming space and a time bridge!

Chipguin: He's right! It can only mean that soon it's going to explode with energy, I'm guessing.

Wonderweez: You're right, good sir. And I have a plan.

Wonderweez quickly calibrated the Dark Heart and held a button anxiously, looking on at the tessaract. As it gradually became less dark, as he calls it, the object disappeared, and a bright star took it's place, exploding with great force as shockwaves of gravity and wind began to propel the ship fast across the universe towards their home. As they were being propelled, Wonderweez pressed a button and sent the ship on a long journey to the future.



As their weapons sliced and cut every guerrilla through the room, Victor and Mark were merely dodging their reckless assaults, gauging the loss of life as being worth theirs.

Jericho: Careful you two! They're planning something!

As Mark and Victor were dodging the attacks, they began to realize that they can't keep this up forever.

Mark: Victor, you handle the iron one. I'll handle my son.

Victor: Sounds good. I'll lead him down the building.

As he ran down into the center of the mountain Mark eventually landed and began to channel immense amounts of energy.

Mark: Oh Joseph... lets let our lackeys handle each other off and finish this... once and for all.

He began to glow blue as he walked slowly toward Joseph, his yellow eyes piercing through the blue veil. In an instant, it felt calm, controlled, and at peace with the power being exerted. Joseph however, glowed equally in red and walked towards him, burning the floor in his rage. As they walked toward each other, their energy mixed, giving off a purple hue towards the middle.

Mark: You follow a false mindset, Joseph. You can never know what true power is, but I can show it to you for the price of your life. Give up, once and for all, and everything will be in harmony.

Joseph: You... lie...!

Joseph swiped his flipper at him, sending a shockwave of energy that didn't seem to affect him. As Mark laughed to see Joseph struggle to defeat him, he decided to play tactioner and reveal to Joseph a deep, dark secret.

Mark: Oh Joseph, I can't lie to my own son. That wouldn't be smart parenting.

As Joseph heard the words he stopped, shocked and instantly cooling down. He stood there in disbelief, his eyes flickering in confusion and anger towards him. How could his father truly be, well, his father?

Joseph: F...F...Father?

Mark: Yes, Joseph. I am your dad.

Joseph: That... That can't be! No! He's dead! He died! You're lying!

Mark: A member of the Yslenski line has the Fallen Gladiator's vision, son. Don't you see? I see purity.

As Joseph stood dumbfounded, Victor and Isaac were duking it out with opposite results.

Victor: You were always good, Juggernaut, although I'm the best.

Isaac: Not anymore you aren't!

Isaac grabbed him by his neck and pressed him against the wall, using the full potential of his hydraulics onto him as the wall cracked under his brute force. While Victor struggled for release, he tried to burn Isaac with his Shadowflames, but to no avail.

Isaac: Silly magician! Your magic is powerless against iron!

Victor: Ah crap... Guess I'll see you around then, friend!

Victor warped away to another location, leaving a furious Isaac punching the wall in anger. As he punched, he suddenly thought of his original plan: bomb the heck out of the mountain.

Isaac: I-1 to MVF, do you read?

Radio: MVF to I-1 reading loud and clear, copy.

Isaac: Send down 15 firecrackers if you would please, over.

Radio: But sir, you're in the area.

Isaac: We'll retreat by the time you come, over.

Radio: Copy that then, sending down bomber to drop 15 firecrackers, confirm and copy.

Isaac: Thanks, and good night.

Isaac knew that they needed to leave before they were bombed, locked in, and either killed or tortured.

Chapter 8: But the Earth Refused to Die[edit]

The five agents continued to fight valiantly, giving it their all as Isaac stood there, impending for the inevitable to happen. Joseph, distorted with rage, began to charge up his dangerous final form of the Fallen Gladiator's vision, something that Mark couldn't do. Doing so would result in inevitable destruction, but life threatening injuries. As Isaac looked on, the carnage being unleashed at blinding speeds, he realized soon enough that this would be a WhiteBlood mass death.

Isaac: The lives would all be lost... I need to stop this!

Jericho: I wouldn't advise that, Isaac! We need you to keep them preoccupied while we plan an escape! There's just so many!

Konrad: Exactly! Keep on holding, Isaac.

Isaac: I'll come and help you out, I have a feeling that it's going to get ugly between Joseph and Mark.

Isaac rushed over, and to no one's surprise, he was right. Joseph began to suck the air in from outside in, forming a vortex around him, dragging objects in. His eyes glowed yellow as a red veil of energy formed around him. He was no longer conscious, but a ticking time bomb. Mark began to look worried, glancing left to right as he realized the raw power Joseph had. Not wanting to be out done, he began to channel his energy.

Mark: Ha! You won't outdo your old man, son!

Mark began to hold out his flipper, and began creating a vortex of rapidly compressing air, forming a little ball of light. As the two grew and grew, eventually everyone looked in awe, shock, and worry. Was this the end of the world?

