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Lovely Morning[edit]

Mabel: (scooting down the street) Ahh... what a lovely morning. (stares up at the sky, which is overcast)
Clyde: (to Scooter) Everything ready?
Scooter: Yup. (turns on a piece of equipment)
(Mabel is scooting down the street, remarking how nice the sky looks)
Mabel: ...I haven't seen an overcast morning like this since -- Hold it! Who's messing with my formatting?
Clyde: (popping out from behind a corner) Haha! Serves you right, four-eyes!
Mabel: Why you little sniveling sneak! </span>(starts chasing Clyde and Scooter)

Hugs from Winston[edit]

(Mabel is riding the Antarctic Express)
Mabel: It's good to take a vacation on the occasion.
(The train stops, and Winston enters. For those of you who haven't read his article in a while, Winston is part Ninja, though he can't fight. he just looks like it. Mabel doesn't know this.)
Mabel: (Looking at the "Ninja") ...he isn't here for Card-Jitsu... is he?
(The ninja comes closer)
Winston: (cheerfully) Hello friend! How's my favorite little glasses wearing puffle?
Mabel: (stuttering) You're... a... ninja...
Winston: Aww.... you look like you need a hug!
(Mabel trembles)
Winston: (looks down) I'm a Ninja? Well, I'll be! (looking down at Mabel) You know what that means?
(Mabel gulps)
Winston: (squeals in delight) NINJA HHHHUUUUUGGGGG!!!!!!!
(Winston vice grip hugs Mabel)
Mabel: YOU ARE A #^$&i#&^$*#&^ disgrace to Ninjas! You're supposed to FIGHT ME! %[email protected]@@[email protected]#$%^&*^%#@^#@%[email protected]^%[email protected]%$q^%###@@[email protected][email protected]$^*((^[email protected]!~~%&^%@#$%&^*$#$^&(*&&*(*&^%$####!!#$&*/*+$#@#$%^#@!!#$%(*&
(Winston keeps hugging)
Mabel: @#%$%$#@#$%^&^^%$##%$#@#$%^&*&#%!$^%#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@####$%%^^&^$%#!#$^W#^#$^#^#[email protected]$%#[email protected]#@#$%$$%@%@%@@@#@@!#$#$#@####!!#%$^%&**&&^**&^&&^#^*&&#@@!^%^
(Winston finally lets go. Mabel starts gasping for air)
Mabel: They don't make ninjas like they used to.
(Mabel scoots off)
Mabel: (mumbles) $#[email protected][email protected]#$%$$#%#$#@###@[email protected]%%^%$..........
(Explorer overhears)
Explorer: (turning to the audience) Now what did I weasel into this short story for?! To hear Mabel say "hash", "asterisk", and "at sign" all over again?
(Explorer waddles off, muttering the words "ampersand", "tilde", and "parentheses" over and over.)

Explorer's Modes[edit]

(Explorer walks up to Mabel, in Strict Mode, and sits down next to her.)
Strict Explorer: Greetings. It is pleasurable to see a civilized being in this idiotic wasteland.
(Mabel is unaware of Explorer's "modes")
Mabel: (In shock) Who are you and what have you done with my freak of a master?!
Strict Explorer: (arrogantly) It is me, you doofus!
Mabel: (takes out camera, starts recording) So, Explorer, what do you think of Happyface?
(Strict Explorer looks ahead, and replies)
Strict Explorer: (adjusting his glasses) Happyface is an uncivilized being of which has no life. He should be locked in an asylum filled with abstract art. Maybe he would come back more cultured.
Mabel: Wow. You took the words right out of my mouth.
Mabel: (Takes out paper) ... and if you sign this contract, you will ban The Troublesome Trio and end pranks forever.
Strict Explorer: Gladly. It would be my honor to rid Antarctica of such foul scum and-
(Strict Explorer stops in mid-sentence and collapses on the ground in a seizure like state.)
(Explorer rises back up, now in "Phreaker" Mode. His eyes are spiralling.)
"Phreaker" Explorer: i lIKE piffLEZ!! do3z U?!
Mabel: ...what?!
"Phreaker" Explorer: i sca3ZZ noth|nG!!11!!!1!!11!11!! 3v3N U bec0m3 nAPKinZZ!!!! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
("Phreaker" Explorer takes out a shovel.)
"Phreaker" Explorer: LOLZZZ!!11!!!111111!!!!!! i g0tZ SpaD3ZsZ!!! Bwa Ha wee Ha wee Ha!!11!!!!!11!!!!!!!!
(Mabel gulps)
"Phreaker" Explorer: <nowiki>!!!!! LOLZ!!!!11!!!!!
("Phreaker" Explorer chases Mabel with the shovel)
Mabel: Oh well, 'tis better to have been civilized and lost, than to never have been civilized at all (*whack*)!

