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Do-do-do-do, can't wait to get a mouthful[edit]

Iceanator189: Do you like waffles?

Mabel: No.

Iceanator189: Do you like pancakes?

Mabel: No.

Iceanator189: Do you like french toast?

Mabel: NO!!!! GO AWAY!

Mabel in Zürich[edit]

(Mabel walks into the city of Zürich)

Lord Swiss Ninja: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is Mabel, the evil puffle! Arrest her!

Soldiers: Yes, sir!

(Soldiers jump on top of Mabel)

Mabel: HEY! GET OFF ME, YOU #^*#%^&##%(*&&&&&&&&&&&&**@%$#@@ OVERWEIGHT CRETINS!

Swiss Ninja: Don't you know you are banned from this country, and this city? You will be punished for trespassing and being sadistic!

(Mabel is smacked with heavy pillows)

Mabel: $%*()&^%$#&^&)(*&*&$#&@^%*&^*&$&$*%$%$#%^$^%@@@@@####&&&&&&!!!!!!!!

Swiss Ninja: Oh and by the way, MY SOLDIERS ARE NOT OVERWEIGHT!!!

Hat Pop PWNage[edit]

(Hat Pop is waddling around the Clubb Phengin Weekee and notices a familiar purple furball)

Hat Pop: Hello!

Mabel: Umm..hello...Rabbit-eared phreak.

Hat Pop: Oh no you didn't... Nobody insults the ears!! NEVA!!!

Mabel: And where did you get that crown? The Slums?

Hat Pop: O_O... NOW it's personal!

(Hat Pop takes out a 10 Snow Card-Jitsu Card and a loaned deletion rod from TSP)

Mabel: Aw, Snickderoodles. Wait, WHAT?! Where'd I pick that up?! WHAT A ΔΩஇআिӜ℗∏⑫⎲⎳℗ᵯ♩!!!!! CATCHPHRASE

Hat Pop: Whoa.

(Watches Mabel disintegrate after being touched with the deletion rod, then smirks as a penguin runs her over with a sled.)

Meet your Antibody[edit]

(Mabel and a random penguin cross paths)

Mabel: Hello, you insolent doofus of a penguin.

Penguin: Wait, didn't you get deleted by Hat Pop?

Mabel: I had my ways of getting restored.

Penguin: Uh oh, here comes Mabel X!

(The penguin runs off, and Mabel X suddenly appears in front of the real Mabel)

Mabel X: Hello! Would you like a fairy cake?

Mabel: Um, no thanks. I'm allergic to icing.

Mabel X: Aw, come on! They're delicous!

(Mabel X flings a fairy cake into Mabel's mouth.)

Mabel: No, ARRGGHH!!! (Mabel starts swelling up.)

Mabel X: Ooh, that looks bad, this onion should soothe the swelling!" (Mabel X throws an onion into Mabel's mouth.)

Mabel: MOOOMPH!!! (Mabel swells up so much she floats away, and Mabel X goes off and starts chasing butterflies.)

Fall Fair[edit]

In Club Penguin, while in the Fall Fair,

(Bean pod 600 meets Mabel again)

Mabel: Hello, crazy bird. I still hate you from that incident last month.

Bean pod 600: Oh really... guess what i got this time? Heheheh...

Mabel:What are you laughing at? Your own stupidity?

Bean pod 600:(Uses the Gravity Gun) Who's laughing now? Heheheh... (presses 'Pick up' button)

(takes her to the 'Puffle Paddle' game) Play time!!! (Goes to play extreme mode!) Whoops!... Heheheh... (He slips, on purpose, Mabel goes sky high and lands in the Wilderness)

Mabel: (looks up to the sky) NOOOOOOOO!!!!! (bounces around in circles) WWWHHHYYY?!?!?!?!?!!? III"MMM LLLOOOSSSTTT!!!!!! ASTERISK ASTERISK ALPHA OMEGA BLAH BLAH CAKE CAKE BLAH BLAH BLURGAHCAKA BBBLLLAAAGGGHHH!!!! (Shouts so loud, she fires a laser out of her mouth, gets hit by recoil, hits her head on a rock and blocks out.)

\ /
/ /_______________

Great Storm of 2008[edit]

(During The Great Storm of 2008

(Mabel opens the door)

Chub 777: Trick or treat!

Mabel: What are you doing with a basket wanting for candies?

(Chub 777 turns to audence)

Chub 777: Sheesh. I may have to do something about this.

Mabel: WHAT?!? did you just say?

Chub 777: Nothing. Just read the part that's huge: Chub 777 says "Happy Halloween! BOO! Gimme all your candy!

Mabel: Give you my candy?! Give you? NEVA!

Chub 777 (now very angry): That does it!

(Chub 777 pulls out a CD player and puts on some head phones. He presses the button...)

Chub 777: IT'S POLKA!

Mabel: ARRGH! ͏ᵯ♞♗$&@!Я۝%!*((()@☢✄Ω͏Δ∫㎯Ᏻ⁡⃔␀①@$^#!#@#~Δ#$☭⊘㎭♻↔#¼@$%%@៛!!!!!!

Chub 777: NOOOO!!!!

(Chub closes the door leaving his CD player behind and runs to the next house)

(Mabel ejects the CD)

Mabel:Tourture CD, eh? Lets see if we have WHAT?!?

(Mabel puts Track 15 on. WHAT?!? plays)

Shoot yer lazer[edit]

Mabel:Dumb robot driving @#$#%@&$%^#

Mech Rider:YOU LITTLE........(blasts mabels fur off with laser)

Mabel:AHHHHHHH @%#^$&@!$#&$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mech Rider: O_O

Neoni's Music[edit]

Neoni: *Sings crank dat soulja boy*

Mabel: That music is [email protected]#$%.


C Sharp or you'll B Flat[edit]

Mei Raven: *Goes into crazy seizure* MABEL... SHALL... WAARGH... MEH... DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huffhuff* *Goes back to eating ice cream*

Mabel: Yeah right kid.Sheesh what a-

  • Piano drops on Mabel*

Mabel: &%^&*&%& D'OH!!!!!

WAFFLES!!! (x3)[edit]


Mabel: No. Didn't someone ask me that already?


Mabel: No, I do not.



Psyche: Good, then! *Throws all three at Mabel*

Syrup coated Mabel: WHY YOU LITTLE-

Psyche: Here try this! *Stuffs a waffle in her mouth and runs away*

Mabel: Hey! Psyche! About that 'waffle incident' yesterday, punk...

Psyche: DISCO STEW IS BURNIN' FOR YOU! *Runs away laughing maniacally*

Mabel: Sensei should really keep that kid off coffee.