Mabel von Injoface XVIII

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She looks familiar... oh, *&@$*%@&%!!!
Title Mabel von Injoface XVIII
Gender Female
Race Blue Puffle
Faction Von Injoface Family
Health Good (sadly)
Level High (sadly again)
Status Alive (sadly) and Evil
Location A house
Birth date 1956
Occupation None
Interests Torture, suffering, self-glamourization
Friends Mabel, some MMK members
Enemies Emily, most people who met her

Mabel von Injoface XVIII is Mabel's mother, General Puff's granddaughter, and Director Lenny's sister. She is very like her daughter, because she is extremely arrogant and sadistic, although the same can be said to many other of their family members. She hates you.

Mabel XVIII is much like her eponymous daughter. Scratch that, she's actually worse than her daughter. The reason why her daughter is more well known, is because she's owned by a judge. Mabel is really poor because she has no owner or job. However, she manages to get checks from Director Kenny, who is helping her to spite Mabel-Hating Director Benny.

Mabel XVIII pretty much criticizes anything except for a handful of her family members. These members do not include her younger brother, or two of her daughters, as well as some nephews. She is very proud of what Mabel XIX does and encourages her more, despite the injuries she suffers.


Mabel XVIII's siblings and parents.

Mabel XVIII was the middle of three siblings (Director Lenny being the youngest and Abel being the oldest). She was named after her aunt to continue the Mabel von Injoface namesake. Like most other members, she was very cruel.

A common stereotype for middle children is that they are paid less attention than the others. For Mabel, this was true, but being the middle child probably didn't have much of an affect. While all three were equally arrogant, sadistic, and cruel, Abel was good at writing and math and Lenny had performing artistic talents. Mabel, however didn't have skills, but still thought she was better than her other siblings (and pretty much every other entity in the world), and bullied them, especially Lenny. However, as years grew by, she became even more cold, vain, and evil.

Mabel was enraged when she found out that Abel didn't name his daughter after her, so she decided to have her own child. She couldn't find a mate "worthy" of her, (plus nobody wanted to become her mate), so went to a fertility clinic twice to have children. She almost immediately chose Dustin to be the father and gave birth to two sets twins (Mabel and Cabel on September 4, and Charles and Emily a few years later) and taught them to be as evil as her. She favors Mabel over her three other children, mainly because Cabel was a big [email protected]$&*, Charles because he used improper grammar, and Emily because she cared more about popularity than self-glorification.

While taking care of Mabel, and Cabel, she probably rubbed off some of her bad attitude on them. However, since she had no skills, she couldn't get a job and had a hard time raising them. She tried to get financial support from her rich brother, Abel, but he refused. She claimed that he helped Lenny when he didn't have money, but Abel told her that Lenny had potential and Mabel didn't. As a last resort, she gave Cabel up for adoption to the Antics Family, which had cared for previous von Injoface members so that she would only have to take care of one kid, and that one kid was the one she liked. However she accidentally gave up her precious daughter Mabel. Mabel XVIII had thrown away the files about the adoption, since she didn't care for Cabel, but was enraged after realizing the mistake she made. Not wanting to be a failure, she gave Cabel up for adoption to some other member shortly afterward and lived alone for a few months, with no hope of ever finding Mabel. Some people (including her younger brother) knew the whereabouts of Mabel XIX, but weren't willing to tell her since she was so mean.

Later she wanted to have more children, and Charles and Emily were put into this world. Mabel still needed money to raise them, so she got them a contract for making product commercials. Both kids spent most of their lives being in television commercials, and this affected them greatly.

Emily soon wanted all the fame to herself, and made her own contract. Mabel was angry at this since she wouldn't be getting money. Out of rage, she sent Emily to the pet shop where she was adopted by Pizza Penguin. Charles was scared because of this and obeyed her for the following few years, but decided that enough was enough and left his mother just like Emily. There was nothing Mabel could do about it since he was old and powerful enough, and she stopped getting money for their talents.

Later on, her niece, Susan, wanted a child but was afraid that a pregnancy would interfere her life too much. She asked Mabel XVII to be a surrogate, and she agreed. She gave birth to Susan von Injoface II, although he is biologically her great-nephew.


