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The Puffle Mabel is very famous for being extremely arrogant and sadistic. She is owned by renown penguin Explorer 767 and thus many people had the unforunant experience of meeting her. Here are her relationships with people and organizations she has come across.

Positive Relationships[edit]

Yes, believe it or not there are a few people who Mabel likes.

Mabel and Mabel XVIII[edit]

Mabel's most healthy and functional relationship is unsurprisingly with her equally arrogant and rude mother. She was her mother's first child, and most favorite. Her mother helped her become the rude puffle she is today. They often agree on most of their views, such as society and other people.

Mabel XVIII is very proud on how Mabel has turned out and often supports and defends her regularly.

Mabel and Charles[edit]

Charles is Mabel's younger brother, and like Mabel he is arrogant and sadistic. She likes watching his show because the contestants often get put into uncomfortable and dangerous situations which makes her laugh. She didn't meet Charles until she was older, as she was adopted by Explorer while Charles was raised by her mother. However Charles has less than ideal grammar and Mabel views this as a flaw and tries to correct him.

Neutral Relationships[edit]

Mabel and the MMK[edit]

The MMK is a group dedicated to praising her. Because of her inflated Ego she often enjoys the attention she gets from the group. However, she views the members as lesser than her and many of them get on her nerves, especially Fudd. Mabel tolerates their presence since they try to get other people to help Mabel. However she does not hesitate to insult them when they do something she doesn't like.

Negative Relationships[edit]

Mabel and Emily[edit]

Mabel and Emily have a strong rivalry going with each other. Mabel has always hated Emily since they met, since despite both being arrogant, Emily was concerned with getting the approval of the public, while Mabel wanted the public to approve of her without changing herself. Her views are in stark contrast with Fashism, and has been arrested by the Fashion Police multiple times. Mabel is secretly jealous of Emily because Emily is very popular with the public and treated well, while Mabel is treated like dirt. However Mabel refuses to compromise her principles to become popular and views the praise Emily gets and more evidence society is flawed.

Mabel and Cabel[edit]

Cabel is Mabel's twin sister, and very fat, stupid, and lazy. Mabel dislikes Cabel very much for these reasons. However, Cabel does not interact with Mabel often because she is glued to the TV most of the time eating junk food. Mabel does insult Cabel behind her back, and has a hard time believing they are related.

Mabel and Explorer 767[edit]

Explorer is Mabel's owner, and Mabel reluctantly stays with him because she in unable to keep a job and the government won't give her assistance. However she dislikes Explorer very much and hates his love of pranks. Explorer also hits her on the head with his shovel for fun. Explorer dislikes Mabel, but she amuses him so he views her as a "frenemy". Mabel also dislikes how Explorer has many "modes" which he keeps changing but finds his "strict" mode rather pleasant and wishes he would stick with it.