Mac and Brody at the Hotel

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Mac and Brody at the Hotel
The official poster of all the seasons.
Also known as Mac and Brody
Genre Fiction
Format Real life
Created by Monogram Stars
Developed by Monogram Stars
Chelsy Ground
Bob Whites
Written by Chelsy Ground
Jake Silk
Directed by Monogram Stars
Creative director(s) Bob Whites
Presented by Monogram Stars
Tanny Heart
Theme music composer Franky
Opening theme Annoying Chicks
Ending theme Annoying Chicks (instrumental)
Composer(s) Franky
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 130
Executive producer(s) Icey Channel
Producer(s) Icey XD
Editor(s) Tanny Heart
Location(s) Pilton Hotel
Cinematography Gary Feel
Camera setup Single-Camera
Running time 26 Minutes
Production company(s) Icey Channel
Distributor Icey Channel
Original channel Icey Channel
Icey XD
Picture format Presented in Technicolor
Audio format Stereo
Original run July 8th, 2004 – August 9th, 2011
Status Completed/Written out (proper finale)
Followed by Mac and Brody at the Takota Inn
Related shows Mac and Brody at the Takota Inn
External links Mac and Brody.COM
Icey XD

Mac and Brody at the Hotel is an Antarctican sitcom which aired on Icey Channel during 2004 and on Icey XD during 2010. It is about two Adelie penguins named Mac and Brody who live in the Pilton Hotel. The manager, Icey, is always on Mac and Brody's case.


The show is about two preteens, Mac and Brody, and their great adventures in the Pilton Hotel and surrounding town. The show is all about how the boys learn important life lessons, and what to and not do. They tend to get in trouble, and have to find their way out of the situation as quick as they can. They're always exploring the Pilton, and crawling through air vents. They like to crash weddings, parties, and do all sorts of crazy things.



  • Mac is a punk who likes teasing others. He's always wearing a suit, and a bow-tie. He's got black hair, and has perfect teeth. He tends to drive Brody insane. He loves to swim, skateboard, and play basketball.
  • Brody is the geeky fraternal twin brother of Mac. Brody is always kind, but tends to get angry very easily. In an attempt to look "cool", wears big, black sunglasses with tape in the middle. He's always carrying around school books, and sharing his knowledge.
  • Magenta is Mac and Brody's mother. She works at the Pilton Hotel as a waiter, but always wished for a job of singing in the lounge. She has tried so much to get that career. Like Brody she likes to show off her knowledge to others.
  • Icey is the manager of the Pilton Hotel. He's a cranky blue penguin, who's always watching Mac and Brody. When something bad happens in the hotel he instantly blames them. Icey has an obsession of computers, and can't stop playing them.
  • Britney Chocos is the teenage signer in the lounge. She's 15, and spends most of her time at the Pilton. She's an orphan, so she gets most of her parental advice from Magenta. Mac and Brody both have a crush on her, and they fight over her a lot.
  • Bob Burgerhampton is the nutty janitor of the Pilton Hotel. He cleans the pool, and fixes things. He migrated from the Geek Empire to get a job at the Pilton Hotel, and he takes his job very seriously. He has an extreme crush on Magenta also.


  • Wilk is a singer at the lounge. He also has a room and always brings his Magic Sing with him to train himself before performance. He is also an intrepid explorer, wandering around the lobby. One time, he got lost in an episode and Mac and Brody had to find him. He is portrayed by 962minez. AND YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHERE WILK IS GOING TONIGHT!
  • Agetha is a creepy Alemaniann Cheesecracker Puffle who owns the hotel across the street from the Pilton. She has a giant mole on her left cheek, and she scares the living daylights out of people. She is always trying to outdo the Pilton.
  • Ally Pilton is the rich daughter of Mr. Pilton. She always visits the Pilton hotel once a month, and she's super lazy and fat. She likes to eat junk food, and always works her way out of work. She's always wearing beautiful clothes- conmtrasted by her weight -and sometimes hangs out with Britney.
  • Mister Pilton is the millionaire business man that owns the Pilton Hotel. He's also a movie star, a black belt ninja, and a comedian. He visits the Pilton once with year and a half, and checks on things. He's pretty dumb, but handsome, and likes to brag about his abilities.
  • Mac 'n Keese is a friend of Mac and Brody, who likes Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies. His body is completely covered in freckles, and his hair is a dark brown. He's very weak, and can barely lift up 5 pounds. He spends most of his time at the skate park, or the Pilton Hotel.
  • Steve is Mac and Brody's father who's always away on business trips. He barely has anytime for his family, and he makes the most of what little time he has with them. He's very laid back, he has a deep voice, and has white, blond hair.

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Steve Coolio (played by Rookie) is the coolest kid in Calvin Middle School (as of season one and one episode of season two) and Clear Water High (as of second episode of season two and season three)
  • Aunt Allison (played by Mary Gadget) is the aunt of the boys and sister of their mom. She knows everything about everything science, and likes to go on long hikes.


