Mabel I

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Mabel I
Mabel 1 image.PNG
A picture of Mabel I in an art museum. That human is really a clever painitng that was painted on both the floor and the wall. From this point of view, he looks real.
Title Big Fat Meanie!!!
Gender Female
Race Purple Puffle
Faction Queer eyes....
Health Good, prior to death
Level 999999 (We wish it was -999999999999999!)
Status Dead
Location Von Injoface Necropolis

Mabel I was the first Mabel. She got the name "von Injoface" through courtship, but records show that she was as nasty as the rest. Not much is known about her, as she was born around 1580.


Not much is known about Mabel I since she is so old. She wasn't originally a von Injoface member, but rather got into the family through marriage with a male member. Like the other members, she was probably extremely cruel and egotistic. She named her daughter after herself, and her son named his daughter after her (or his sister, nobody really knows). She had a fear of the number 13, and demanded that they wouldn't continue the name game to allow a 13th Mabel.

Her wishes were defied.

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