Isaac: Atmospheric pressure readings are plummeting in our area, and soon it may plummet even more as they consume more and more air. We need to either seal them in, break the suction, or escape and hope that we aren't destroyed.

Henry: I think all those options are better than eminent destruction.

Isaac: Very. But for now, we need to observe, evacuate, and plan. I never thought I would say this, but we need to get these WhiteBloods out of here.

Jericho: The loss of life would be substantial, yes. Lets send out a PSA in here, since they're relatively quiet.

They sounded a low frequency alert for everyone to evacuate. For the first time in nearly a decade, WhiteBlood and Munijoch officials coordinated something together. Which, if this wasn't an emergency, would be spectacular. However, in these dying times, it seems the instinct of survival took over, and leaders emerged, which acted as the shepherds to the sheep to flock to safety.

The four time travelers appeared again, this time in the present. The ship, concealed, settled in the forest, where Wonder and the others got a clear view of the chaos going on. As the others looked on in shock and awe, Wonder got off, walking blindly toward the cave where the Engine sat, winding madly with the power of the two Yslenskis. To the others, it seemed like Wonder was walking off into the jaws of death, with two madmen destroying everything in sight.

Chipguin: What is he doing? If the energy fluctuations won't kill him, the low air pressure will!

Margaret: I think he knows what he's doing.

Meanwhile, on the outside.

Wonderweez: What in the world am I doing? Why do I have the sudden desire to walk towards the Engine? What calls to me?

Wonder continued walking, the wind howling past him with debris flying every which way toward the mountain. There he saw it: the opening to the WhiteBlood sanctuary. Next to it, however, was the cave where the Engine stood. The scientists working there were evacuated and were looking in awe from their PULSEFields as Wonder walked up, not phased by the wind. Now, however, what he felt was not a calling, but an urgent need to appear in the cave. He began to run as fast as he could, dodging the projectiles whirling around the mountain as he got closer to the eye of the storm.


Wonderweez: I serve a greater cause.

After a few more minutes of walking, although he was living a year in a minute, he finally reached the cave, where he saw the engine spinning madly on it's stand. Once again, he was able to walk in, but saw the mysterious being drained of his power, kneeling on the ground. Red and blue energy beams were trailing from him, leading up and out of the crystal and converging into purple colored lasers. Wonder knew that this would be the end of the world.

???: Help... Me...

Wonderweez: What is it?

???: My energy is being drained, obviously! I need you to fulfill one last promise to me...

Wonderweez: What is your favor?

???: Destroy the engine... It's this world's last bastion against the collapse of the tesseract. With it destroyed, your world's timelines will converge and become normal. Do it, quickly!

Wonderweez: How do I destroy it?

???: Take this staff and knock the crystals out of their sockets. They will stop supplying energy, and with it, time here will freeze. This will buy enough time to converge again. Quick! Time is of the essence!

Wonderweez: I get your time jokes. It's about time you tell me.

???: Just hurry!

Wonderweez obtained the staff and jumped out, climbing up to knock the crystals out of the sockets. Just as he hit the last one, he felt a huge lurch. When he went to look outside, he saw the mountain steadily rising.

Chipguin: Wonderweez! Gravity has just been turned off, seemingly! There's something in there that seems to be affecting it! Just hurry!

Wonderweez knocked the last crystal off, and the effects began to take effect after a few moments.

Mark and Joseph stood there, drawing in more and more air. The two could do this stand off for hours, but like a blinking contest, however, someone has to give. As Joseph's veil grew bigger and bigger, so too did Mark's ball of light, turning into a miniature sun. Objects began to float up and around him, seemingly weightless as he released the star to the center of the mountain. It grew bigger and bigger, gathering more mass.

Isaac: End of the line, boys.

Henry: It has been a pleasure working with you.

Jericho: As with I.

Konrad: And I as well.

Isaac: Isaac to Command, where are those bombers?

Operator: The bombers were unfortunately unable to take off due to the pressure, sir. I'm sorry.

Isaac: Good. I was going to call them off.

The star and Joseph's fury grew larger very quick, seemingly taking on a life of it's very own. As it began to reach the walls of the grand hall, the mountain seemingly lifted up from the ground. Mark was smiling maniacally, seemingly unphased by the certain death he would be facing in a bit. He channeled more and more energy into it and looked toward Joseph, grinning.

Mark: You know Joseph, I have this nice little saying I would repeat to myself back when Eric founded this country. I worked for him, after all.


Mark: Rise too high, and eventually, someone will need to bring you back down to Earth.

The air grew dead silent as the sun stopped shining and turned darker than the night. The mass of it dragged down even the mountain itself in an instant, plunging it towards the surface of the earth as everyone became weightless.

Joseph recognized this and finally unleashed his energy, enveloping the mountain in fire as it plunged further down to earth, now a raging fireball of destruction. Everything seemed hopeless, it moved closer and closer towards the surface as everyone watched in fear and panic. It suddenly collided without warning, smashing the ground with it's unrelenting force.

