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(Explorer walks up to Mabel.)

Explorer: I figured out your full name.

Mabel: So?

Explorer: It's Mabel von Injoface.

(Mabel smiles faintly)

Explorer: (nervous) ...Mabel... why are you *gulp*, smiling?'re not supposed... to do that.

Mabel: XIX. My full name is Mabel von Injoface... XIX.

Explorer: ...XIX? What kind of phre-...

(Explorer casts a blank stare.)

Explorer: ...that means...

Mabel: (grinning evily) That's right.

Explorer: ...that means...

Mabel: Uh huh.

Explorer: ...that means...

Mabel: Yes.

Explorer: (in complete panic) THERE WERE EIGHTEEN OTHER MABELS?!

Mabel: All the way back to the High Penguin Confederacy.

Explorer: (trembling like Penguin Micro) ...s-so other cr-cr-creatures... h-had to p-put up w-with............................... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Explorer runs of in sheer panic)

Mabel: (turns to audience, grinning very evily) This is why I keep a family tree.

Alex loves Mabel[edit]

(Mabel comes across Alex12345a. Alex12345a falls down backwards) Mabel: What in the phreaking world are you doing?

Alex: Umm... umm...

Mabel: WHAT?!?

Alex: Um... I.... erm.... just saw a... erm... how should I say this... erm...

Mabel: Let me guess. You are saying that you are an idiot.

Alex: NO I AM NOT! I LOVE YO (gulps)

Mabel: You love me?

Alex: No I don't.

Mabel: Yes you do. Look at you. You did those "actions". That means...

(Mabel smirks)

Mabel: have a crush on me.

(Alex runs, or apparently waddles to somewhere else. Breaking the fourth wall, she says)

Mabel: Do you?

Mabel Football[edit]

(Mabel sees a group of Jock Penguins)

Mabel: Hey, you dumb apes.

Jock 1: What did she call us?

Mabel: I called you dumb apes.

Jock 2: Well, let's...

Jock 3: No, wait. Let's have a game of football.

Jock 4: Good idea!

(Jock 5 picks up Mabel)

Mabel: Hey! Where are you taking me?! HELP!

(Explorer walks by')'

Explorer: This looks appealing!

Jock 5: What ya looking at?

(Explorer runs off to get the South Pole Council)

Jock 3: Oh, great. The government's gonna intervene.

Judge Xavier (seeing Jocks): Uh-huh, this is gonna be good! Ain't dat right, Jonesworth?... (starts petting Jonesworth)

All Jocks: ...

(After realizing the South Pole Council is here to watch, the Jocks begin to play.)

Mabel (while being thrown): ΔΩ ͏ Ϡ‽Я҂Ӷ۝۩ᴥᵯ₠∏℗ЙӜिআஇணഊ෴ษ༕࿄Ᏻᕇ⁡⃔∏⊛⎳⎲⏎␀①⑫⓬☎☸☈♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟♨✆✉✍❀⨇ⶹㆱ﷼ * ᅤ!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninja Hug![edit]

(Jackio is teaching his sons some swordfighting until Mabel comes in

Mabel: Hey, you High Penguin freaks.

Jackio: You should not say that, erm... whats her name. Oh, yes, Habel.

Mabel: (quitly) Mabel!

(Winston walks in)


Mabel: [email protected]@@"£*&$(%*(£$*12:09, 25 April 2009 (UTC)@@:{*(^*&^%%&%%7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The Troublesome Trio walks in and dumps a few rubber duckys on Mabel, cover her with chocolate sauce and mess up her hair)

Explorer: Hey, thanks for letting us prank Mabel in your Dojo

Jackio: (to himself) It's not a Dojo

Spam Bomb[edit]

(Mabel is eating lunch when she receives a phone call)

Mabel: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? I'M EATING LUNCH YOU FREAKAZOID!!!!!!!

Alxeedoo1010: Umm... sorry to bother you. But, this "Alxeedoo Spammer" thing is throwing Spam Bombs at me! HELP!!!


Alxeedoo1010: OUCHIE! Another Bomb. Did I mention Explorer is being attacked too?

Mabel: (to herself) Oh no.... who'll feed me!? (to Alxeedoo) I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!!!

Alxeedoo1010: REALLY!? I mean, thank you so much!!!!!!!!


Symbol Shouting Contest[edit]

Alebettina: * Ω Ϡ இ ✄ ☂ ☠ ⓬ ⎳ ⎲ ࿄ ✆ ✍ ண Я ☾☢♞இ Ӝ ∏ ᵯ ᴥ ۩ ۝ !

Mabel: Funny. "* Ω Ϡ இ ✄ ☂ ☠ ⓬ ⎳ ⎲ ࿄ ✆ ✍ ண Я ☾☢♞இ Ӝ ∏ ᵯ ᴥ ۩ ۝ !"

Not being the problem[edit]

Ninjinian: Hey, Mabel! What's -

Mabel: CAN'T TALK RIGHT NOW, VEGGIE-BREAK! I'm watching videos of Ninjinian teaching penguins that have the problem how to not be that problem, and I'm trying to take them for myself, not that I am Fa - (Turns around, seeing Ninjinian).

Ninjinian: (Glares at Mabel)

Mabel: Oh! (Smashing computer up) (To herself) I'll say to Explorer that Fred came and dropped the computer. Hey, Ninjinian . . . (pauses) How did you get in?. GET OUT!

Snow Island[edit]

On Snow island,

Bean pod 600: Ok, guys, Mabel is coming today so be nice.

(Both puffles nod).

(Mabel walks in)

Mabel:Who are these ugly fat creatures?

Bean pod 600: Mabel, be nice. They're my puffles, they are like you.

(Yarr growls)

Mabel: Oh shut up you lazy bird. Stop growling you burning pieces of belly button fluff. I am not like you anyways.

(Both puffles growl) (fire cannon nods to Bean pod)

Bean pod 600: All right. You can chase her. She's very annoying anyways.

Mabel: Oh yeah? You stupid piece of... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

(Both puffles chase her and she gets hit by an O' berry bush)

Bean pod also gets his revenge. He shoves down a block of ice the size of herself while she's unconsious and hits her in the head with a hard stick like a human base ball player.

She land in a wave and drifts towards Club penguin. She still get's hit by a passing surfer.