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Mabel Mongrel Klan
Name Mabel Mongrel Klan
Type Cult
Location In an igloo somewhere in Club Penguin
Head TurtleShroom (penguin)
Job To serve her most Beautiful, Caring, Sophisticated, Glamarous, totally not Fat Majesty
Members See Members

The Mabel Mongrel Klan, formerly the I Really Really REALLY Love Mabel Group, is a famous cult of Mabel's "biggest fans". This was kept secret though, only until 7 March 2009 when a chant was heard from afar.

A "subsidiary" of the clan would be Saving Mabel, the band created to "save Mabel".


The MMK was formed on 11 December 2008, consisting of Alex12345a and two others. Later, more joined after founding out their secret website online.

Accidentally, when one of the fans chanted "I LOVE MABEL" in a meeting, it was so loud that some penguins figured out the group itself.

Eventually, their fan-dom of Mabel became fanatical, where they started to exercise Mabel's morals upon other items.

Disclosure to Public[edit]

Later, the press published a report of the group after they revealed themselves to public. All other members were revealed, too. They also changed from a private group, to a public one. So if you are a new member... go to the toilet! sign up below!

Founder Steps Down[edit]

After a long discussion in late 2010, Alex12345a decided to step down from his position and made Turtleshroom (penguin) "Almighty Headmaster of the Klan". This move was made after his "feel" for Mabel disappeared. However, he has never formally announced his decision and retains his

There were also rumors that Fake Tails6000 may replace Alex12345a's position sometime in the future. A group on Beakbook, Fake Tails will be leader of the MMK, was created and currently has 120,793 members. Currently though, the decision has not been made.

At a press conference at Fjord Lumpur on October 6th 2011, Alex announced he would officially be "stepping down" as Almighty Headmaster, citing he has "lost his worthiness in the group", does not wish to be affiliated with a group with connections to a notorious parallel dimension cult, and has "gained an interest in "more intuitive subjects". He submitted his resignation on October the 22nd. However, he still retains as an "Honorary Member" in the association.


Only notable members of the "higher class" are listed in this section.

Creature Rank Descriptions
TurtleShroom Almighty Headmaster of the Klan Publicly confessed.
Alex12345a Honorary Member (Founder; former Almighty Headmaster) Formed the group, was Almighty Headmaster alongside TSP until resignation due to personal reasons.
Fudd Lapooh Teacher's Assistant A Mabel's bodyguard wannabe, Fudd is a crazy puffle that is overeager to help support Mabel and cause mayhem.
Fredrick the Weirdo Hailer Even though he dosen't live in Antarctica, Fred seems to think Mabel is awsome. He even bought a Mabel Shirt.
Fake Tails6000 Hailer He was friends with her and confessed even before he joined the group.
Lobelia Sackville Hailer She had been friends with Mabel since Mabel was young.
Mabel XVIII Hailer Her haughty, boastful mother. Case closed.
Speeddasher X Praiser He is extremely proud to be in the group and is not one least bit ashamed to be a fan of Mabel. Sometimes he'll try and adopt the puffle.
Bill Gates Praiser (On MMK trial), may be kicked out of group He commends Mabel for her "soul-crushing, business like manuevers", and attends clan meetings about once a month. He is also planning to sponsor her with one hundred thousand fish a year for her to continue "an admirable business plan". He claims he is "so proud to find such an opprsseing businesswoman in this frozen wasteland, even if she is a living piece of cotton".
Zoramask Praiser He has been in the group for a while, but has never participated. He is truly respectful of Mabel, and isn't ashamed to be one of her fans.
Bucket Mega Fan He taped Mabel's talk page and now is embarrassed.
Willie Watt Mega Fan
Diana654 Fan
ZapWire Fan
Ford the Walrus Fan The crazy-cellular loving dumb walrus himself!
Barkjon Fan (may be eliminated or kicked out of the group) Barkjon found out about this group and started cracking up. He joined, and Mabel doesn't think it's weird yet, and she hasn't found out about his pranks...DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?
Babypuff Hailer
KingH10 Fan (Or is he?) He recently joined the group, but he doesn't seem to I'VE SAID TOO MUCH!

