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THIS IS THE CHIZZ!!!!! Oh wait, that's not my thing to say.
Title Not your average penguin.
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction She hates Mabel!
Health Great!
Level Over 9000
Location Snowville
Occupation Student
Interests Hockey, CPWE
Friends Flywish, Flywish II, Jasmine, the list goes on.
Enemies Most bad guys in CPWE.
Archetype Good. Good. Very good.

Luxerra Luxray (born September 4, 1999) is an Emperor Penguin huge hockey fan, and skilled fighter.


Early life[edit]

She was born on September 4, 1999, in Snowville to Kaline (nee Khoury) and Torterra Luxray. Her first hockey game was the fist ever Snowville Skuas game, at the Snowville Snowdown on October 3, 2000. She was always a Skuas fan, until they moved to Newton Town and became the Newton Town Wings. She then became a Snowdown fan, but her second favorite team is the Wings. Because of her late birthdate, she had to start school at the same time as her younger brother, Tortray. However, she was proven too smart, and was moved up to the next grade.

Current life[edit]

She is going into 7th grade, and she still lives in Snowville. She goes to many CPWE events, and knows many of their wrestlers.


She's a hockey fan, and also a huge fan of CPWE.



  • Torterra Luxray (father)
  • Kaline Luxray (mother)
  • Tortray (brother)
  • Renttoise (brother)
  • Flywish (future father-in-law)
  • Flywish II (future husband)
  • Metalmanager (future brother-in-law)
  • Flywish III (future son)
  • Luxio Luxray (future son)
  • Shinx Luxray (future daughter)
  • Zack Khoury (cousin)
  • Erik Khoury (cousin)
  • Xavier Khoury (cousin)
  • Nando Khoury (cousin)
  • Misty Khoury (cousin)
  • Jaz Khoury (cousin)
  • Ava Emonory (cousin)
  • Marcus Emolory (cousin)
  • Corey Emolory (cousin)
  • Mason Emolory (cousin)
  • Any given member of the Khoury Family (related in some way)



  • Raven (He hates her, but they sometimes work together.)


...and the list goes on.



  • "Is it October yet?"
  • "Why does Scottish One have to be the champion? WHY?"
  • "I can spin a leek better than Corey Lahtenin can. Actually not."
  • "THRASHER, I LOVE YOU!!! But as Berty Dal Ria says, YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT!!!
  • "I can name every single goalie in the Major Hockey League right now. And that includes Scott Ishwon!"

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