Lowlaw Island International Airport

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Lowlaw Island International Airport
Key details
Name Lowlaw Island International Airport
Native name Chub Adelie International Airport
Type of airport International airport
Hub for No airlines currently
Owned/Operated by National Airports Authority
Location Lowlaw Island
Runway Runway 2/20 (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 3/21 (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)

Lowlaw Island International Airport or Chub Adelie International Airport (ACAO code: LLW ) is a international airport serving Lowlaw Island. It currently serves nine airlines and is located 15 miles northwest of the city center. The airport has three runways, Runway 2/20 (10,000 ft.), Runway 3/21 (10,000 ft.) and Runway 11/29 (11,000 ft.). The airport also has one main terminal. The airport is the only air link in and out of Lowlaw.


The airport was first established as a small airport in 2010. Many had thought that the airport would be closed down in a matter of months, since Lowlaw Island is a sailing based island, with a lot of passenger and freight traffic occurring via sea. At the start, this seemed to be true, since only small and insignificant airlines had Lowlaw as a destination. However, as larger airlines began to be attracted to the airport, everything changed. The airlines, such as SkyJet Airways and Pacifica Airlines, turned Lowlaw into an aerial hub, adding to the sailing hub function. The airlines favored Lowlaw, since it acted as a small stop over to re-fuel and conduct maintenance. At first, the airlines only operated hops, meaning that the passengers merely stayed at the airport. Soon, however, the passengers demanded to actually "visit" Lowlaw. Airlines began to treat Lowlaw Island as a destination rather than a re-fueling stop. Many passengers flocked to the island, eventually leading to many expansions for the airport. Air travel in Lowlaw Island started to gain more significance than water travel. Today, thousands of passengers travel to Lowlaw via the airport with many more simply passing by.


Terminal A[edit]

Concourse 1[edit]

  • SkyJet Airways: Club Penguin City , South Pole City-Metro,Polaris, Gemini, Newton Town.
  • StarJet: Club Penguin City, South Pole City-Metro,
  • Club Penguin AirFlights: Club Penguin City, Club Penguin Island, East Pengolia, West Pengolia, South Pole City-Metro.
  • Air Antarctic: Penguville, Glassyglow, Inland, Snellville, Pengu Town,.
  • Aer Frysland: Frostborough, Zürich, Chinook,
  • Pacifica Airlines: Zurich
  • Dorkair.co.dk: Googolplex
  • CP Airways: South Pole City, Snellville, Seal Ville, Palm Island, Gentoo Island, Gemini, Satelite City, Newton Town Pengu Town.

Concourse 2[edit]


The airport has one terminal with fifteen gates. The airport has only five hangars which belong to the Law Island Flying Club. The airport serves 9 airlines, and many destinations. The airport has a small air traffic control tower (56 ft.) and airstairs instead of jetways. The airport also has one heliport, Heliport J-18. The airport also has a small baggage service and a small security checkpoint