In 2015, Tars, Mabel XVIII, and Chuck von Injoface decided to beat up Matthew for dating a red puffle. However, Roller Chain intervened and they beat him up instead. Roller Chain was hospitalized and the three puffles were arrested. They all got 10 years in prison. Mabel XVIII had no chance of parole, while Tars and Chuck did. She still contacts her daughter who is upset that she is in prison.

Mabel is also sentenced to do community serivices, such as squeezing juice from fruit and picking up trash. Every Saturday she is publicly humiliated by being put in a puffle-custom pillory. Emily von Injoface rarely misses a moment to throw rotten fruit and vegetables at her.


Mabel XVIII is very like her favorite daughter. She believes that she and Mabel XIX are the best puffles in the world, and have a tendency to scold at people for using bad grammar and scream out symbols when she is angry or shocked.

She is considered the nastiest von Injoface member, because she is extremely cruel even to her own children. Mabel is the only one she shows kindness to, and the few other members she is nice to on a regular basis are her cousin. She dislikes Abel because he doesn't give her money (but is willing to give to other family members), Lenny because he isn't as mean as her, Icarius because he's a "freak", Penelope because she's a criminal and is owned by a pathetic buffoon, Matthew for being a goody-two-shoe, Susan for not being able to set Foamy straight, and Foamy for not having a large ego, and for joining the most imfamous crime group ever.


She is a blue puffle with hair darker than the rest of her fur. It is neatly combed, but spikes up when she is scared. She thinks that normal puffle hair is "stupid, uncivilized, and decent", which gives her another reason to dislike Cabel and Emily. She wears brown glasses, and is usually seen grimacing.


  • Mabel XVIII, like most other Injoface members, received checks at taxpayers' expense. After going to prison, she doesn't receive checks, but is still relying on government money. The government makes her work unpaid labor to make up for this, but she is so lazy and incompetent at getting a job that it doesn't come close to paying what it takes to sustain her in prison.
  • She is illegal in all provinces of the Puffle'and, like her daughter.
  • She joined the MMK.
  • She hates all her children except Mabel, although she tolerates Charles more than the other two.
  • Mabel XVIII likes Mabel XIX because Mabel XIX was heavily influenced by her. If Mabel XVIII didn't like Mabel XIX, she would virtually be disliking herself. Both are arrogant but try to enforce this by shoving it down people's throats through yelling at them instead of actually doing something great. They both have neatly combed hair and shun the fun and coarse activities normal puffles do.
  • Mabel XVIII dislikes Cabel because, although Cabel has inherited Mabel's self-glorification and lack of fun activities, she feels no need for the world to know. The majority of the time Cabel spends is watching TV, eating, sleeping, or a combination of the three. She shows no concern for her physical or mental health, in contrast to the grammar Nazi Mabel who takes many pills and diets to keep her healthy. Cabel also has the normal puffle "spike" hair. Mabel XVIII views Cabel as an embarrassment and wants her dead.
  • Mabel XVIII loathes Emily more than she loathes any other child. Rather than go out and tell people how great she is she waits for people to tell her. Mabel generally wouldn't mind this, but she believes that Emily shouldn't be getting this attention. Rather than relying on her ego to know she's wonderful, Emily takes the opinion of the "majority", and fulfills their expectations through her looks and talent. If the majority agrees that Emily needs to change her style or attitude to get them to like her, she will, rather than stay adamant in her beliefs, like her mom would, and they'll them that they're wrong. Instead of shunning the people she views as below her, Emily will try to help them. Emily keeps the puffle spikes on her head for the most appalling reason to Mabel (because most other puffles find it attractive). The only reason why Mabel XVIII kept Emily in her childhood was because Emily made her money. After she didn't Mabel didn't simply want Emily to be dead; she wished Emily was never born.
  • Mabel tolerates Charles more than Emily and Cabel, but still has no love for him. She likes the fact that his hair is neatly combed and that he is sadistic, however, he doesn't go around telling people how great he is. Rather, he tells about the genius of his works in television. Charles was very obedient to Mabel, which made her happy, but this was because of the fear and respect he had for her power. Like Emily, he bases his status on what other people tell him, although not as much. He is likely the most empathetic of his siblings (although that's barely saying anything) which probably caused a drift in his relationship with Mabel XVIII.


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