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Lotus Flower
A typical Lotus Flower.
A typical Lotus Flower.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Anthophyta
Class: Anthophyta
Order: Proteales
Family: Nelumbonaceae
Genus: Nelumbo
Species: N. nucifera
The Lotus Flower is abundant in Antarctica, especially the Clubb Phengin Weekee.
The Lotus Flower is abundant in Antarctica, especially the Clubb Phengin Weekee.

The Most Awesome Lotus FLower

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Born Jo Momma's Anniversary, A flowerpart.
Died July 1st, 2009., Another flowerpart.
Considered The Most Awesome in Nowhere.
Promoted to The Most Awesome The other day., That place... you know which one it is. by P. Innocent Bob
Promoted because He grew in a plant next to the P.O.P.E.'s desk.
Known for He's pretty, that's what got him promoted.
Controversy He's a flower, a flower's not a Saint (nor Most Awesome).

The Lotus Flower, or Nelumbo nucifera is one of the only flowers that grow in Antarctica. They were first spotted near the Clubb Phengin Weekee at it's creation in 2006.


Lotus Flowers were unheard of until construction on the Clubb Phengin Weekee started. Without warning, these flowers popped up all around the site. A description was found on one of the Whiteboards, calling the flower, "File:Example.jpg". Nevertheless, the plant became beloved by Virrex and it was his closely guarded secret until early 2007.

One of Virrex's puffles happened to be rolling around in some Lotus Flowers one morning and when the puffle got up, he was covered in Lotus Flower seeds. He ran into Clyde, who was visiting the Weekee with his master, Explorer. Clyde convinced Virrex's puffle to take a jet pack ride. Big mistake.

During the jetpack ride, the seeds detached themselves from the puffle's fur and were showered over Antarctica. Winds carried seeds far and wide, and by mid 2007 there were flowers in every state. Flower shops sprung up everywhere. Virrex still doesn't know how this happened.


The Flower can be many different colours, but the structure is always the same. The green stem, leaves coming out the sides, and the bud at the top. Illustrator Keith likes his flowers pink most of the time.


The funny thing about the Lotus Flower is that as soon as the seed pod touches the ground, the flower springs up in half a second. Nobody, not even G can figure out why this rapid germination occurs.

Another funny thing about the flower is that it lives for about a year, then when it is ready, it's petals burst open and shoot seed pods high into the air. As soon as the seeds are ejected, the flower disappears. These plants are a favorite for gardeners.


  • Lotus Flowers were a favourite plant of P. Innocent Bob. He once had one that grew in a pot next to his desk, and when it died, he named it Most Awesome.
  • It is hailed by Florists and Gardeners as the "best thing since sliced bread".

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