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Vital statistics
Full name Mass Eradication Airborne Pillager
Role Military; bomber blimp (technically a zeppelin)
National origin USA
Manufacturer Baron-Volt Industries
First flight 2007
Introduced 2007
Status In active use
Primary users Military, XeXeXe
Number built 50
Program cost ~4,250,000,000 coins
Unit cost ~20,000,000 coins
Developed from N/A
Developed into N/A

The Mass Eradication Airborne Pillager, commonly called MEAP, is a rigid airship bomber manufactured by Baron-Volt Industries. They are noted for their ability to squeeze in remarkably large caches of weaponry (with room to spare), as well as their susceptibility to strong gusts. There are 50 MEAPs in existence; 49 belong to the USA Air Force, and 1 was stolen by BOSS XeXeXe.


The standard MEAP is 200 feet long and 100 feet in diameter. The coloring varies between squadrons and individual aircraft, but there are always four dark streaks painted on the four fins. There are four large engines located on the underbelly of a MEAP, used in tandem with the rudders and elevators to propel and steer the ship.

The interior of a MEAP is divided into multiple chambers. At the front of the airship are the living quarters and control center. The living quarters takes up the middle third, while the control center takes up the bottom third and the gondola. (The helium tanks take up the top third.) At the back of the airship is the fuel tank, which supplies the engines.

The middle portion of the MEAP contains the most compartments. The top half contains tanks filled with Super Helium, which provide the airship with lift. The bottom half is divided into bomb storage (top quarter) and dropping stations (bottom quarter).

Bomb storage is a long hallway filled with metallic shelves and racks. Bombs are sorted by type, packaged into boxes, and stored on these shelves and racks. The boxes are organized so that the crew can select the bombs they need to drop and bring them down through a delivery hatch to the dropping stations.

There are three dropping stations: random, stacked, and rhythmic. Random is at the front, and consists of three large holes embedded in the airship's underbelly. Crew members stand around the holes and throw bombs into the holes at their own discretion, hence the name "random". Stacked is in the middle, and consists of several large slots with covered openings at the bottom. Bombs are packed into the slots, and when the openings retract, the bombs are released from the MEAP in orderly stacks, hence the name "stacked". Rhythmic is at the back, and consists of four triangular conveyor belts, with multiple cuffs to hold bombs. At the top, crew members load bombs into the conveyor belts. The bombs are carried down to the bottom, where they are released at a regular rate, hence the name "rhythmic".

The MEAP has a few armaments that it can use to defend itself. On either side of the MEAP are retractable cannons. Normal squadrons have 3 on each side; the Orange and White Squadrons have 4. In addition, automated missile launchers are located on either side of the gondola.

Use in USA Air Force[edit]


The 49 MEAPs in possession of the USA are divided into 8 different squadrons. Each squadron has special attributes that come in handy on the battlefield.

