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Title Keeper of the Amulet of Light
Gender Female
Race High Penguin
Faction The Keepers
Health Healthy
Level 75
Status Not searching for Darktan
Location Unknown
Birth date August 20, 1804 (1804-08-20) (age 214)

Luce Anator (Prounounced like Lucy), is the keeper of the Amulet of Light. She helped defeat Darktan in the Great Darktonian Pie War, and helped convert him back into Theangol Anator, her father. She is sister to Vesper.


Luce was born in 1804 in the Capital City of the High Penguin Confederacy. Her father was the keeper of the Shadow Amulet, Theangol, and her Mother was a Maenad named Goldberry. Her paternal twin is named Vesper, and the two are almost polar opposites.

When she was a tween girl, her mother was deleted by Khanz extremists. Her Father took care of her until the begining of the Khanzem, when she was chosen as Finwe's apprentice. Her sister, Vesper, became her Father's apprentice. When Finwe was killed by Opacus, she took up Finwe's Amulet and fought him and her corrupted Father off (Her Father turned evil and became Darktan), and Vesper took her Father's amulet.

She moved to an Island in the Weddell Sea, and trained a group of girls as warriors. They lived on their own for many years, and Luce kept contact with the other keepers, until Olde Antarctica when the Island was invaded and the penguins living on the Island were scattered. She moved to a Fjord in Eastshield and infused in it the power of light, and called it Sunshine Fjord. Luce became the narrator for many years until she passed the position on to Mayor McFlapp in 2000. Luce eventually defeated Darktan and fulfilled The Prophecy.


Luce is faithful and held out the hope that one day Darktan would be defeated. On the other hand, Luce can be overly domineering at times. For all her kindness and compassion, she is sometimes very self-righteous, has a rather nasty temper, and can be extremely fierce when provoked. She also is very set in her ideals and frequently refuses to relent on her views in the face of opposition. Combined with her strong sense of compassion, this gives her a very strong sense of justice and she will run headlong into often dangerous situations to help others.


Unlike most High Penguins who depend solely on their magical ability, Luce readily relies on logic. Although this often helps her cleverly deduce information that many others miss, Luce's emphasis on logic also makes her sceptical about accepting anything without proof.

Luce is a master of light-related powers. She is also good at nonverbal magic and household spells, most of which she uses to make her life easier. Luce is a skilled potioneer, and a skilled duelist.


  • "The Prophecy" states she is one of the ones who can stop Darktan.
    • In the end, she did destroy Darktan during the Great Darktonian Pie War, turning him into Theangol Anator.
  • Her catchphrases are "Prancing prominences!" , "Gabbering gamma rays!", "Incompetent infrareds!", and "Ad infinitum!".
  • Lasaralyn thinks she is "ignorant" and "full of herself".
  • She is a High Penguin.
  • Psyche idolizes her.
  • Amigopen dosen't like luce.
  • Austin despises Luce, like all other High Penguins. (Except for Swiss Ninja.)
  • Luce is known to have an obsession over Judgies and will do anything to get one.

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