MAI Freezeland

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The Margatian Colony of West Freezeland
MAI Freezeland


All for the land!
Capital Frostize, Santa Juanita
Political structure Dissolved
 -  2010 King Triskelle
 -  2010 Sarah Star
 -  2010 Will Whitefoot
Governor King Triskelle
 -  {{{year_representative1}}} King Triskelle
Historical era Modern Era
 -  Formed during the Great Snowzerland War IV August 9, 2010
 -  Absorbed into Freezeland October 9, 2010
Today part of Freezeland

The Republic of the Colony of Freezeland of Margate, or Frysland de Margatia, Republik of Margatia Frysland, MAI Freezeland, most commonly known as Margatian Freezeland by right, was a constitutional monarchy governed by MAI that was formed out of the ruins of Olde Freezeland. It used to borders Niue Freezeland, a then-colony of Snowzerland, the Viking Empire, and The Happyface State. It is now part of Freezeland.


Formed in 2010 when Snowzerland invaded Freezeland, it was invaded by the military of Margate, with the assistance of the Viking Empire, to ensure that at least part of Freezeland was not under Swiss Ninja's tyrannical rule. However, the country barely lasted 2 months, and was handed back to Freezeland on the 9th of September, 2010. It is the second shortest living nation ever, the second being the Snowinian Empire (which is now Snowiny) which lasted only 1 month and 7 days.

During this time, the nation was not invaded by the Snoss, which had invaded Olde Frezeland, as the border was guarded by UAN, Antarctican, Castilan, Ligurian, Margatian and Viking troops, being the most heavily fortified at the time

Important events so far, other than founding of Margatian Freezeland:

  • August 23 - Auzua Mostafique recognition as disputed territory.
  • August 26 - Participated in South Pole Council meeting for first time.
  • August 30 - Telephone connection re-established by Governance.
  • August 31 - Switched country code from MAI's to 887.
  • September 1 - Population estimate up to one million, reports state.
  • September 3 - Construction of new immigration centers begin.
  • September 5 - Self-governing Housing board established.
  • September 7 - Population estimate up to two million, reports state.
  • September 10 - Triskelle becomes official king after serving as de facto king.
  • September 12 - Transportation board established.
  • September 15 - Internet connections re-established by Governance.
  • September 16 - Teleportation re-established, only in use in de facto capital.
  • September 17 - Operating bus line in Freezecity becomes official bus line.
  • September 18 - Channel operators from Olde Freezeland shift operations to Margatian Freezeland.
  • September 20 - Three million mark reached.
  • September 21 - Freezelandian stock markets reopens in Freezecity.
  • September 22 - First international broadcast from Margatian Freezeland, via Icey XD of MAI Freezeland.
  • September 23 - First state to formally not recognize Margatian Freezeland - Dorkugal.
  • September 24 - First state to recognize Margatian Freezeland - East Pengolia.
  • September 26 - Negotiations begin to merge with Freezeland
  • November 1 - MAI officials begin to pull out
  • November 9 - MAI Freezeland is absorbed by Freezeland