Love Island

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Love Island
The flag of Love Island.
An ariel view of the island.
The red star is the capital, and the red dot is another village.
Key details
Type Island
Level Above sea level
Location Remote
Inhabitants Penguins

Love Island is an extremely remote colony of Shops Island found in the sea surrounding Antarctica. There used to be thousands of Love Flies living there. They were driven to extinction by Shoppers when they invaded the island and claimed it as their territory. It has been called one of the most beautiful islands in the Antarctic Circle.


While not much is known about the background of Love Island, some archaeologists say they have found that the island is fairly new. Scientists estimate that an underwater volcano erupted in the year 1243, where a heart shaped island raised from the eruption. Biologists say the Love Flies were adapted from regular flies back in the human world. They eventually adapted to the colder weather and turned red. The island was first discovered in 1987. It was generally uninhabited until it was invaded by the ever-expanding Shops Island with the help of a map provided by Fisch Hochstadt.

Shops easily invaded the island, with no resistance as there were no penguins living there. It was immediately inhabited and it's now a great tourist destination which provides lots of revenue for Shops.


There are several coves and forests. There are old temples suggesting that penguins once lived there, possibly being driven away by Love Flies. There is a few waterfalls that have crystal clear water. There is a mountain made entirely out of Pink Rock, which is a phenomenon caused by the oxidization of iron ore rock. The peak is in the shape of a heart with a smile and eyes painted on it, which is more evidence that penguins used to live here. There is a rocky beach with common pink stones to be found, with the occasional red and yellow as well. In February, pink, red, and yellow flowers grow everywhere and the island smells of chocolate and flowers, giving it a valentines feel.

The island is also home to many new and luxurious resorts mainly designed for couples who are looking for a nice getaway. It's not a very popular tourist destination yet, but tourism is expected to boom by the next year.


  • It's a popular getaway for Valentines Day.

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