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Mabel: EMILY!

Emily: No need to yell, darling.

Mabel: Don't %^&*&*%(&*( tell me what to do!! I just heard that you have made up some dumb belief about how to become more popular.

Emily: No, I came up with a smart belief. You should try it, it'll get you much more popular than what you are now. I mean, everyone pretty much hates you.

Mabel: NEVER!! I'm not going through that hogwash, I can become popular MY OWN WAY!!

Emily: I'm glad that's working out. Oh wait- it isn't. *Laughs*

Mabel: SHUT UP YOU &^*%&^#%^!!! I'll be popular, it just takes time! And unlike how you do it, mine will last.

Emily: Yeah. Keep dreaming.

Mabel: Anyways, that's not why I came here! I'm here to talk about your stupid Fashist belief. I just heard that Charles is one of them. YOU TURNED MY FAVORITE BROTHER INTO ONE OF YOU!!!

Emily: Um, Charles is your only brother...

Mabel: Well, if you haven't noticed already, Susan used Dustin to be the father of her child. So technically Foamy is my brother too.

Emily: True that, but we don't really consider him one of us...

Mabel: Oh, right. Anyways, what were we talking about?

Emily: You said you're mad because Charlie is Fashist...

Mabel: Oh yeah... HOW DARE YOU!!! I wouldn't mind if you made one pathetic penguin into one of you, but not my brother!

Emily: First of all, Charles is my brother too. Second, I known him a lot longer than you have. Third of all, he chose to be fashist, I did not force him.

Mabel: That's $%&*$^^*%&* CRAZY TALK!!! *Pounces on Emily*

Emily: EEK! *Fights back*

Mabel: Ouch, ow, owuchie!!! How do you know how fight so well?

Emily: Pizza Penguin sent me to the most expensive self-defense classes. What did Explorer do to make sue that you would last fights?

Mabel: Well he did hit me in the head with a shovel a few times... HEY YOU'RE TRYING TO DISTRACT ME!!! *Pounces again*

(Emily is shown covered in bruises in a hospital, next to Mabel in a body cast)

Emily; You know, when you heal, I'll have to arrest you for fighting unfashionably. That and domestic abuse, so you'll spend time in a real jail.

Mabel: Mmph Hmmph hmmprffhr rhffrmp

Emily: Yeah, I thought so *Leaves*

Mabel's Driver[edit]

(Mabel's personal driver who is a Mabelist is driving along the high street)

Mabel: HURRY UP!

Mabel Driver: Sorry your Incredible Highness Empress and Queen Mabel.


(In the distance a police siren wails and police motorbike pulls up alongside Mabel. Out comes The X Leader)

The X Leader: Sorry but I need to give you a Fashion Ticket.

Mabel: Wait what? Hang on that STUPID EMILY PUT YOU UP TO THIS!

The X Leader (accidentally breaking the forth wall): It's true what they say. Mabel isn't good with the cops, hey?

Stone Cold Mabel[edit]

Iceanator189 (to Mabel): You know, since I'm a High Penguin I can turn you into things.

Mabel: Then turn me into a statue of myself!

Iceanator189: Okay.

(Iceanator shouts a bunch of annoying things like "BLABBABA! BLOOP!")

(Mable turns into a statue while Iceanator walks away.)


Mabel: Geez, I'm only standing next to you, ⎳இഊ.

Wave and Xave[edit]

Xave Jones: Y0 M4b3lz

Mabel: *sniff* *sob* Shut up! I am listening to the song that makes me cries..., *sob* i mean, after i ate an Onion.

Wave Jones: ...........................................................? ....! .............................?? (Lit. : @%#@#%^#^$&(%^*$&#^%@[email protected]@#$^^$%$#[email protected] Hello? Xave! What did i told you to go to her house??)

Xave Jones: IDK!

Mabel: Wait a minute...What are YOU TWO doing here? GET OUT! [email protected]$!%#[email protected]&#$^#$$#[email protected]#$#%


683Popillol: hI MAbel!

Mabel: Go away.

683Popillol: dO u wants soMe oNIons?

Mabel: AUGH!!!!

683Popillol: WhY nOt? HeRE, tRY s0Me! (he puts onions in Mabel's mouth)


683Popillol: ANd heRe iS s0me iCiNg! (he puts icing in Mabel's mouth)

(Mabel swells up like a balloon)

Mabel: WHAT THE %*&҂Δ∏@Йஇண^@#⎲☈&♜♘!!! ARE— WHY— WHAT DID— DID YOU KNOW— Grrrr... Ω℗Ӝ@আஇ&ண☎+♛$♟☸♔6☈!!

(Explorer comes in Phreaker Mode)

Explorer: PiFFLeZ aRe GREAT!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1 DOEZ U lIke PIFFlez TWO???/?///???

Mabel: I know that's you, Popillol. Now go away you ഊ☎⑫இ$(%⎲&58⓬;♖1^♗@ WEIRDO!!!

