Mabel O'vian

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Mabel XVII O'vian
Mabel's great-aunt
Title Mabel O'vian nee von Injoface XVII
Gender Female
Race Puffle
Faction Talking Puffles
Health good prior to death
Level Medium
Status dead
Location Von Injoface Necropolis
Birth date 1932

No, not THAT Mabel!

Mabel O'vian was the sister of Chuck, Emilia, and James, wife of Jordan O'vian, and mother of Tars. She is a doctor who worked with her father in the space colony, and wasn't well-liked because of her standoffish attitude.


Mabel was the oldest of three children. She often bossed her brothers around and thought that she was one of the best puffles. Once Chuck von Injoface started bullying everyone, he stood up to her. Later, her parents sent Chuck away for being a bully, and Mabel continued to bully James. Then General Puff moved away to Space Colony, and she went with him to work. Then Mabel O'vian grew up and went on to marry Jordan O'vian since he was a famous puffle. They then had Tars O'vian. Tars was a pretty nasty puffle, and the two got along very well because of this. Then she grew older and then Mabel was born. She met Mabel but then she passed away sadly.


She died after Mabel was born of a disease. She was only 52 years old. She was buried in the von Injoface Necropolis. Many Von Injofaces showed up at her funeral. Even Flywish (He's had Chuck for a long time) Chuck said a 1 hour speech for her and General Puff said a 30 minute speech. Tars said a 3 hour speech about her.


  • Though she may have picked on them, Chuck and James go to her grave and mourn on weekends.
  • She is the first Mabel to be an O'vian
  • Tars O'vian deeply misses her, and I mean DEEPLY, if you insult her you may need a nearby Hospital.
  • Flywish deleted Stoss97 just because of her being insulted by Stoss. This caused her many pain from Tars and Chuck.
  • She's one of the 5 ways to make Tars cry. Do not say "YOUR MOTHER HATES YOU" to him, or you will see a crying Tars O'vian.
    • However, when WishFlyX tried it, He just continued to get beat up by Tars.