Luke Seafloater

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Luke Seafloater
Born Lucas "Luke" Seafloater
Sometime in the High Penguin Confederacy
High Penguin Confederacy
Residence Unknown
Gender Male
Nationality High Penguin Confederacy
Ethnicity High Penguin
Education Secret Jedi Temple, in somewhere.
Occupation Jedi
Known for Being a legend, defeating a legion of Sith, rumored for traveling into space
Title Jedi Master
Luke Seafloater

The most epic Jedi of history. Ever.
Born Lucas "Luke" Seafloater
Born a long time ago
In a galaxy far, far away...
Residence The space is his residence
Gender Male
Nationality ?
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Education Educated by Master Yed'ah
Occupation Jedi
Known for Being the protagonist of the first Snow Wars trilogy.
Title Former Padawan, Jedi Master

Lucas "Luke" Seafloater was a Jedi who lived during the High Penguin Confederacy, famous for almost single-handedly defeating a Sith organization looking to conquer the High Penguin Confederacy, rumored to go into space before anyone else in the world, and years later after his death, having himself adapted into a movie.


Real character[edit]

Little is known about the true character of Luke Seafloater, except that he was born to Darth Waddler, a Jedi Master turned evil, and was born probably a High Penguin, in the High Penguin Confederacy. It is said he was trained by Master Yed'ah, and became one of the greatest Jedi Masters of all time.

After gaining the title of Jedi, he participated in the campaign during the High Penguin Confederacy to eliminate the Sith. The whole operation was a success, thanks to him mostly, leading a team of Jedi to eliminate the Sith.

After that, he is rumored to have gone into space (somehow), with the help of the Force, and was the first being in Antarctica to travel to space.

He died on an unknown year during the HPC.

Snow Wars character[edit]

The character of Luke Seafloater from the Snow Wars movies is based on the real character, having many elements of him from his real life counterpart, and also, because of most part of the story taking part in outer space.


  • Luke Seafloater is a parody of Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars series of films.