Season 1[edit]

# Title Air date Summary Notes
1 Hanging Out 'n' the Pilton July 8th, 2004 Mac and Brody's first day at Calvin Middle School is not what they thought; after Steve Coolio finds out that they live at the Pilton, he and his friends crash the hotel. So now Mac and Brody are forced to get all of Steve Coolio's friends out of the hotel, and it wasn't easy. First episode of the series.
2 Basketball Bites Back July 15th, 2004 Brody gets teased at school, and asks Mac to teach him basketball. Brody is terrible at it, and needs inspiration. So Mac hires some cheerleaders to cheer for him, but tells Brody that they're encouraging him because he's cool. When Brody finds out it was a lie, he gets very mad. And things go south from there.
3 Pool Disaster July 22nd, 2004 Mac gets hired by the janitor, after he spends his week looking for a job. The janitor gives him a job to change the pool filters, but Mac forgets to and the pool becomes a mess. Mac learns the importance of work, after he gets fired.
4 New Friends July 29th, 2004 Mac and Brody meet two new students, and become friends with them. However Steve Coolie makes fun of all four of them, and tells the whole school they are a bunch of dorks. Mac and Brody's new friends leave them, and must become friends again after a misunderstanding. Introduces two new characters.
5 Karate Warriors August 3rd, 2004 Brody gets beat up by a bully, and decides to take karate. Mac joins him in class, and joyfully beats up Brody. Mac is sick one day, and Brody learns a lot of moves. He starts to beat up Mac, who finally decides to take karate too. The two forgive each other for fighting, after they got in a huge fight. Special guest star Pen Chi
6 Vacuuming Castilla August 10th, 2004 Mac and Brody's Social Studies teacher says that the students will have to write an entire paper about Castillan history, culture, government, and military. Mac works very hard on his report, but is stunned when it's destroyed by Bob' "Super Vacuum". Mac is in a rush to rewrite his paper on the way to school. First appearance of Bob Burgerhampton.
7 Ice Cream Jerk August 17th, 2004 Mac and Brody are at Fresh Water Skatepark when the ice cream guy drives by. Everyone at the skate park run for the ice cream truck, which sadly just keeps driving away. Then the driver sticks his head out the window, and sticks his tongue at the chicks and laugh. It's up to Mac and Brody to stop the ice cream man, and get that ice cream. There was another appearance of Pen Chi in this episode.
8 Sweet Skatebording August 24th, 2004 When Brody accidentally insults the owner of Fresh Water Skatepark, the park is closed off. All the skaters, including Mac, get extremely mad at Brody. After he's given multiple wedgies, Brody decides to go apologize to the owner.
9 Science Fair Meltdown, Pt. 1 August 31st, 2004 When Mac and Brody join the science fair together, they start fighting about what project they should make. The brothers start fighting each other, and argue a lot. Finally their mom says they should just make a baking soda volcano, which explodes during the science fair. Mac takes all the blame, and is banned from coming on school grounds for eternity. This was the first series of episodes in the show.
10 Science Fair Meltdown, Pt. 2 September 2nd, 2004 Mac is banned from school, and Brody is enjoying it. He enjoys it until the bullies keep beating him up, and without Mac, Brody is completely defenseless. He takes his plea to the principal to allow Mac to come back, but the principal says no. Brody must now get a large group of other kids to help him force the principal to let Mac come back, only one problem: no one likes Mac. This was the last of the Science Fair Meltdown series.
11 Lost Keys, Lost People September 9th, 2004 When Mac and Brody's mom is gone for the day, they go down to see a show in the hotel. But somehow Brody looses their key into their room, and they're locked out of their room. At the same time their mom lost her car keys, and get back to the hotel either. Even the hotel manager, Mr. Icey, lost his keys, and is now trapped inside his office. At the end everyone finds their keys in their pockets.
12 Haunted House of Horror September 16th, 2004 Mac is out with his friends a couple days before Halloween, when they come across an old house. All of them think it's haunted, but they're all too scare to go inside and look for themselves. When they do work up enough courage to go inside they get trapped in the house, and have to find a way out. Along the way they see some spooky things which are likely Halloween decorations, and they discover they were just in the Fair's haunted house. This was the first episode that didn't include Brody.
13 Dancing Daddy September 23rd, 2004 Mac and Brody's father, Steve, returns from a long trip to the AU. At dinner he tells Mac and Brody all about what he did in the AU those several months, including how he learned to dance. Brody got interested, and asked if his father could teach him. The next day Brody starts dance lessons with his father, while Mac tries hitting on Britney. When Mac fails, and then learns Britney likes boys who can dance, he instantly joins Brody in his dance class. Once Brody figures out why, the two get in a big fight. This was the first appearance of Steve in the series.


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  • The show is a parody of the show: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  • It is very popular among a younger demographic.
  • The show ended on August 9th, 2011. This disappointed many watchers of the show.

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