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Country Eastshield, USA
Area Overseas State
Monuments Lunixham Monument
Mayor Toddle1grey
Population 370,000
rank by 2009 320,000
General information
Demonym Lunixonian
Founded 2003
– Founder Toddle1grey (as a city)
Time zone Eastshield Standard (EST)

Lunixham is a small coastal city in Eastshield with a Puffish influence to it. It is the largest city in southeastern Eastshield, and also the largest port in the area. The city built as a small fishing village in the days of Colonial Antarctica, but grew to become a bustling city.


Originally, Lunixham was a small fishing village founded during Colonial Antarctica. They had no involvement in the Epic Revolution due to being so far away from the action, most of which was on the Peninsula and the Sub-Antarctica. After the Revolution ended and the USA was formed, Lunixonians decided to keep their identity with the Puffish name and architecture. Eventually in 2003, the town was granted city status by Eastshield, with Toddle1grey becoming the first mayor. For years Toddle worked on expanding the city and its infrastructure, having bus stations and a subway built.

In January 2007, the Great Fire of Lunixham happened after a baker overcooked a cake. In a matter of hours, thousands of homes in the suburbs were on fire, and the city was evacuated by bus and rail. There were only eight fatalities, but the fire cost millions of coins worth of damages, and it took over a year to fully rebuild the city, only finishing in May 2008. In 2010, the city built a new City Hall, and in 2013 a new holiday (and parade) were announced: Lunixham Day. Lunixham Day is an annual holiday taking place on January 3rd, the day of the Great Fire of Lunixham, to remember the event and also celebrate the city's unity.


Like with the USA, the government of Lunixham has three branches, the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. The executive branch consists of the mayor, currently Toddle1grey, and his cabinet. The legislative branch consists of the City Council, which makes laws, and sometimes allows Citizens to vote on ideas and laws, though they sometimes make a law without the approval of citizens. The last branch is the judicial branch, which consists of the Lunixham County Court.


Lunixham is the largest city in southeastern Eastshield, and has the most powerful economy in the area and the seventh strongest in the state. Previously a small town that mostly relied on fishing and a few exports, the city has seen a rise in white-collar jobs, thanks to prestigious universities such as the Lunixham State University and University of Eastshield Lunixham. This was also a result of the mass movement of people after the Colonial Antarctica war. Exporting is also now a major part of the economy. According to a 2016 study by the University of South Pole City, Lunixham has the third highest cost of living in the state of Eastshield.


Unlike most cities in Antarctica, which have been under Puffish rule but haven't adopted Puffish culture, the city of Lunixham has a heavy Puffish influence. Many buildings in Lunixham still have architecture reminiscent of old Snowdon. The dialect of English in the city is still Puffish English, and Puffish food is still common.



Lunixonians rarely use cars, instead relying on the city's transportation system of buses, the subway, and a ferry. According to a 2009 poll, Lunixonians use the subway the most, followed by the buses and the ferry.

  • Lunixham Metro is a subway system. The system has 8 lines,and nearly 140 stations.
  • Lunixham Buses have many bus stops and stations around the city.
  • Ferries go between Lunixham Emoticon Ferry Station and Lunixham Lottenham Ferry Station.


  • Lunixham City Centre - The "center" of the city, home to the City Hall, Lunixham Museum and a few other buildings.
  • Lottenham - The most Puffish district. Lunixham Hall is located here. Lottenham is a VERY expensive district to live in.
  • Emoticon Centre - A full business district, meaning no igloos or houses. It is the home of a company called Emoticon Technology.
  • North & South Igloo Estates - Two very large igloo estates, both full of igloos.
  • Fordown - An area with another igloo estate as well as a few business centers.
  • Snowledge - The part of the city more towards the forest where trees are more common and igloos and buildings less common.


  • Lunixham Monument
  • Lunixham Hall (Ironic,since you cannot go inside)
  • Lunixham Transport Museum (Do NOT mention anything bad about transport there,or security will whack you with a fish,and throw you out)
  • Lunixham Museum
  • Lunixham Air Museum- A Museum near Lunixham International Airport where visitors can pay to take small airplane flights.
  • Lunixham International Airport
  • St Fishcake International Railway Station
  • Numerous hotels


  • Some locals decide to open their homes up for "Trips" and allow visitors to stay in their houses for a fee, somewhat like "Bed and Breakfasts".

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