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Mabel X
Mabel X image.png
She's the polar oppsite of Mabel
Title That creepy puffle that's not a puffle
Gender Female
Race X-antibody
Faction Everyone is too afraid of her to ask
Health We also wish it was zero...
Level X
Status Giving cake to anyone who thinks kindness is good for you.
Location USA

Mabel X is the X-Antibody of Mabel. While Mabel is bossy and strict, Mabel X is cheery and always smiling. Most creatures try to avoid her, just like in the case of Mabel, but the reason this X-antibody is feared is because of her overall cheery, yet creepy personality. Some penguins think she's the tenth Mabel because of her name.

Following the Nightmare Epic, Mabel was greatly traumatized by the events and is considerably less cheery. Her friends are trying their best to comfort her, and she is grateful that there are so many people who care. Mabel X is still trying to make others happy,and set up a program to help victims of Nightmare's mind control.


Like with most creatures in the USA, Mabel caught the X-Virus.

One day while Mabel was chasing a visiting Northern Kanta Penguin (Who, by total coincidence, had a great fear of purple puffles) out of sheer anger, she suddenly started sneezing and coughing vioently. Explorer, who was watching the purple furred puffle from a nearby hill came racing down to her and checked to see what was wrong. (Explorer still cares about her, right?)

"Something wrong Mabel?" The light blue Adelie asked.

"No, there's nothing wrong with *cough* me, I'm just *wheeze* resting for a bit." Mabel replied.

"You look like you're in pain."

All of a sudden Mabel sneezed out a blackish goo that splashed onto the snow, where it suddenly started forming a creature that had a somewhat uncanny resemblance to Mabel, but wasn't the same puffle. It was an X-Antibody.

"Hello." Said the X-Antibody in a rather uncomforting, happy tone. "Would you care to go chasing butterflies with me?"

Thus, Mabel X was born.

After a few minutes the real Mabel started mumbling to herself: "Why is she so @!£$%^& cheerful?!"


Mabel X has been known to eat fairy cake and strawberry milkshake, and likes to chase butterflies, have tea parties and get involved with the community. Her uncomfortable cheeriness and the fact she always has fairy cakes to give out makes many a bystander either run away, pass out, or attempt to dig into the underground.

Nightmare considers her the most pathetic X-Antibody she has ever seen, and will take drastic actions if she comes near her, despite the fact this ancient wraith lives in another dimension that contains many hazards.

Mabel X also has the habit for thanking people all the time, even if they insult her. She will also end up answering her own questions all the time, which agitates her, but in a few seconds she forgets about it and asks a random bystander if they would like some fairy cakes. If, by any chance you see this X-Antibody walking down the street, run away as fast as you can, seriously, you won't believe how annoying and creepy she is.

Nightmare Epic[edit]

Mabel X was one of the many X-Antibodies kidnapped by Xplorer and mind controlled by Zone and Nightmare. Despite being nice, she was extremely vicious under mind control, murdering several of the good guys. She snapped out of it when she saw her good friend and fellow Goody-Two Sho, Tars X'vin killed. Mabel X surrendered and survived the encounter.

Mabel X greatly mourned the loss of her friend. When hearing Nightmare was killed, she felt satisfied, although later stared, "We shouldn't celebrate the death of anyone no matter how bad. Nightmare was terrible, but it would have been better for her to see the error of her ways than to just die."


  • She always has some fairy cakes with her.
  • Eve Lendfell sees nothing wrong with her, in fact stating that she is a pleasure compared to Chor Flames Inferno.
  • Sonicspine thinks she is adorable surprisingly.
  • She leads an army along with Winston.
  • Riya does not depsise her. And enjoys her company.
  • She has the biggest buddy list, ranking at 4,781 people and counting.
  • She created the type of penguins (and puffles) called Goody Two-Shoes.

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