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Vital statistics
Full name Multi-Purpose Ditto Airship
Role Ditto bomber
National origin USA
Manufacturer Dorkugal, Ternville
First flight January 7, 2008
Introduced 2008
Status Operational
Primary users USA Air Force, LichenblossomAir Force, Ternville Air Force, Culldrome Isles Air Force
Number built 5
Program cost Approx. 1,250,000 coins
Unit cost 250,000 coins
Developed from
Developed into LMCA

The Multi-Purpose Ditto Airship or more commonly abbreviated as MDA is an airship that has a lot of Ditto weaponry. It could also be fitted with non-Ditto weapons.


The MDA was first conceived by the Lichenblossom Air Force when they needed an airship to patrol the skies. They teamed up with Ternville and designed the MDA. The US Air Force also needed an airship that would patrol the skies, and so they also joined in the design phase. The three began to plan a suitable design and one was chosen at the end of 2006.

Construction of the first MDA started in early 2007 and ended later that year. The first MDA was constructed at Ternville by a team of terns and Dorkugese penguins. The maiden flight of the airship occurred on January 7, 2008 and it was piloted by none other that Mayor McFlapp. The flight was planned to be a secret test flight. Soon, however, word got out and became a ceremonial flight to usher in a new era of airships. The Mayor also had to quickly write a speech for the event.

The construction of the second MDA started around mid-2008. The airship, this time, was named The Ditto. The Ditto was a more advanced version of the MDA, having crew-quarters behind the cockpit, better engines and more advanced systems in general. This airship was classified as an MDA-A, or MDA-Advanced. The Ditto was delivered to the Lichenblossom Air Force. Another MDA-A was constructed and was named Super Storm. This airship was constructed in late-2008 and was shipped off to the Ternville Air Force. Although the airship has been replaced by the more advanced LMCA, it is still used today defending and patrolling the skies.

In April 2009, the MDA Super Storm was (ironicaly) hit by lightning. This ripped open the helium balloon and the helium started leaking. This also damaged the engines and the generator onboard. The Ditto weapons and fuel nearly exploded. Luckily, the airship landed at the Ternville airport.

Around March 2010, the Culldrome Military, based on the Culldrome Isles, ordered a fleet of 2 MDA-As. Unfortunately, the blueprints for the MDA-A were lost. To counter this, a new design, labeled the MDA-LR for Long Range, was constructed. The MDA-LR had a smaller gondola but incorporated better engines. Ditto storage tanks were also placed in the balloon of the airship, providing a longer range and flight time. Weight was reduced to keep the MDA-LR around the same speed as the MDA-A. The new MDA-LRs were delivered by November 2010 and named Truth and Ideals.


The airship has six Ditto powered engines to propel it through the skies, thus earning the "Ditto" in its name. The engines are located outside on long pylons stretching out from the main gondola. These pylons are supported by rope attached to the large balloon. Unlike most airships, the MDA has one large helium balloon instead of having multiple ones. This, unfortunately, increases the amount of danger if one balloon is punctured.

At the bottom of the balloon is a large gondola. There is a large cockpit at the front. The rear of the cockpit is elevated and the captain sits there. Behind that is the cargo hold that can carry up to 4 Pie Tanks. The cargo hold can be converted into a conference room, seating area or anything else. Behind the cargo hold is the weapons room where the Ditto weapons are. Next to that is the weapons deck where you can fire/shoot the weapons. The MDA was loaded with lots of Ditto associated weapons like Deletion Missiles and Ditto Snowball guns.


  • MDA: The normal MDA, produced for testing. Only one built.
  • MDA-A: Advanced version. Two built.
  • MDA-LR: Upgraded MDA-A. Upgrades make it possible to fly a longer route.


Measurement MDA MDA-A MDA-LR
Minimum Flight Crew 20 10 3
Minimum Weapons Crew 10 5 2
Length 35 metres 33 metres 30 metres
Width 20 metres 25 metres 25 metres
Height 22 metres 22 metres 25 metres
Balloon Diameter 18 metres 17 metres 19 metres
Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) 21,000 kg 20,000 kg 17,500 kg
Maximum Operating Speed 65 knots 67 knots 70 knots
Service Ceiling 2500 feet 2600 feet 3000 feet

Suitable Weapons[edit]

# Only The Ditto and Super Storm. ^ Only for the Super Storm.


  • US Air Force
    • Unnamed
  • Lichenblossom Air Force
    • The Ditto
  • Ternville Air Force
    • Super Storm
  • Culldrome Air Force
    • Truth
    • Ideals


  • The MDA has a reputation for being unsafe and explosive.

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