"Amount of Loyalty"[edit]

The MMK has social classes. In the hierarchy, the Almighty Headmaster of the Klan has the most power in the group, whilst the Fan lies in the utmost bottom. Modifications have been made to the system over time to suit the growing clan. From bottom to top, here are the social classes, dubbed "Amount of Loyalty", in the MMK.

  • Fans -- They have some interest in Mabel. They like her slightly rest than the masses and perform certain rituals, mostly in private, to prove their loyalty to her.
  • Mega Fans -- They have more interest in Mabel than the public, and dare to perform stunts or actions to please/show their loyalty to Mabel in both private and public. They would mention their passion for her when talking to friends or family. They have at least one or two items representing Mabel.
  • Praiser -- They adore Mabel and have several Mabel plushes/toys/whatever Mabel likes. They share her likes and dislikes and mentions her somewhat often in conversations. They daydream about Mabel and have little difficulty expressing their love to others.
  • Hailer -- They definitely love Mabel. They have mini shrines for her, they share nearly all her likes and all her dislikes. They dedicate at least a quarter of their life to her. Their mind are occupied with Mabels and their actions are related to Mabel. These people are able to take part in "Secret Meetings", reserved for the higher classes in the social order.
  • Teacher's Assistant -- Mabel is like their family or friends, or even better. They have shrines, share all her likes and dislikes, dedicate their entire lives to her. Their existence may or may not be attributed to Mabel. They influence people around them to join. They ARE Mabels in their own right. They are able to attend Secret Meetings as well and receive higher priorities such as sessions with the Headmasters in private or privileges to call on the meeting.
  • Almighty Headmaster of the Klan -- Describing it, and I dare say it, is impossible by nature. They love Mabel more than anything in the world. They would perform for her, cry for her, beg for her, lie for her, maim for her, and at the end of the day, DIE for her. Exaggerated or not, these people are the ultimate Mabel fans. No one gets better than them. They are to be treated like royalty within the group. They have power. They host meetings and Secret Meetings. They are even able to communicate with Mabel herself on just a level below her. The current Almighty Headmaster is TurtleShroom (penguin), as the former Almighty Headmaster, Alex12345a, stepped down.

There are only two members for having the top two ranks, at least three members for having all the other ranks (except Fan) and as much members as possible for the lowest rank, Fans. To advance a rank , the penguin must pass certain requirements, like interviewing Mabel. If you are a Teacher's Assistant, the only way you could advance if it's the Headmaster says so. To be detiorated, you must break the practices.


There are a lot of things the MMK do. All of these related to Mabel.


Initiation, or fancy MMK-talk for "stupid stuff you have to do to get in our club", involves the following.

  1. Take a picture of Mabel doing something "cool" (as in, yelling at people having fun). This tests devotion to Mabel.
  2. Eat one, just one Porito, while you watch the other clansmen eat mouthfuls. This tests diligence, since "you can't eat just one!"
  3. View the "WHAT?!?" movie alone.
  4. Sign a document guaranteeing you will never prank or hurt Mabel, and do all in your power to protect her.
  5. Meet at the clan's headquarters and memorize the password.

MMK Practices[edit]

Members of the Mabel Mongrel Klan do a lot of things as a group.

  • Burning effigies of famous pranksters on Explorer's front lawn. Explorer usually manages to rid the troublemakers by throwing even bigger portraits at them.
  • Chanting "I LOVE MABEL".
  • Secret viewings of "WHAT?!?" in the middle of the night around a bonfire.
  • Beating up red puffles and anyone who dates red puffles.
  • Spamming Explorer's Inbox. Clyde, Explorer's green puffle, installed a spam filter on his computer to prevent further issues.
  • Sending roses and Corridorwriting cards to Mabel.
  • Secretly deactivating pranks, snares, and traps placed for Mabel (often by jumping in front of her and getting ambushed by the trap). Any MMK members caught in traps are tortured by the Troublesome Trio by having to watch a statue of Mabel be annihilated with pie and banana goop.
  • Spying on her via a peephole into Explorer's igloo (the MMK headquarters is next door to Explorer's igloo, so it's easy). Explorer will then close the peephole, get out his foghorn, and disrupt the MMK meeting with a loud blast.
  • Stalking Mabel... unseen.

The MMK also performs services to protect Mabel and "punish" those who hate her. The effigy burning is, most often, on a Mabel hater's lawn. It serves as a warning: "do not mess with Mabel, or we mess with you".

