Lua Hat

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Lua Hat
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Type Hat, Power-UP
Effects It gives the user a sort of power, which maybe is free flying.
Source Paper and Milan
Location Margate Antarctica Islands
Cost to buy During the Halloween of any year, able to be purchased in $5 (MAI currency)
Cost to sell Mainly $6 or 600 coins

The Lua Mistikatamensuliweia Hat (pronnouced Mis-tick-a-tar-men-sue-lee-we-ya, or simply The Lua Hat, is an interesting accessory that supposedly guises the user from the "evil spirits", mainly used in rural areas, especially that of MAI. It takes the appearance of a large, cube-shaped blue hat. Those who live in more urban areas do not comprehend its purpose, but the villagers have interesting folktales about these "evil spirits".


No one knows how the Lua Hat came into existence, but it was first sighted in the rural areas of eastern Margate Central Island. Here is the story behind it:

Back in the 'ol days, the evil sky programmers used to control every single little thing about the world except our brains. There were four of them - each controlling one of the four major elements of the Earth. If we did good, our bodies would be kept safe and we would not contract illnesses, but if we displeased them, natural disasters occur and everything goes downhill. Everyone was tormented by the rule of the evil sky programmers. The word "program" had a different meaning then, that was to manipulate.

But then came a day when the village chief came out with a blue sword. Apparently, one of the sky programmers let out a scream so loud that a storm nearly formed over us. The earth started trembling, but nothing seemed to happen. Then he realised - the sky programmers were terrified! He didn't know what, so he did a test. He brought out a blue sword, an ordinary sword, a blue hat and an ordinary hat. When the blue sword and hat were brought out, the sky scowled and tried to attack him, but something prevented it from happening.

So, every year, on the very day the chief brought out the blue sword, everyone would wear the blue hat chant to the heavens, thanking whatever spirit was helping them from fighting against the evil sky programmers. Eventually, the hat evolves to take the form it holds today.

— A villager

There is another story that tells the origin of the hat as well.

Our village was a peaceful and prosperous one that does not encounter any problems as long as we did good. But for some reason, a tiger suddenly came loose into our village. No one knows how the tiger got here, nor why, but they all know of its existence thanks to the old tales of our ancestors. The tiger roared and destroyed all our property, as well panicked and ran around, but couldn't escape the depths of the mighty forest. Eventually, we threw everything we had - branches, food, matches, but it won't stop. Then this one guy took out some ice cubes and started throwing it at the tiger. Boy, did that tiger back down! It ached in fear and we continuously threw the ice cubes at the fiend. Eventually he surrendered and never did that incident repeat in the history of our village.
— Another villager from a different village

Design and Purpose[edit]

The Lua Hat has undergone many revisions and is varied from village to village. The most common form is a blue cube that connects to the penguin's head easily, like that of a hat. Many of the cubes would be of a light-coated blue, but some are a navy blue, and some even consist of blue gradients.

The purpose of the hat varies from place to place, but the most common conceptions is to "protect the penguins from evil fiends". The evil fiends were said to hate the colour blue and the cubic shape, as it reminds them of their own enemy. They would wear it every Halloween, the day the supposed "evil spirits" let loose. Some would be held the day before while some are held the day after, but it all serves the same purpose.


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