(Popillol comes)

Mabel: Th- th- th- there's TWO OF YOU! What the... ഊ☎⑫இ$(%&58⓬;♖1^♗@!!

It's a Trap![edit]

Mabel: I want a free car. An all-access card to the subway. (Drones on and on)

Nicktang10: Mabel, this is the 26th time you've asked for it. For goodness...oh nevermind. (Presses a button)

Mabel:(Mabel gets trapped in the cage) [email protected]#$%^&*{}~!#$%%%^

Nick: You never learn, do you. Oh well, here you go to Winston. He seems to have lots of ONIONS!

Mabel: What?! NO!

Winston comes in and starts hugging Mabel and feeding her onions. Mabel swells up like a balloon.

Nick: Done and done. Here you go off to Explorer.

(Mabel is teleported to Explorer. He shakes his head)

Explorer: You do realise that is also the 13th time you have gone through that, you know.

Cold Turkey[edit]

Osheco:Hi there Mabel!

Mabel:GET LOST YOU @#@[email protected]#$e#@#͏♕COFFEE ADDICT!

Osheco:Im not an addict ju-

Mabel:(Throws coffee at face)

Osheco:(Drop of coffee goes in)

Mabel:Yeah you had coffee so what you insane freak with a watch!

Osheco:(Goes hyperactive and stomps)RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!NO ONE INGUALTS THFE WATTHS!

Mabel:(Petrified for 3 days)

The Proposal[edit]

(At the beach with Mabel and Fudd)

Fudd: Hey Mabel baby, will you marry me?

(Mabel slaps him) No, get lost!

Fudd: Marry me or I'll prank you!

Mabel: Fine, I'll @%&*&*^% marry you!

Fudd; Whoa, watch your language!

Mabel: I hate you!

Fudd; But Mabel, I- I love you.

(Mabel slaps him again) I said get out you %^$#@!

Fudd: Yeesh, watch your language!

Mabel: Don't tell me what to do and get out!

(Fudd runs away)

What Kind of Moron are You?[edit]

(McDonald's walks down a street in Snowville while Mabel pushes Cabel in his way.)

Cabel: What kind of Moron are you?

McDonald's: Whazat?

Cabel: Your so skinny, and healthy too! I think you should enjoy the good life. Like me.

McDonald's: Get out of the way you ^#!|€>|^]* lady!

Mabel: *appears* Tsk tso tsk. Watch your language!

Mcdonalds: Shut up! *whacks Mabel* I knew it was you! *runs away*

Mabel: And I broke the 4th Wall again.

Mabel and Fudd's first "date" as an "engaged couple"[edit]

(At a expensive fancy restaurant that Fudd bought for Mabel)

Fudd: Hey Mabel light of my life?

Mabel: What the $^&$ do you want dweeb?

Fudd: Did you just fart cause you blew me away?

Mabel: What?! No, I did not fart! Ewwwww, THAT'S GROSS!

Fudd: Quiet Mabel, we're at a public place. Everypenguin can hear you.

Mabel: Whatever, at least I'm not some stupid puffle who tries too hard to impress his/her/its crush.

Fudd: No Mabel baby, this is our first date as an engaged couple. Isn't fantastic?

Mabel: For the last time Fudd, WE'RE NOT &^$($#@ ENGAGED.

Fudd: Mabel, there are little penguins here.

Waiter penguin: Is there any problem and what would you two like to order?

Mabel and Fudd: Puffle edition spaghetti.

Mabel: (sarcastic) There is totally no problem at all, sir.

(waiter penguin writes down on notepad and leaves)

Mabel: Why do you looooooove me?

Fudd: Because you're so hot.

Mabel: That's it? Ok then, when are we getting "married"?

Fudd: May 2016.

Mabel: I can wait.

Fudd: I can't wait! We're gonna be so cute together, we'll never be alone and I can always be with you forever! Yay!

Mabel: HAHA! No we're not. You know I hate you with a passion.

Fudd: Sorry I wasn't listening. I was looking at the lovely view from the windows with fancy curtains. Lost in my own world.

(Waiter brings food to puffles and the "couple" eats)

(Waiter comes back for puffles to pay bill. Fudd and Mabel leaves)

Mabel: Well, at least you didn't take me to a crappy restaurant. This one is fancy. I can't believe you can afford this, but how?

Fudd: (says in a flirty voice) oh never you mind Mabel baby.

Mabel: Let me guess, you stole money form a bank and got away with it?

Fudd: I sure did.

Mabel: Wow, maybe you're not so stupid.

Fudd: Really?!

Mabel: Only a little bit. You're audacious and I like it. Lets do more bad stuff tomorrow in the early morning. I'll come to your house.

Fudd: I got a gift for you.

Mabel: Yay! (opens and sees a how to do pranks by Fudd) A stupid book from you?

Fudd: It's a book I've written so you can set them up especially for you. I going to give the book for your birthday but I thought this time would be appropriate.

Mabel: Whatever.

Fudd: Bye Mabel.