Failure to comply (duh) results in the MMK doing what they can to protect Mabel. That is, jumping in fromt of traps, deactivating pranks, doding pain, and often taking pies to the face for her.

Sometimes, they'll try and spring counter-pranks on the Mabel-haters. Alas, the Klan is mostly terrible at doing so, so that rarely works. Klansman can even find themselves caught in their own traps.

MMK Uniform[edit]

Traditional uniform[edit]

An MMK member in full uniform.
  • All Clansmen wear the following in meetings, making them easily recognizable.
    • Long, purple robes that drag on the floor (their feet can't be seen).
    • Duplicates of Mabel's glasses.
    • Boatman hats (also iconic on con-men, salespeople, and Vaudeville).

On rare occasions, Klansmen will wear a purple capirote hood to conceal their identity when stopping traps, so that the pranksters won't go after them. Normally, though, they do not do so, because they see it as an honor to be pranked for being a Mabel minion. Capirotes are usually restricted to High Klansmen and only in "dramatic" events.

Trial, banishment, and dicipline uniforms[edit]

An MMK member in full Trial Robes.

Sometimes, traitors of the Klan arise and must be dealt with. Other times, a punishment or correction needs to be done. In these times, the usual uniform just doesn't meet the needed "scary" factor. Who takes a penguin in a boater hat seriously?

Higher members of the MMK dim the lights in the headquarters and bring in a large desk, like a judge's bench. On each side of the desk, tall candle lampstands are lit to cast an eerie orange glow in the igloo.

The members all gather and sit behind the desk in frighteningly strange uniforms, officially called Trial Robes.

  • High Klansmen on the bench wear the following in trials, meetings of punishment, and events that neccesitate drama.
    • First and foremost is a purple capirote hood. This pointy hat also covers the wearer's face and beak. It is a purple item with eyeholes for the wearer and a built in pair of glasses. Depending on the rank of the high Klansman, it may have different colored trim or accessories. The boater hat is at the top of the cone, usually just sitting there.
    • Also present are black, floor-length robes(like that worn by Mabel in the Musical) with red trim. The Klan's emblem is stiched onto these. The stark contrast towards the purple capirote casts recognizable fear and a sense of bad fashion. After all, only old ladies without fashion sense wear red and purple together!

The Fashion Police have never caught a Klansman in trial robes because of the secrecy of the group.


The Grandmaster/Almighty Headmaster of the MMK, currently TurtleShroom (penguin), usually wears a costume similar to the Trial Robes, even at normal meetings, to distinguish himself from the rest of the group. When contacting Perry the Puffle, this is the usual getup as well.

  • In all meetings, the Grandmaster dresses as follows:
    • Like the trialers, the Grandmaster dons a capirote hood. It is purple with eyeholes and Mabel glasses. This capirote is also adorned with golden trim.
    • The Grandmaster wears a white robe instead of a black one, also with golden trim.
    • A purple sash is also worn to designate their membership in the Klan.
    • The boater hat is glued onto the top of the capirote, so instead of being held up by the cone, it is perfectly straight.


  • Apparently, the misspelling of "Clan" as "Klan" was the leader's fault. It was a typo, and Director Benny does not approve, but does anyone really care?
    • Alex has said that it is a common spelling convention in the MAI to write all C's as K's.
  • Barkjon may be eliminated.
  • Willy the Penguin has actually signed a contract with the MMK stating that he shall never join them, as he and Mabel share a deep dislike for each other.
  • The MMK hires several puffle mercenaries to protect Mabel from anti-Mabel villains, such as Explorer and the Troublesome Trio. One of these puffles is Perry the Puffle. Fudd wants to be one one but since he never uses his alter-ego NinjaFudd (which is better at combat) at bodyguard tryouts he hasn't been elected.
  • The Fashion Police is capturing the members for being unfashionable (liking Mabel and wearing that doofy uniform)
    • Thanks to Alex's absence, he has not been captured so far but is being hunted down by the police. "It's a good golly thing that I am in MAI, or else I will be captured by those three-eww...what are they, anyway?" said Alex. Others claim he bribed the Fashion Police with an entire shopping spree at a mall to avoid being captured.
  • The MMK has endorsed Donal Tenorio for the USA Presidential Elections 2016‎.

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