But the Earth refused to die.

Wonderweez looked out to the sky, switching between day and night, the galaxy at his viewing, noting the wave of blue-black energy coming his way. The tesseract imploded! The being was right! As he waited with anticipation, he looked outside at the world, quickly fading from view as time seemingly diverged and split from others. Everything seemed to be right.

Then he noticed he was fading too, and his machine at the same rate.

He began to rush back to them, and got on just in the nick of time. Their expressions seemingly frozen in fear, anguish, sadness, and panic.

Wonderweez: I think it's safe to say I saved the world, but doomed it in the process.

No response.

Wonderweez: I suppose I should put a captains log for the eons of the universe to hear.

"Captain's Log: Day X. End time has come. The Earth has refused to Die. Time has been broken and mended and broken again. We're lost in the madness of it all. Trapped forever in the cracks that space fills in with the cement that is time. Frozen forever and bound to transcend worlds and dimensions that would be a glint in the eye of the scientist. Perhaps this was meant to be my end, never to love and to spend eternity drifting away. I guess I have to choose to accept my faith, and spend the remainder of my mortal life perfecting my craft, solutions to problems that won't ever be known.

As Wonder started to walk toward his quarters with his pen, the world around him began to crack. Down the horizon was a large vertical crack. Inside, he could see what appeared to be stars rushing past him, their light distorting. The crack grew bigger, expanding to the sides of him, until all that remained was the appearance of the light rushing him. His ship fell apart, and he was holding onto his Dark Heart, alongside his friends, seemingly following a route of hyperspace into the oblivion of space.

But it stopped.

At the end, Wonder saw a light at the end. He saw his world, the world that he properly recognized. His timeline, and the time he has spent in his adventure, clearly showing in the difference of the city. He was thrown faster and faster into the end of the tunnel, until he was sent out, alongside his invention and his friends.

He looked back, saw Her face, grinning and closing the hyperspace.


Wonderweez and his friends looked up, a clearly different skyline. They looked at their watch. It has been one year since they have left. It turns out the city was in a mass panic. They know this because, conveniently, Joseph walked in on them after he left PULSE, clearly about to cry out of happiness out of their return. Wonderweez, still trying to grasp what happened, excused himself alongside Chipguin to his laboratory. There, he sat there, unpacking boxes of his blueprints and shooing interns to their cubicles.

Wonderweez: I don't get it. We survived. The timeline collapsed, but we're here. What happened?

Chipguin: I think you may need to reevaluate your theory about space being straight back and forward, because we would have to have gone across timelines, literally, to come back to our current point of this timeline!

Wonderweez: We would have needed immense energy to power that jump. The Infinite Engine is out of the question, so is the PULSEStar. What could've done it?

Chipguin: I believe you saw a figure grinning at you.

Wonderweez: That's impossible! I believe I was just hallucinating. The whole idol was just a coincidence. Director Benny had a saying in this, probably, but until I get Bureau of Fiction clearance, I can never know.

Chipguin: Perhaps. Be happy we're here, though. I think Margaret remembers also what happened with her, lucky for you!

Wonderweez had completely forgotten about her in the panic of this.

Wonderweez: You're right! I better go check to see if she's okay.

Chipguin: Go get em!

He ran out, looking around to find Margaret, answering some questions regarding the time she has been gone, causing some reporters to collapse on the ground.

Margaret: Oh hi sir! How are you? I was just telling these guys how awesome our little adventure across time was!

Wonderweez: That's nice Margaret, but I think the world should wait a bit. Look, I forgot with all this commotion of us, you know, "coming back to life," but did you perhaps want to do something later?

Margaret's face turned a crimson red and she jumped up from her seat immediately, her glasses dropping down onto the ground.

Margaret: Oh, um, sure! Definitely! We should, sure! Yes! Let's, uh, go right now, yes?

Wonderweez: Sure!

Inside, Margaret was exploding like fireworks on New Years Day.

Johnathan stood there, looking amazed. He was finally back in his own time. He decided that, contrary to what Wonderweez ordered, his story had to be heard. Once the two have left, he gave a lot of interviews and eventually published a book entitled "Time isn't Relevant," which became a hit sci-fi novel, much to his disappointment.

A couple years later, Wonder and Margaret, now engaged, returned to their laboratory. There, waiting for him, was Joseph, rotating a miniature PULSEStar in his hand, much to their surprise.

Wonderweez: Where did you get that! That's not supposed to be here, yet.

Joseph: I built it. I noticed you brought back blueprints detailing it's design, so I made it. You're not the only one who's a scientist, you know.

Margaret: I keep forgetting that you're intelligent, sir.

Joseph: Excusable. Now, Wonderweez, I think I, better say, we, deserve to know the truth: what happened in that year of your absence?

Wonderweez looked nervous, looking from one side of the room to the other. He realized that it was time to come to terms with the present and talk about the past, present, and future.

Wonderweez: Well, if you insist sir. It all started like this...