Eat Cheese Puffs[edit]

  • Mabel: I hate Happyface. He is the most uncivilized penguin ever to walk the face of the South Pole.

Happyface: (overhearing) I hate you! EAT CHEESE PUFFS!!!!!!!!
Mabel: (scared) Anything but CHEESE PUFFS!!! ANYTHING!!
Happyface: (stunned) Wow... that was definitely not in the script.

Self Demonstrating[edit]

Mabel: (yelling at Explorer) YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT'S SO ANNOYING ABOUT YOU?!!!
Explorer: <sarcasm>Boingety-boing-boing. Kaboom.<sarcasm>

Explorer's Confession[edit]

(Explorer is sitting down. Mabel scoots up to him. Realizing his new status...)
Mabel: You know, even if that crown was solid platinum, I would still think you are a cuckoo-headed freak.
(Explorer turns to Mabel)
Explorer: And what makes you think that?

Mabel: Because you're insane and whack people with shovels.

Explorer: As if exploding bananas ever cared. Flying bathtubs think that's ethically valid, too.

Mabel: You're insane, aren't you?

Explorer (smirking): That's right!

New Years Party[edit]

Auld Lang Syne: (to Mabel) Happy New Year, friend! Are you ready to party?
Mabel: No.
Auld Lang Syne: Good! (takes out harpsichord) Any requests?
Mabel: That's a harpsichord.
Auld Lang Syne: Sure is, sprout! I can play anything on one of these babies!
(Mabel is annoyed.)
Mabel: How about "Shut Up and Leave"?
Auld Lang Syne: Hmm... I don't know that one. Could ya hum a few bars for me?
Mabel: AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I need to find someone to insult, or I'll surely break out in a rash!
(Mabel sees Explorer)
Explorer: Ugh... this is one old acquaintance I have to forget and never bring to mind.

Truth or Dare[edit]

Fridge (while playing Truth or Dare with Mabel): Go ahead, pick.

Mabel: Ok, truth.

Fridge: Do you always like being better than someone else?

Mabel: Nope.

(Korobase scoots by)

Korobase (After hearing the last question and answer): Did I just hear that you don't like being the best?

Mabel: That's right.

Korobase: ...that's so un-true! You always want to be better than other people!

Mabel: WHY, YOU...!!!

(Fridge scoots away)

Korobase: I wouldn't try and come at me, if I were you, of course!

(Korobase pulls out a Jet pack)

Mabel: Bring it, punk!

(Mabel pulls out a bigger jet pack)

Korobase: Huh, well, get a load of this!

(Korobase pulls out a HUGE jet pack)

Mabel: Hahahaha!

(Mabel pulls out the biggest jet pack ever)

Korobase: ...

Mabel: Heh, I just need to put it on and I will be flying faster than you could ever go!

(Mabel tries to put on the jet pack but ends up falling over)

Korobase: Hahahaha!

(Fridge comes back with an ice cream)

Korobase: You see that? That's her trying to be better than me!

Mabel (while upside down on the ground): I... should have.... picked... dare....

First Prank of the day[edit]

Dentor: Hello Mabel

Mabel: Hello Phreak

Dentor: Been pranked yet?

Mabel: Nope, I haven't been pranked all day actually.

Dentor: Oh good...

(Dentor pulls out a hose)

Mabel: I knew that was going to happen.

Dentor: Get ready to be sprayed!

Mabel: Hmm fine, but I warn you, I HAVE EQUIPMENT TOO!

(Mabel pulls out a HUGE hose)

Dentor: Umm...

(Mabel grins)

Dentor (to himself): Quick! Get out!

Mabel: I would drop that hose, if I were you.

(Dentor starts running)

Mabel: Oh no you don't!


Dentor (covered in water): I knew I should have stayed at home.

She does have feelings[edit]

(listening to This Wiki's Not the Same Without You)

Mabel: *sniff*

(Explorer waddles up.)

Explorer: Mabel, are you crying?

(Mabel glares at Explorer, trying to wipe her tears.)

Mabel: *sobbing*, I just ate some onions.

Explorer: Mabel... you're allergic to onions.

Mabel: *sniff* I AM NOT!

Explorer: The last time you ate one, you swelled like a fat balloon and turned blue.

Mabel takes an onion and eats it.

Mabel: See? I was eating onions, and I cried when this song happened to be pla-

(Mabel turns blue and swells up.)

Explorer (after sticking a syringe in Mabel's side): You know, I'm going to tell everyone that that song makes you cry.


(Explorer smirks and turns on the song again.)

Mabel: (in a hoarse voice) *sob* See? I'm... *sniff* not crying *sob*.