  • White: The White Squadron consists of 2 ultra-elite MEAPs: Glacier (W1G) and Cirrus (W2C), the best of the fleet. These MEAPs combine most of the attributes of the lower squadrons, such as cloaking, speed, and maneuverability.
  • Black: The Black Squadron consists of 7 MEAPs: Winter (BK1W), Midnight (BK2M), Nightfall (BK3N), Shadow (BK4S), Twilight (BK5T), Silence (BK6S), and Coal (BK7C). These MEAPs have the ability to camouflage themselves using cloaking technology devised by G himself. They are often used on stealthy missions.
  • Red: The Red Squadron consists of 7 MEAPs: Comet (R1C), Meteor (R2M), Nova (R3N), Inferno (R4I), Sonic (R5S), Fuego (R6F), and Laser (R6L). These MEAPs are streamlined and designed for speed.
  • Orange: The Orange Squadron consists of 7 MEAPs: Alert (O1A), Fallout (O2A), Crisis (O3C), Ravage (O4R), Salvo (O5S), Torrent (O6T), and Torpedo (O7T). These MEAPs are heavy on firepower. They are outfitted with more weaponry and have slightly larger bomb bays.
  • Green: The Green Squadron consists of 6 MEAPs: Freefall (G1F), Gravity (G2G), Taiga (G3T), Tundra (G4T), Plummet (G5P), and Conifer (G6C). These MEAPs are specialized to serve as transport vehicles. They have reduced bomb bays and an extra space to hold paratroopers. There were originally 7 MEAPs in the Green Squadron, but BOSS XeXeXe stole one before it could be delivered and named.
  • Blue: The Blue Squadron consists of 7 MEAPs: Tempest (BL1T), Whiteout (BL2W), Katabatic (BL3K), Blizzard (BL4B), Whirlwind (BL5W), Typhoon (BL6T), and Cyclone (BL7C). These MEAPs are easier to maneuver and are less susceptible to strong gusts and air bursts than their brethren.
  • Purple: The Purple Squadron consists of 7 MEAPs: Plasma (P1P), Indigo (P2I), Hazard (P3H), Anomaly (P4A), Regal (P5R), Deviant (P6D), and Erratic (P7E). These MEAPs carry special weaponry, such as Deletion weapons, chemical weapons, and biological weapons.
  • Medical: The Medical Squadron consists of 6 MEAPs: Apex (M1A), Salvage (M2S), Venture (M3V), Recovery (M4R), Hope (M5H), and Comfort (M6C). These MEAPs carry medical supplies, doctors, and injured soldiers, and are used as flying hospitals rather than bombers. Because of this, they have different callsigns from the other MEAPs. They are also the newest squadron, ordered to replace the Green Squadron's usage as makeshift medical centers.


There are four airbases throughout the USA that serve the MEAPs, each airbase specifically catering to 1 or 2 squadrons. MEAPs stop at these bases to refuel and for maintenance.

Refueling Stops and Minor Bases[edit]


Each MEAP has 26 crewmembers for Blue, Black, Purple, Orange and 29 crewmembers for Red and White squadrons. Medical Squadrons only have 19 crewmembers due to less activity on Medical aircraft.


The basic callsign for a MEAP consists of two portions: the prefix for MEAP-class aircraft, and the registration string of the individual MEAP. For example, the basic callsign of the Tempest is BXBL1T. (The letters are spelled out using the ACAO spelling alphabet.)

MEAP-class aircraft are identified by the prefix BX. B signifies a bomber, while X signifies an airship. For the Medical Squadron, the prefix is ZX, as Z signifies medical services.

The registration string of an individual MEAP is the first letter of its squadron, followed by its number in the squadron, and followed by the first letter in its name. (For the Black and Blue squadrons, the squadron letters are BK and BL respectively.) For example, the Tempest's registration string is BL1T.

For practical reasons (as the MEAPs have some of the longest callsigns in the Air Force), the MEAPs state their entire callsign on their first transmission to ground control, and use only the first and three last letters of the callsign for any following transmissions. (For example, the abbreviated callsign of the Tempest is BL1T.)

The callsign can be modified depending on the condition of the airship:

  • Heavy is added to the end of the callsign if the MEAP is carrying a full payload. It is pronounced as a single word. (Example: BXBL1T-Heavy)
  • Pan-Pan is added to the end of the callsign if the MEAP is in an emergency, and where radio contact with air traffic control is urgent. (Example: BXB1lLT-Pan-Pan)
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  • Length: 200 ft
  • Diameter: 100 ft
  • Top speed (capable of): 120 mph (135 mph for Red and White Squadrons)
  • Top speed (recommended): 115 mph (125 mph for Red and White Squadrons)
  • Range at MTOW:2,300 km, (1,850 km for Red and White Squadrons)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 767,000 pounds
  • Empty Weight: 321,000 pounds
  • Maximum Service Altitude:43,000 ft.
  • Engines (x4):Jolt-Joyce Trident 990/B (Jolt-Joyce Trident 1000/B for Red and White Squadrons)
  • Maximum fuel:33,400 litres
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  • MEAPs are infamous for being tricky to maneuver in windy situations. They also lurch violently if a mid-air explosion occurs near them. This can be easily exploited to the point where the MEAPs are rendered almost useless.
  • BOSS XeXeXe has his own personal MEAP that has been modified to carry extra weaponry. It is commanded by a bunch of puffles.
  • MEAP is a parody of the MOAB from Bloons Tower Defense 3-4.

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