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This is a story where Mabel, Cabel, Charles, Emily, and Mabel XVIII see each other again after a long time (as well as the first time Mabel and Cabel meet Charles and Emily). It takes place in the year 1999.


Mabel XVIII- an arrogant, sadistic, extremely cruel blue puffle who is left alone in the world after her children left her. She tries to find her favorite child, Mabel XIX, to cure her loneliness.

Charles Maniaca von Injoface- another blue puffle who is that Mabel's son. He divorced his mother after years of abuse, and is trying to find the whereabouts of his twin sister, Emily, who was adopted as well as finding his two other sisters he never met before

Emily- Charle's twin, who is a spoiled rotten fashion freak. She lives with Pizza Penguin, and hates her mother.

Cabel- An overweight purple puffle who loves television and food and also is somewhat dim.

Mabel- We all know who she is. She is the daughter of Mabel XVIII, twin sister of Cabel, and older sister of Emily and Charles

Susan von Injoface- Mabel XVIII's niece, who looks up to her and tries to help her find Mabel XIX

Oreop- Mabel XVIII's nephew who is Susan's brother. He helps her help Mabel.

Matt von Injoface- Oreop's young son

Abel- The father of Susan and Oreop, and brother of Mabel XVIII

Lenard von Injoface- A famous play director who knows the whereabouts of Mabel and Cabel

Tars O'vian- Mabel XVIII's cousin who brown-noses her, and is pretty nasty

Harrington Antics- The owner of Mabel

Fanny- Harrington's wife

Explorer 767- Harrington's 9-yeal old son

Fred 676- Harry's other son, who is the twin of Explorer

Pizza Penguin- Rich owner of Emily